25th Match (N), Bridgetown, Sep 29 2019, Caribbean Premier League
Patriots won by 1 run
player of the match
Carlos Brathwaite
St Kitts and Nevis Patriots
end of over 2010 runs • 2 wickets
BT: 148/10CRR: 7.40 
Chemar Holder0 (2)
Dominic Drakes3-0-25-1
Sheldon Cottrell4-0-27-3

11.59 pm: Well that turned out into quite a thriller after meandering about in the middle. Tridents had it, then Patriots had it, then Tridents came back, and then Patriots sneaked through. Do join us for more CPL action tomorrow. Until then, this is Saurabh Somani signing off on behalf of Peter Della Penna.

Carlos Brathwaite is the Man of the Match: Total team effort. To be honest I don't think I deserve this. Shamarh Brooks played a superb stabilising innings. We wanted to give Dominic (Drakes) as much to defend in the last over and myself and Cottrell picked up important wickets and didn't allow partnerships to build. In the last over, it was just about reassuring him about what he wanted to do. The message beforehand was 'Just keep it simple'. We play our best cricket when we keep it simple. Brooks played proper cricket shots and had consistent contributions around him. We would still like to get more consistent to get to 170-180. We thought 150 was about par, 15 runs short.

Jason Holder: We didn't bat well enough in the back end. I don't think we held our nerves well enough. Our destiny is in our hands (for the playoffs) and we just need to control what we can control. We just need to put together some runs on a consistent basis. Lots of positives in the group, the boys have done outstandingly. We just need to put it together as a collective unit.

11.55 pm: Patriots are through to the playoffs with this result, but Tridents aren't out of it yet. Peter Della Penna tells me tomorrow will be do or die for Tridents v Zouks.

11.42 pm: A thriller that both teams would have felt they were in control of through various points in the match. Tridents did well to keep Patriots to just 149, with Shakib making a fine start. He carried on with the bat too, and while he and Duminy were together, the chase looked a breeze. A collapse followed, with Carlos Brathwaite at the centre with three wickets, before Raymond Reifer connected with some big blows. He'll rue going for that second run.

Drakes to Gurney, OUT

castled! Patriots sneak through by one run and are in the playoffs. Kept it full, straight and true, and Gurney backed away to try and smash it through cover, only to lose his stumps. He had bowled an excellent last over himself, but was the receiving end now.

Harry Gurney b Drakes 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

2 to win. 1 to tie. Tension palpable at the ground. ONly five fielders in the circle

Drakes to Holder, 1 leg bye

length ball on the stumps, he backs away to try and swing this over cow corner but gets only a leading edge that trickles towards point, who is swooping in and has a shy at the bowler's end. Doesn't hit

3 off 2 now. Bowler and captain in discussion

Drakes to Holder, no run

just short of the bowler. Drama, drama! Gets it to spit up off a hard length, Chemar was probably expecting a yorker, ends up popping it in the air in front of him with an awkward defensive shot. Drakes sprints forward and dives but the ball eludes him

3 off 3. Square leg, midwicket and long-on on the boundary. Fine leg comes up

Drakes to Gurney, 1 run

backs away to give himself room, the bowler follows him, and Gurney manages a Natmeg through his legs. There is a fine leg there so only a single

Drakes to Reifer, 1 run, OUT

Reifer is run out going for a suicidal second! This match continues to twist and turn. This was full and on the fifth stump line, Reifer drilled straight drive to long-off. It was hit so well there was never a chance of two, but they went for it anyway. Laurie Evans kept his cool and threw it at the right end, and the keeper flicked off the bails with Reifer well short. He had brought it down to a run a ball, was that attempted second run necessary?

Raymon Reifer run out (Evans/†Thomas) 34 (18b 0x4 3x6) SR: 188.89
Drakes to Reifer, SIX runs

that's a stunning shot. Drakes got the line right, well wide of off, but Reifer stayed still and launched into a leathering extra cover drive that carried all the way over the boundary. The execution and conception of the shot, under such pressure - excellent

11 off 6 for the win. 10 off 6 for the Super Over

Drakes to Reifer, 1 wide

and he starts off with one well outside off stump and outside the tram line. Trying to keep it out of Reifer's reach, but ends up being a wide

12 needed for the win. 11 for the Super Over. Drakes will bowl the last over. Brathwaite and Emrit are in his ear with all sorts of advice and discussions on field placing

end of over 1913 runs • 1 wicket
BT: 138/8CRR: 7.26 • RRR: 12.00 • Need 12 runs from 6b
Raymon Reifer27 (16)
Chemar Holder0 (0)
Sheldon Cottrell4-0-27-3
Carlos Brathwaite4-0-30-3
Cottrell to Reifer, 1 run

angled across him, he opens the face to drive, can't get past the in-field but it wasn't straight to the fielder at cover which means they had enough time to get a single. Reifer will keep strike

The batsmen crossed so Reifer is on strike. Chemar Holder the new man in. He bowled really well for West Indies A against India A, but how will he go with the bat?

Cottrell to Walsh, OUT

slower ball, doesn't get underneath it and tries to go big, driving off his toes but it is straight down long-on's throat.

Hayden Walsh c Brathwaite b Cottrell 9 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Cottrell to Walsh, 1 wide

and Patriots are being very liberal with the extras. Dug in short, too short, and it bounces well over the batsman's head

Cottrell to Reifer, 1 run

hits the hard length on off, the batsman was backing away, but manages to jab it down to short third man

Cottrell to Reifer, 1 wide

and the pressure tells, he's bowled that too far down leg for another extra

Cottrell to Reifer, SIX runs

wham. Take that! Drops it short and Reifer rocks back and absolutely leathers a pull way over deep square leg

Cottrell to Walsh, 1 run

gives himself room but Cottrell follows him. But all Walsh Jr has to do is turn the strike over, which he does by pushing the ball to long-on

Cottrell to Walsh, 2 runs

too full on the stumps, flicked off his toes and they bolt between the wickets to get a second. Direct hit would have had him, but difficult to hit direct from deep midwicket. Cottoy the fielder

Srik: "17.2: J.Holder cud have caught that " - hah, that's true.

25 from 12