Lord's, June 10 - 11, 1844, England Domestic Season
(T:75) 58 & 76/7

Surrey XI won by 3 wickets

Marylebone Cricket Club 1st INNINGS 
William Lillywhite c Garth b Bayley4-----
Billy Hillyer c Garth b Martingell7-----
James Dean  b Martingell6-----
Henry Royston  b Martingell5-----
Charles Harenc  b Bayley3-----
Roger Kynaston c WP Pickering b Brockwell23-----
William Dorrinton c Martingell b Bayley0-----
Edward Dewing  b Martingell0-----
Bartholomew Good not out 19-----
Augustin George c T Sewell b Brockwell0-----
Barrington Mills  b Martingell11-----
Extras(b 2)2
TOTAL65.1 Ov (RR: 1.22)80
Fall of wickets: 1-8, 2-16, 3-18, 4-23, 5-28, 6-33, 7-43, 8-58, 9-61, 10-80
William Martingell32.150.00---00
John Bayley2830.00---00
George Brockwell520.00---00
Surrey XI 1st INNINGS 
John Bayley  b Hillyer2-----
Spencer Ponsonby-Fane run out 0-----
Thomas Sewell c & b Hillyer5-----
Fuller Pilch c Hillyer b Lillywhite11-----
William Martingell st †Dorrinton b Lillywhite3-----
William Pickering  b Lillywhite0-----
Richard Garth  b Lillywhite10-----
William Sewell  b Lillywhite11-----
Walter Caffyn st †Dorrinton b Hillyer1-----
George Brockwell not out 4-----
Charles Abbott  b Lillywhite2-----
Extras(b 9)9
TOTAL44.3 Ov (RR: 1.29)58
Did not bat: Edward Pickering 
Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-6, 3-13, 4-18, 5-18, 6-35, 7-43, 8-51, 9-51, 10-58
William Lillywhite22.360.00---00
Billy Hillyer2230.00---00
Marylebone Cricket Club 2nd INNINGS 
Billy Hillyer  b Martingell1-----
William Lillywhite  b Bayley1-----
James Dean  b Bayley5-----
Bartholomew Good c & b Bayley6-----
Roger Kynaston c & b Martingell0-----
Henry Royston  b Bayley2-----
William Dorrinton  b Martingell5-----
Charles Harenc st †Caffyn b Brockwell13-----
Edward Dewing run out 4-----
Barrington Mills  b Bayley0-----
Augustin George not out 11-----
Extras(b 3, w 1)4
TOTAL51.2 Ov (RR: 1.00)52
Fall of wickets: 1-3, 2-3, 3-12, 4-15, 5-15, 6-28, 7-28, 8-30, 9-31, 10-52
William Martingell2630.00---00
John Bayley2350.00---00
George Brockwell2.210.00---00
Surrey XI 2nd INNINGS (Target: 75 runs)
Spencer Ponsonby-Fane run out 0-----
George Brockwell  b Lillywhite30-----
Walter Caffyn  b Lillywhite0-----
Fuller Pilch c Hillyer b Dean11-----
William Martingell c Hillyer b Lillywhite11-----
Edward Pickering  b Lillywhite0-----
Richard Garth c Hillyer b Lillywhite6-----
William Sewell not out 8-----
Thomas Sewell not out 5-----
Extras(b 5)5
TOTAL59.2 Ov (RR: 1.27)76/7
Did not bat: John Bayley, Charles Abbott 
Fall of wickets: 2-11, 3-32, 4-45, 6-57, 7-70
William Lillywhite2650.00---00
Billy Hillyer29.200.00---00
James Dean410.00---00
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Lord's, London
TossMarylebone Cricket Club, elected to bat first
Match daysday (3-day match)
Player Replacement
FC debut
Augustin George
Augustin George
Charles Abbott
Charles Abbott
George Brockwell
George Brockwell
Walter Caffyn
Walter Caffyn
Balls per over4
Mon, 10 Jun - day 1 - M.C.C. 2nd innings 28/6 (Henry Royston null*)
Tue, 11 Jun - day 2 - Surrey XI 2nd innings 76/7 (59.2 ov) - end of match
  • Surrey XI Captain not named
  • Marylebone Cricket Club Captain not named
  • Marylebone Cricket Club 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Surrey XI 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Marylebone Cricket Club 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Surrey XI 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
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