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Australia vs India, 1st Match at Brisbane, , Feb 03 2008 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st Match (D/N), Brisbane, February 03, 2008, Commonwealth Bank Series
(45/45 ov) 194
(7.2/26 ov, T:141) 51/3

No result

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21:06 local, 11:06 GMT Its official - the match has been called off. Two points each and India take on Sri Lanka day after tomorrow.

An unfortunate end to what was shaping up to be a cracker. Brett Lee was the star of the day with his seventh five-wicket haul in ODIs but three wickets between the annoying showers had India sniffing a win. Thats all we have for you today. Do come back and join us on February 5 (13:15 local, 03:15 GMT) for India v Sri Lanka.

I'd like to thank Binoy George for scoring this game and Nagraj Gollapudi for his helpful input from the Gabba. Until next time, on behalf of all of us at Cricinfo, this Jamie Alter signing off. Cheers!

21:03 local, 11:03 GMT Puddles are forming in the outfield. Not fun. If the special screening of this humdinger is canceled both teams will get two points each.

20:54 local, 10:54 GMT The rain is back and everyone's going off. I don't think they will come back on. Its happened once too often. Harbhajan patted Clarke on the bum as he walked away. Clarke just smiled, but then of course the cameras were on him. Symonds didn't see it, as he was already walking off. Don't tell me we will have another incident. Its raining and the covers are back on. Cue the violins. And Milli Vanilli.

Sreesanth to Symonds, 1 run

sharp movement back in, clipping him high over the stumps and the ball races through gully and down to third man, off the inside-edge

Sreesanth to Symonds, FOUR runs

top shot, just crunched from the crease but so hard that it flies past cover

Sreesanth to Symonds, 1 wide

short of a length, just down leg stump, and wide is the call

end of over 72 runs
AUS: 45/3CRR: 6.42 RRR: 5.05
Michael Clarke2 (8b)
Andrew Symonds0 (4b)
Ishant Sharma 2-0-7-1
Sreesanth 3-0-11-2
Sharma to Clarke, 2 runs

almost! Clarke reaches out a wider one and gets off the mark with a streaky two runs, nearly dragging back on to his stumps

Sharma to Clarke, no run

back of a length and wider, allowing Clarke the time to leave it be

Sharma to Clarke, no run

short again, sitting up and he gets surprises, almost playing it back to Ishant

Sharma to Clarke, no run

short of a length, he gets back and cracks to Rohit in the covers

Sharma to Clarke, no run

back of a length outside off, comes back in, he gets in line and defends

Sharma to Clarke, no run

full delivery outside off stump, Clarke gets to the pitch and drives to cover

end of over 65 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 43/3CRR: 7.16 RRR: 4.90
Andrew Symonds0 (4b)
Michael Clarke0 (2b)
Sreesanth 3-0-11-2
Ishant Sharma 1-0-5-1

It really is all happening at the Gabba.

Sreesanth to Symonds, no run

yowza! Thats a peach to end an aggressive over, as he changes the pace and pitches it up, forcing Symonds to feel for it as the ball holds its line and narrowly misses kissing the outer edge of his bat

Sreesanth to Symonds, 4 byes

thats a waste, as he bounces him over leg stump and the ball sails away, going over Dhoni as well, at some speed, and Sreesanth apologizes

Three slips come in

Sreesanth to Symonds, no run

good length, nipping in again and Symonds defends from the crease

Sreesanth to Symonds, no run

good ball first up, pitching on a length and coming in, he takes one hand off the bat and leaves it be

That dismissal was similar to Ponting's against Ishant in the third Test at Perth, in the first innings. In comes Andrew Symonds to a hostile environment.

Sreesanth to Ponting, OUT

and he's gone for a duck! Sreesanth gets his man, hitting a great length and getting the ball to lift and seam away ever so sharply, sucking Ponting into a fatal prod and Sehwag, from second slip, plucks it in front of Tendulkar at first

Ricky Ponting c Sehwag b Sreesanth 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 12m) SR: 0

Two slips in place ...

Sreesanth to Ponting, no run

back of a length on off stump, getting Ponting pinned in his crease as he defends it towards midwicket

Sreesanth to Ponting, 1 wide

full and wide, swinging away sharply outside off stump, called a wide

More sawdust for the bowler's crease as Sreesanth marks his run-up.

end of over 55 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 38/2CRR: 7.60 RRR: 4.90
Michael Clarke0 (2b)
Ricky Ponting0 (0b)
Ishant Sharma 1-0-5-1
Sreesanth 2-0-10-1

Top delivery to clean up Hopes. Ishant looks good. India have taken out two.

Sharma to Clarke, no run

good ball, good leave, Clarke shouldering arms to another that zips up from nowhere

Sharma to Clarke, no run

sharp movement again, this one jagging back off a shorter length, 137ks, and catching Clarke on the hop, smack in the midriff

India are buzzing now. Here's Clarke.

Sharma to Hopes, OUT

bowled 'em! Thats a peach, the ball pitching back of a drivable length and seaming back in sharply through the huge gap between bat and pad to disturb the stumps ... Hopes plays forward and is simply beaten by an immaculate seam position

James Hopes b I Sharma 17 (12b 4x4 0x6 28m) SR: 141.66
Sharma to Hopes, no run

back of a length on off stump, good stuff, Hopes gets behind to defend