3rd Match (D/N), Brisbane, Jan 20 2015, Carlton Mid One-Day International Tri-Series
(27.3/50 ov, target 154)156/1
England won by 9 wickets (with 135 balls remaining)
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A quick finish at the Gabba today has Australia and England with more than a good chance of playing the final of the tri-series. However, they will meet at Hobart before that. Plenty of stuff to come from this match - match reports, analysis and videos - see if you agree with our experts. We will be back again soon. Thanks for your comments and feedback. Ciao ciao.

"Outstanding. We really put a team performance, which I was delighted with, " says Morgan. "And there were individual performance. Steve Finn got that bounce and made most of it. Jimmy set the tone with an early breakthrough. If it swings, he tends to take advantage. It adds a hell of a lot of weight to the side. Australia very strong side at the moment, we will continue to concentrate on what we do well."

"I don't think we batted well, especially after choosing to bat, " says Dhoni. "The wicket was a bit two-paced to start off and our batsmen did not really play well. We needed to build partnerships, but that did not happen. If a ball is there to hit, you should, but if it needs to be defended, you should watch out. By the time you need to accelerate, there aren't any wickets left. We have to use whatever time is left before the world cup in a useful manner. Staying four and a half months away from home is difficult, but we have to switch on and switch off. We need to switch on and assess what needs to be done in the nets, or wait in the hotel if the need be."

6.54 pm England would be chuffed with this! This was a one-sided affair, with the match finishing within 70 overs.. All set up by a fantastic bowling performance from Steven Finn, who completed his five-for, and a rousing comeback from James Anderson. The two combined to pick up nine India wickets, using the Gabba bounce to devastating effect. Once they had bowled out India for a below-par 153, it was only a matter of time. Ian Bell and James Taylor, who were both out in the first over against Australia, then used the opportunity to get back into form and crossed the line without any hiccup.

Bell was closing in on his 5000 ODI runs, but he will have to wait for the next match. It's England's largest win against India in terms of balls remaining. The huge win has given them a much-needed bonus point. India, on the other hand, will need to win both their games and keep an eye on the result of the Aus-Eng game. India's wait for a win in Southern Hemisphere, starting from SA last year, goes on...

Muhammad Tanwee: "I dont think Bell had any idea about the 5000. otherwise, there were lots of overs to have given him a chance to get there. Great inning though."

Axar Patel to Taylor, FOUR runs

goes down on his knee early and paddles it fine to complete a thoroughly convincing win

Axar Patel to Bell, 1 run

tossed up on the stumps, punched to long on for a single

Axar Patel to Bell, no run

he went for the cut but almost chopped it on.. it was close to the off stump

end of over 274 runs
ENG: 151/1CRR: 5.59 • RRR: 0.13 • Need 3 runs from 23 overs
James Taylor52 (62)
Ian Bell87 (89)
Mohammed Shami4-0-23-0
Axar Patel7-0-27-0
Shami to Taylor, no run

length delivery on off, punched firmly to mid-on

Shami to Bell, 1 run

waits on the back foot and punches it with ease to deep cover

Shami to Taylor, 1 run

another bouncer, this one is well controlled down to fine leg

Shami to Taylor, no run

slower bouncer, Taylor spots it and sways out of line

Shami to Bell, 1 run

waits for the short one and pulls it in front of square for a single

Two boundaries from here will take Bell to 5000..Only 6 to win

Shami to Taylor, 1 run

full outside off, easily dug out to deep cover for a single

end of over 262 runs
ENG: 147/1CRR: 5.65 • RRR: 0.29 • Need 7 runs from 24 overs
Ian Bell85 (87)
James Taylor50 (58)
Axar Patel7-0-27-0
Mohammed Shami3-0-19-0


Axar Patel to Bell, no run

he comes forward and defends the length delivery to off

Axar Patel to Bell, 1 wide

pushed down the leg side, easy call for the umpire to call this a wide

Axar Patel to Bell, no run

punches it crisply but straight to extra cover

Axar Patel to Bell, no run

he comes forward and defends the tossed up delivery to cover

Axar Patel to Bell, no run

chopped straight to backward point

Axar Patel to Taylor, 1 run

gets an inside edge through square leg and that brings up Taylor's third ODI fifty. A neat effort from the batsman

Axar Patel to Taylor, no run

steps out but drives it straight to midwicket

end of over 254 runs
ENG: 145/1CRR: 5.80 • RRR: 0.36 • Need 9 runs from 25 overs
Ian Bell85 (83)
James Taylor49 (56)
Mohammed Shami3-0-19-0
Suresh Raina1-0-7-0
Shami to Bell, no run

waits in the crease and chops the back of length delivery to point

Shami to Taylor, 1 run

rolls his wrists on the pull shot as he drags it from outside off to deep midwicket

Shami to Bell, 1 run

this was in the air for a bit, but it was in the gap between backward point and short third man, Bell slashed at the length delivery, picks up a single to third man

Shami to Bell, 2 runs

stands tall and times the length delivery crisply through point, picks up two more to the deep

Shami to Bell, no run

gets a touch squared up as he dabs this length delivery towards backward point

Ron: "@Dan, that is easy enough to see given they play the same number of ODI's as tests in a year! I remember that Cook got to 100 tests before, or very close to, when he got to 100 ODI's"

Shami to Bell, no run

looks to short-arm jab this length delivery but misses out, it flies past the outside edge. The length was not short enough for the shot