9th Match (D/N), Perth, Jan 30 2007, Commonwealth Bank Series
(50 ov, target 319)260/8
New Zealand won by 58 runs
player of the match
Lou Vincent
New Zealand
end of over 508 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 260/8CRR: 5.20 
Liam Plunkett25 (25)
Shane Bond10-0-58-1
Jeetan Patel10-0-53-1

So, England save the bonus point, but they haven't yet salvaged their dignity. They are cut adrift at the bottom of the table, but they retain a mathematical chance of qualifying for the final.

Congratulations though to New Zealand, who have once again shown the sort of prowess in one-day cricket that England so palpably lack. That's it from me, Andrew Miller, and my co-commentators, Jenny Thompson and Martin Williamson. It's been distinctly average.

Bond to Nixon, OUT

short, swung into the leg-side, Jacob Oram dives forward and clings onto a blinder! And that is a suitably anticlimatic end to another desperate performance

Paul Nixon c Oram b Bond 49 (68m 47b 2x4 2x6) SR: 104.25
Bond to Nixon, 1 wide

bouncer! And it's too short! Another chance to get there. Gosh, the artificial excitement is gripping

Bond to Plunkett, 1 run

full, and on middle, whipped into the leg-side to rotate the strike again, and give Nixon one ball to reach his fifty

Bond to Nixon, 1 run

forced onto the back foot, pushed into the covers

Bond to Nixon, no run

stepped inside the line, and missed

Bond to Nixon, FOUR runs

width, and carved through the covers! England have saved the bonus-point! Joy, happiness and rapture

Bond to Plunkett, 1 run

short and smacked into the leg-side. One more to the total

end of over 492 runs
ENG: 252/7CRR: 5.14 RRR: 67.00 • Need 67 runs from 6b
Liam Plunkett23 (23)
Paul Nixon44 (43)
Jeetan Patel10-0-53-1
Shane Bond9-0-50-0
Patel to Plunkett, 1 run

turned to leg to keep the strike

Apologies for those missing deliveries. Our technical team decided it was too exciting and pulled the plug early. I assure you, you missed nothing

Patel to Plunkett, no run
Patel to Nixon, 1 run
Patel to Nixon, no run

meanwhile, England continue to dribble to the finish

Now, what's interesting is that John's little hissy fit has provoked many responses, and thank you for the (mostly) kind comments. It's interesting how the one or two who agree with him have one thing in common. They are rude and they all give dummy email addresses ...

Patel to Nixon, no run

driven into the covers

Replays suggest it wasn't outside the line, but whatever

Patel to Nixon, no run

big appeal, but outside the line. That absurd reverse-sweep again