Final, Chennai, Feb 5 - 9 2009, Duleep Trophy
459 & 417/8d
(target 678)199 & 403
West Zone won by 274 runs
end of over 1004 runs • 2 wickets
South: 403/9CRR: 4.03 
Ravichandran Ashwin46 (82)
Ramesh Powar 38-9-140-7

That's it West Zone win by 274 runs and lift the Duleep Trophy for the 17th time. The players come out to shake hands with each other. Ramesh Powar picks up 10 wickets for the match. South Zone were never in the match after their poor performance in the first innings.

Badrinath: "We were outplayed in all three departments, we did not apply ourselves and did not bowl good lengths. 678 on any track is a bit too much, it was almost impossible."

Badrinath lifts the runners-up Trophy.

Wasim Jaffer: "Good season for me and the team, they had a great batting line up, but we bowled well on the 3rd morning, wicket was getting bad and the bowlers contributed."

Jaffer lifts the Duleep Trophy.

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Powar to Sreesanth, OUT

goes for the big slog and mishits it high in the air to square leg and Rahane calls for it and settles under the ball to take the catch. Powar picks up his 7th wicket and the 10th of the match.

Sreesanth c Rahane b Powar 4 (3m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 80
Powar to Sreesanth, no run

defended on the track.

Powar to Sreesanth, FOUR runs

uses the long handle, swings it high in the air and behind square leg to the fence, brings up the 400 for South Zone.

Powar to Sreesanth, no run

off the pad to the onside, looking to leave the ball.

Powar to Sreesanth, no run

pitches and straightens, defended to the off side.

Sreesanth enters the playing area. Has a chat with Parthiv, we might have some interesting action here.

Powar to Jakati, OUT

lbw! Powar picks up his sixth wicket, pitches it outside the off stump and straightens to strike the pad in line with the off stump, loud appeal and given by umpire Saheba.

Shadab Jakati lbw b Powar 4 (22m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 23.52
end of over 994 runs
South: 399/7CRR: 4.03 
Ravichandran Ashwin46 (82)
Shadab Jakati4 (16)
Dhawal Kulkarni 17-3-75-0
Kulkarni to Ashwin, no run

defended to mid-on.

Kulkarni to Ashwin, no run

short delivery and Ashwin misses the pull shot and gets hit on the helmet.

Kulkarni to Ashwin, no run

short down the leg side and Parthiv dives to his left and collects well.

Kulkarni to Ashwin, FOUR runs

full and bit wide, Ashwin times it well through extra cover and to the fence.

Kulkarni to Ashwin, no run

mistimes the drive to mid-on.

Kulkarni to Ashwin, no run

too wide outside the off stump, left alone.

Dhawal Kulkarni gets some treatment to his fingers.

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