13th Match, Group B (N), Chandigarh, Sep 26 2014, Champions League Twenty20
(15.2/20 ov, target 216)95
Kings XI won by 120 runs
player of the match
Manan Vohra
Kings XI Punjab

So, that's been a pretty full day's T20 cricket. One game that went as down to the wire as it could and the other ending up a one-sided rout. It was great to have your company for both, of course. Just a reminder, by the way. Kings XI are through to the semis and on that note, it is time for me to ice my fingers. Ciao from Alagappan Muthu, Venkat Raghav and Sid Ravindran

Manan Vohra is the Man of the Match "It was a good day for me, I was hitting the ball well and I thought I could carry. [What did you say when Sehwag told you he would give you one of his bats if you could score a ton?] I told him I was waiting for it, but I miscued a short ball. [What more he should do to get that hundred] More patience, more consolidation, more singles which I'm not doing right now"

"I was keen to bat, for the reasons we say. the other night against Tridents in out second innings, the ball just started to turn and there wasn't as much dew," says George Bailey. "It could make some doubts in the batting order and we thought we could ride that through. Manoj's innings was outstanding. Viru as well. Really pleased with the bowling. Especially with Karanveer, who didn't get as much time in the early overs. And the fielding was good too, It was a little electric out there"

"Knew Kings XI were a capable batting side, but we showed bit of character to peg them back in the middle. But 216 was a pretty good total," says Northern Knights captain Daniel Flynn. "Ball didn't swing. That's the way it goes, We've got to adapt but we didn't do that. The pitch spun, their spinners gave some air, and we were found out. We have some young guys in the side, first trip here, certainly a learning experience and we'll take it forward. "

"I offered to give Manan Vohra my bat if he could score a hundred. Unfortunately he couldn't," says Virender Sehwag, "It wasn't a pretty good wicket for T20. It was stopping and gripping and turning and as a batsman you will stop and think whether you want to go for your shots [in such conditions]. But credit to the batting side. They were chasing 216, they had to go after the bowling and but we had two good spinners"

11.15 pm A match that went according to script for Kings XI. But what would please them most would be their bowlers' performance. The seamers took care of the main threat from Northern Knights. Although there is an argument that Kane Williamson and Anton Devcich fell on their own swords. Then the spin switch was flicked on and the procession began. Knights stumbled to 92 in their last match. They managed to better that by only three run tonight.

Karan to Boult, OUT

that's a 120-run mauling! Another example of Karanveer loading the ball with as much air as he could and the batsman, as a result, hitting across the line. Outside edge goes to short third man to seal Kings XI's progress into the semi-final

Trent Boult c Bailey b Karanveer Singh 1 (3m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Karan to Boult, no run

teasingly tossed up outside off, Boult pushes after it with an open face and is easily beaten

end of over 151 run • 1 wicket
ND: 95/9CRR: 6.33 • RRR: 24.20 • Need 121 runs from 30b
Ish Sodhi2 (3)
Trent Boult1 (2)
Axar Patel4-0-16-2
Karanveer Singh3-0-15-3
Patel to Sodhi, no run

fired in again, but this time Sodhi is able to ride it to short third man

Patel to Sodhi, no run

they want to get this done and dusted. Akshare fires in a quicker ball on middle and leg, Sodhi is late on his shot but this would have slid down

Patel to Boult, 1 run

full and outside off, Boult slogs to long-on

Patel to Boult, no run

goes back and taps a good length ball past the reach of second slip

Patel to Southee, OUT

flick on the spin switch and watch them tumble. Devcich has his hat pulled low over his eyes. Can't blame him for not wanting to watch as he looks to hit against the turn of a tossed up delivery on middle and offers a leading edge to short third man

Tim Southee c Karanveer Singh b Patel 0 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Patel to Southee, no run

flighted into off stump, Southee pushes it into the covers

end of over 144 runs • 2 wickets
ND: 94/8CRR: 6.71 • RRR: 20.33 • Need 122 runs from 36b
Ish Sodhi2 (1)
Tim Southee0 (0)
Karanveer Singh3-0-15-3
Axar Patel3-0-15-1
Karan to Sodhi, 2 runs

that's the flipper from Karanveer. The opposite of the ball that got the last wicket, but this was close to rattling the stumps too. The batsman's inside edge saved him just in time

Karan to Kuggeleijn, OUT

that's a legspinner's delight. A slow, tossed up delivery that veers past the batsman's attempted loft down the ground and has him stumped. Kuggeleijn fell into the trap and could do nothing about it

Scott Kuggeleijn st †Saha b Karanveer Singh 1 (12m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.67

NishantR: "@Gautham: Agreed, this is actually expected, considering IPL teams are buying best bunch of players and players preferring IPL team over local teams, The way current CLT20 is going, it seems KXIP is all set to take revenge of IPL final with KKR."

Karan to Mitchell, OUT

slows it up on middle and off, Mitchell lunges into a sweep but the pace off the ball foils his attempt. He tries to sneak a quick leg bye but Wriddhiman Saha bolts from his place behind the stumps, gets the ball and sends in a direct through at the non-strikers' to send him back

Daryl Mitchell run out (†Saha) 8 (12m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 61.54
Karan to Kuggeleijn, 1 run

backs away outside leg and hammers a length ball down the ground to long-off

Karan to Mitchell, 1 run

had set up for the cross-batted shot there but it was too full for him to go through with it. Opens the face and slices it away through point

Karan to Mitchell, no run

loopy legspinner on middle, Mitchell comes forward and blocks

Two slips in

end of over 133 runs
ND: 90/6CRR: 6.92 • RRR: 18.00 • Need 126 runs from 42b
Scott Kuggeleijn0 (4)
Daryl Mitchell7 (10)
Axar Patel3-0-15-1
Thisara Perera2-0-8-1
Patel to Kuggeleijn, no run

fast dart at leg stump, Mitchell can't get bat to it

Patel to Kuggeleijn, no run

fired in on leg stump, Mitchell goes back and has to hurry into his flick. Doesn't hurry enough and is struck on the pads. Would have gone down

Patel to Kuggeleijn, no run
Patel to Mitchell, 1 run

goes back and punches a flatter ball down towards mid-off. Akshar gets there first though

Patel to Mitchell, no run

rips right across the outside edge. That is too good to lay a bat on. Good length ball on middle veers away outside off and leaves Mitchell groping

Patel to Mitchell, 2 runs

shortish on middle and leg, Mitchell shuffles across and clips it towards square leg

Gautam: "The Champions League quality is diminishing season after season First couple of Season Australian, SA, WI teams were playing well and won with IPL teams. Last couple of Seasons there is a total IPL domination. This season the rest of the teams are unable to compete with IPL teams. By the looks of it all IPL teams will qualify for Semis Any reasons ?? " Batting firepower, it would seem.