Lord's, Jun 17 - 18 1844, England Domestic Season
(target 136)63 & 138/5
Gents Eng won by 5 wickets
Gentlemen of Kent 1st INNINGS
John Fagge c †FS Grimston b Taylor8-----
Walter Mynn c sub (ESE Hartopp) b Hervey-Bathurst2-----
Charles Whittaker  b Taylor2-----
Nicholas Felix  b Taylor22-----
Alfred Mynn  b Taylor32-----
Brook Knight lbw b Taylor0-----
John Bayley st †FS Grimston b Hervey-Bathurst1-----
Henry Parker  b Hervey-Bathurst8-----
Edward Swann not out 22-----
Charles Harenc run out 9-----
Gloucester Gambier  b Taylor0-----
Extras(b 9, w 1)10
Fall of wickets: 1-3, 2-6, 3-15, 4-44, 6-60, 7-80, 8-82, 9-102, 10-116
Frederick Bathurst030.00---00
Charles Taylor060.00---00
Gentlemen of England 1st INNINGS
Robert Grimston c Knight b A Mynn1-----
Thomas Craven c Felix b Fagge0-----
Francis Noyes c Knight b A Mynn1-----
Charles Taylor c WP Mynn b A Mynn13-----
Roger Kynaston  b A Mynn3-----
Charles Gordon run out 30-----
Edward Dewing  b A Mynn0-----
Frederick Bathurst  b Fagge1-----
Arthur Haygarth not out 4-----
Francis Grimston c Felix b Fagge0-----
Charles Morse  b A Mynn1-----
Extras(b 7, w 2)9
Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-10, 5-32, 7-50, 8-60, 9-62, 10-63
Alfred Mynn060.00---00
John Fagge030.00---00
Gentlemen of Kent 2nd INNINGS
Gloucester Gambier lbw b Taylor5-----
Edward Swann  b Taylor4-----
Henry Parker  b Taylor0-----
Walter Mynn lbw b Taylor17-----
Nicholas Felix  b Hervey-Bathurst18-----
Alfred Mynn  b Taylor0-----
John Fagge c Noyes b Hervey-Bathurst0-----
Charles Whittaker c Taylor b Hervey-Bathurst0-----
Brook Knight c Gordon b Taylor5-----
John Bayley not out 19-----
Charles Harenc  b Taylor2-----
Extras(b 11, w 1)12
Fall of wickets: 3-18, 4-49, 5-49, 6-49, 7-49, 8-49, 9-60, 10-82
Frederick Bathurst030.00---00
Charles Taylor070.00---00
Gentlemen of England 2nd INNINGS (target: 136 runs)
Robert Grimston  b Fagge3-----
Thomas Craven  b A Mynn2-----
Arthur Haygarth  b A Mynn19-----
Francis Noyes  b Fagge0-----
Charles Gordon not out 32-----
Charles Taylor  b A Mynn18-----
Roger Kynaston not out 35-----
Extras(b 17, w 12)29
Fall of wickets: 1-7, 2-11, 3-14, 4-39, 5-63
Alfred Mynn030.00---40
John Fagge020.00---30
Lord's, London
TossGentlemen of Kent, elected to bat first
SeriesEngland Domestic Season
Match daysday (3-day match)
FC debut
Arthur Haygarth
Arthur Haygarth
Brook Knight
Brook Knight
Charles Gordon
Charles Gordon
England Image
Bartholomew Good
England Image
William Caldecourt
Balls per over4
Mon, 17 Jun - day 1 - Gents Kent 2nd innings 14/2 (Edward Swann 3*, Walter Mynn 4*)
Tue, 18 Jun - day 2 - Gents Eng 2nd innings 138/5 - end of match
  • Gentlemen of Kent Captain not named
  • Gentlemen of Kent Wicket-keeper not named
  • Gentlemen of England Captain not named
  • Gentlemen of England 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Gentlemen of Kent 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Gentlemen of England 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Gentlemen of Kent 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • E.S.E.Hartopp fielded for Craven. Bell's Life gives Gentlemen of Kent FOW in second innings as 1-13, 2-15, but these are obviously mis-prints
  • Marylebone Cricket Club passed a new law on June 3rd that in future wide balls should be run for, for as many as could be got, instead of the ball becoming dead, and only counting one as previously'. Also at the same time, the following addition was made - that when any bowler bowled a wide or a no-ball it was to be scored down to him with his name attatched