2nd Match, Group B (D/N), Ranchi, Sep 22 2013, Champions League Twenty20
(18.4/20 ov, target 136)110
Trinidad & T won by 25 runs
player of the match
Denesh Ramdin
Trinidad & Tobago

That's all we have from this match, you can now tune into CSK v Titans to be played at the same ground. It's right here. That's all from me, Vishal Dikshit, goodbye!

Denesh Ramdin, T&T captain and Man of the Match: "It was good victory, we were 10-15 runs short but Badree and Rampaul setup the win by bowling well in the first six overs. I told the guys if we get early wickets and they don't cross 35 in six overs, we have a good chance. We didn't have the partnerships going and we have to go from strength to strength. I tried my best [while batting] and the ball was doing a bit early, we will see if I need to go up the order."

James Hopes: "We bowled and fieleded pretty well. The pitch got a bit quicker later and tougher to score on, we have three games to go and have a bit of work to do before Tueday night. We restricted them to a score that was definitely chaseable but we didn't bat well."

Ravi Rampaul: "I'm very happy with my performance as it's my first competitive match after my injury. I think the batsmen misinterpret my run-up and don't think I will bowl very fast. T&T is a strong team, a couple of years age we made around 100 and won on the last ball against Mumbai. The credit must go to the captain for the way he batted and handled the bowlers."

T&T will be very pleased with the win after their batsmen failed to put on strong partnerships. They were 83 for 6 in the 14th over but Denesh Ramdin led them to a defendable 135 as McDermott took four wickets. And, as some feared, the Heats batsmen, without Pomersbach and Watson, couldn't do much against T&T's spinners. Badree first stifled them with an opening spell of 1 for 16 from four overs and Sunil Narine came later to take two wickets. Rampaul's economical bowling also got him four wickets and Joe Burns' knock of 45 went in vain as he ran out of partners.

Rampaul to McDermott, OUT

Rampaul finishes it with a yorker which crashes into the stumps. McDermott made some room on off and the ball misses the bat to hit the ground in the crease and then the off stump, Rampaul wraps it with style and finished with four wickets

Alister McDermott b Rampaul 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Rampaul to Roach, 1 run

almost in the block hole on middle, Roach stays back and sends it down to long-on

Rampaul to Roach, 2 runs

full toss on the pads, glanced to deep fine leg for two

The last man is at the non-striker's end

Rampaul to Hauritz, OUT

another easy catch as Brisbane Heat at tottering now. It was a slower delivery at 104kph, was on length around off and Hauritz sent it high in the air and straight down Simmons' throat at long-on

Nathan Hauritz c Simmons b Rampaul 0 (5m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

29 required from the 12 now, Rampaul to bowl his last

end of over 1811 runs • 2 wickets
BH: 107/8CRR: 5.94 RRR: 14.50
Nathan Hauritz0 (0)
Rayad Emrit 4-0-26-2
Sunil Narine 4-0-25-2
Emrit to Cutting, OUT

Cutting has run out of luck and is run-out on! He missed the slower ball outside off as he tried to cut it late, Hauritz came for a single but Cutting wasn't ready and by the time he came out and went back, the keeper got a direct hit and replays confirm he's out of the ground. In case he wasn't, Emrit picked up the ball and got a direct hit at non-striker's as Cutting went for the single since Hauritz had reached the other end by then

Ben Cutting run out (†Ramdin) 17 (16m 10b 2x4 1x6) SR: 170
Emrit to Cutting, no run

slower one on length, Cutting pulls and misses

Emrit to Cutting, SIX runs

full again and Cutting launches it out of the park. Got his front foot out of the way and lofted it over the bowler's head for a big six

Back over the wicket

Emrit to Sabburg, OUT

straight to long-off, seven down now Brisbane. It was full and outside off, Sabburg lofted it for a six but holed out to Darren Bravo for a simple catch

Chris Sabburg c Bravo b Emrit 3 (6m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60

Round the wicket now

Emrit to Cutting, 1 leg bye

slower one on leg stump and they get a leg bye after Cutting can't slog it on leg

Emrit to Cutting, FOUR runs

full and wide, crashed over cover for four off the front foot by Cutting

Rayad Emrit to bowl his last over now

end of over 175 runs
BH: 96/6CRR: 5.64 RRR: 13.33
Ben Cutting7 (5)
Chris Sabburg3 (4)
Sunil Narine 4-0-25-2
Ravi Rampaul 3-0-11-2
Narine to Cutting, 1 run

on length around off, another offspinner and it gets a thick inside edge to go to the leg side

Narine to Sabburg, 1 run

offspinner confuses the batsman a bit as it pitches outside leg and Sabburg came down to push it on the off side

Narine to Sabburg, no run

on the stumps, leans forward to defend

Narine to Sabburg, 2 runs

fuller outside off, he comes down and whips it wide of long-on

Narine to Sabburg, no run

goes through the gate. Pitched on length outside off, came in a bit to go through the defense

Narine to Cutting, 1 run

short of length outside off, runs it to short third man and a fumble makes a cheeky single possible