3rd Match, Qualifying Group (D/N), Raipur, Sep 14 2014, Champions League Twenty20
(18/20 ov, target 171)98
Northern Dis won by 72 runs
player of the match
Tim Southee
Northern Districts
end of over 186 runs • 1 wicket
Lions: 98/10CRR: 5.44 • RRR: 36.50 • Need 73 runs from 12b
Aizaz Cheema2 (2)
Trent Boult4-0-12-2
Ish Sodhi4-0-30-2

Uwaisul Karnain: "Typical Pakistani stuff from Lahore Lions, clinical performance to ridiculous performance within less than 24 hours. How casual were the last 2 run outs!"

rudhra: "What an embarrassment for Saad Nasim :) when you are in Rome, act like a Roman :D All your teammate scored single digit and you reached half-century? Not fair"

chotu: "More wickets than boundary never a good sign for a batting lineup"

That was pretty poor all around from Lahore Lions, here's what Mohammad Hafeez has to say: "Our bowlers didn't bowl well, they batted well. They scored 170 on a pitch like that, we didn't play smart cricket. We didn't bowl at the right areas, we lost early wickets and we couldn't recover. We have to improve, fielding is one of the areas."

Emmad Hameed: "Northern Districts...The Knights in the shining pink armour!"

More from the presentation ceremony.

Daniel Flynn: "Today was a fantastic performance. The pitch was a little bit tacky, but we just played it out. It was a matter of time before Boult and Southee did this sort of damage, and hope they can repeat it."

Tim Southee is the Man of the Match: "[About the catch] There was a bit of luck there as well, you have limited time to think, which is a good thing as well, your instincts take over. "

That was a top-notch effort from Boult and Southee, destroyed the Lahore top order and the game was over even before the Powerplay was done. So, it's two in two for Northern Knights, two teams which haven't won a match yet to play next. Mumbai Indians v Southern Express coming up.

Boult to Saad Nasim, OUT

thee perfect finish to an appalling performance from Lahore Lions, the ball looped up after the batsman attempted to keep out a short ball, it drops near his feet, Boult charges towards it, the batsman is several yards out of the crease, relieved that it wasn't a catch, but Boult makes sure there is a wicket as he underarms a back-hand flick to have Nasim run-out

Saad Nasim run out (Boult) 58 (66m 40b 4x4 1x6) SR: 145
Boult to Cheema, 1 run

low full toss on off stump, jabbed towards point and a hasty single is taken

Boult to Saad Nasim, 1 run

full and outside off, inside edges it towards backward square leg, Cheema wanted two, sets off for it but is sent back by Saad

Boult to Saad Nasim, 2 runs

shortish ball on leg stump, not timed very well as he goes for the pull, the ball rolls away towards midwicket, time enough to scramble two

Boult to Saad Nasim, no run

full and just outside off, batsman was skipping away from the stumps, he can't get bat on ball

Boult to Saad Nasim, 2 runs

full and just outside off, pushed towards sweeper cover for two

Sud: "Forget the monetary stakes; more teams like ND must be given a chance - the quality of cricket is so good. 3 teams from IPL - well, I am not sure it is so well deserved! " Forget the monetary stakes? The organisers stopped hearing you at that point.

end of over 1712 runs • 1 wicket
Lions: 92/9CRR: 5.41 • RRR: 26.33 • Need 79 runs from 18b
Saad Nasim53 (35)
Aizaz Cheema1 (1)
Ish Sodhi4-0-30-2
Tim Southee4-0-22-3

Pras G: "A request to Mumbai Indians and Southern Express, please lose the next matches with a bigger margin than this and let Lahore through. These guys are irresistibly entertaining, be it winning or losing. "

Sodhi to Saad Nasim, 1 run

lofts this towards sweeper cover, lands short

Sodhi to Saad Nasim, SIX runs

short ball, one of the rare poor balls today from Northern Districts, slammed over midwicket for six by Nasim, who reaches his half-century, superb solo effort from him

Sodhi to Saad Nasim, 2 runs

another shout of Catch it as a thick outside edge sends the ball over cover point, a relay throw from Knights

Sodhi to Saad Nasim, 2 runs

lofts this over the bowler's head, long-on and long-off converge but the ball lands between both of them

Essam Dogar: "15*6 = 90 Possible. Hope. #Afridi"

Sodhi to Cheema, 1 run

driven towards long-on for a single

Sodhi to Rasool, OUT

length ball is defended towards backward point, is there a run-out? yes, and due to more awfulness from Lahore Lions, Rasool makes a lazy attempt at getting back after taking several strides out of the crease, the throw from point is perfect and Rasool is caught short, where are the sort of dives that Flynn put in to make his ground?

Adnan Rasool run out (Flynn) 4 (8m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80