2nd Semi-Final (N), Delhi, Oct 5 2013, Champions League Twenty20
(19.1/20 ov, target 154)157/4
Mum Indians won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Dwayne Smith
Mumbai Indians
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• The Report by Andrew Fidel Fernando

Smith puts Mumbai in all-IPL final

Dwayne Smith and Sachin Tendulkar provided the searing start that set Mumbai Indians on course for a second Champions League T20 final in three years, a final which will now be an all-IPL affair

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Scorer: Binoy George
Commentator: Devashish Fuloria
Scorecard summary
Trinidad & Tobago153/5(20 overs)
Mumbai Indians157/4(19.1 overs)

That's all from us this evening. We will be back tomorrow for the big final. Thanks for all your feedback and comments, it's Devashish Fuloria signing off. Ciao ciao.

Dwayne Smith is the Man of the Match.

"I wasn't aware that i was close to 50000, I only saw it on the big screen," says Tendulkar. "But it was a good performance by us after Smithy gave us a good start. It's fun to watch him hit those balls hard. I told him I am not backing up too far as I might get hit by his shots. I am a little superstitious, so I don't like speaking about my own team (on his team's chances in the final). T&T are a dangerous side and they play the format very well. I was glad that Pollard and Smithy were on our side."

"We should have got 15 more run," says Ramdin. "170 was on par for it, but we kept losing the wickets. There was a bit of dew out there and we bowled full to them earlier, allowing them to get away to a good start."

Mumbai Indians make it to their second CLT20 final in three years. The chase was set up by yet another power-packed start from Dwayne Smith and Tendulkar played some of his vintage shots in his best innings this tournament, but in the end, despite a masterclass from Sunil Narine, the target was not enough for the strong batting line up. T&T lost Emrit in the first over after he hurt his shoulder, but no one other than Narine provided any sort of fight and once Mumbai had negotiated Narine, everything else was easily manageable. It means it will be a Mumbai v Rajasthan Royals final tomorrow, a chance to see two old legends play the limited-overs game for the last time.

Parash: "People will say Smith and Sachin but the most crucial innings was played by Rohit. He had negotiated Narine well when on song and then attacked the others with effortless ease!!"

SaadM: "Lewis 62 from 46,Ottley 41 from 30,Dwayne Smith 59 from 38,Narine 4-0-17-3. Overall West Indies Won the Match"

kollis: "the great thing about leugue cricket is that even after your team looses there are no big emotions. bcz you still have other players who you support in the team that wins...especially being a west indian"

Ishan Jain: "Thank god final is going to be held in Delhi. Had it been scheduled in Jaipur, we would have guessed the results easily."

shashi: "@susil kumar take steyn and ashwin in... Oppsition handovers you the win without playing !!"

Uwaisul Karnain: "@Susil Kumar: Provided the batting side doesn't consist of AB, Dhoni, Gayle, Alex Hales etc."

Bhairav: "Respect @ Narine....What a bowler.... what an effort...."

Simmons to Karthik, SIX runs

he bowls a low full toss outside off and DK takes Mumbai Indians to the final with a sweetly timed six over extra cover

Simmons to bowl the last over

end of over 1911 runs
MI: 151/4CRR: 7.94 RRR: 3
Kieron Pollard2 (3)
Dinesh Karthik27 (20)
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-29-0
Sunil Narine 4-0-17-3
Rampaul to Pollard, no run

short of length delivery outside off, Pollard keeps his bat out of the way

Susil Kumar: "If only some team could take Narine, Tambe, Mishra in the same team, even 80 could be defended!!!"

Rampaul to Karthik, 1 run

on the pads, this one is flicked down to fine leg for a single

Rampaul to Karthik, no run

a yorker now, the batsman digs it out back down the pitch

Rampaul to Karthik, no run

it's full on off again, this time he punches it back at the bowler with a straight bat

Rampaul to Karthik, FOUR runs

it's a full delivery on off stump and DK tries to whip it to midwicket, but he gets a thick outside edge past the vacant slip area

Rampaul to Karthik, SIX runs

he charges down the pitch, gets a short delivery which he slaps over the midwicket area, it just eludes the leaping fielder in the deep

end of over 183 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 140/4CRR: 7.77 RRR: 7
Kieron Pollard2 (2)
Dinesh Karthik16 (15)
Sunil Narine 4-0-17-3
Navin Stewart 2-0-20-0

Beautiful spell by Narine here, but he just didn't have any support today

Narine to Pollard, no run

fuller delivery on off stump, the batsman stretches forward to defend that

Narine to Pollard, 2 runs

bowls a quickish offspinner, Pollard tucks it to square leg and it looked like a single initially but the batsmen come back for the second. Great running here

Two slips for Pollard, last throw of dice from TnT and Narine

Narine to Rohit Sharma, OUT

oh!! wow wow!! It's like one of those deliveries Dale Steyn bowls! This one was quick, it was full, it drew Rohit Sharma, who is in good form, forward and it spun away after pitching to beat the drive and hit the middle stump. Rohit falls over and looks back to see the middle stump knocked back. That is one awesome delivery..It pitched on the middle stump line as well.. One to be youtubed

Rohit Sharma b Narine 25 (22m 22b 1x4 2x6) SR: 113.63
Narine to Karthik, 1 run

he waits on the back foot and nudges it to point for a single

Narine to Karthik, no run

squares up DK with the other one again, the batsman wanted to play it to the leg side, but ends up pushing it back to the bowler

Narine to Karthik, no run

another edge and it has got a big deflection on it, the keeper can't do much accept get a glove on it

The ball has been changed because it has lost the shape. Narine is back..

end of over 1713 runs
MI: 137/3CRR: 8.05 RRR: 5.66
Dinesh Karthik15 (12)
Rohit Sharma25 (21)
Navin Stewart 2-0-20-0
Sunil Narine 3-0-14-2

Ashwin Soni : "@ Vishal: 'Indians Play Spin better' is now a famous joke in the pub where the English team party!"

Stewart to Karthik, 1 run

slower and full on off, it's firmly driven down the ground to long-off for a single

Stewart to Karthik, FOUR runs

this one is very wide and DK cuts it hard past a flying point fielder, this one also speeds to the boundary

Stewart to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

he waits on this one and opens the face of the bat to run it down to third man

Stewart to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs

short delivery at 137 kph and Rohit goes through with a front-foot pull, he hits him so well. It goes high and it goes long over the deep midwicket boundary

Stewart to Rohit Sharma, no run

short and wide outside off, the batsman cuts it, but doesn't get enough timing to beat the man at point

Stewart to Karthik, 1 run

he starts off with a slower delivery outside off, the batsman chops it on towards the keeper, but calls for a quick single anyway

end of over 165 runs
MI: 124/3CRR: 7.75 RRR: 7.5
Rohit Sharma18 (18)
Dinesh Karthik9 (9)
Sunil Narine 3-0-14-2
Ravi Rampaul 3-0-18-0

Vishal: "Simple reasons Gaurav, If Rampaul can produce a wicket here, Narine would create pressure after this over which means a hike in RR and MI in pressure. If he finishes narine now, there's nothing left in game anyways , Remember Indians play spin better ."

Narine to Rohit Sharma, no run

pushed through outside off, the batsman comes forward and defends to off

Best performances - batters
Evin Lewis profile photo
E Lewis T&T
62 runs (46)
6 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
19 runs
2 fours
1 six
Dwayne Smith profile photo
DR Smith MI
59 runs (38)
7 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
on side drive on front foot
14 runs
0 four
2 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Sunil Narine
SP Narine T&T
Player portrait, Nathan Coulter-Nile
NM Coulter-Nile MI
Match details
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
TossMumbai Indians, elected to field first
SeriesChampions League Twenty20
Player Of The Match
Dwayne Smith
Dwayne Smith
Series resultMumbai Indians advanced
Hours of play (local time)20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.20, Interval 21.20-21.40, Second Session 21.40-23.00
Match days5 October 2013 - night (20-over match)
Sri Lanka Image
Kumar Dharmasena
Australia Image
Rod Tucker
TV Umpire
India Image
Chettithody Shamshuddin
Reserve Umpire
India Image
Krishnaraj Srinath
Match Referee
Sri Lanka Image
Ranjan Madugalle