Pakistan vs England, 2nd Test at Multan, PAK v ENG, Dec 09 2022 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Multan, December 09 - 12, 2022, England tour of Pakistan
281 & 275
(T:355) 202 & 328

England won by 26 runs

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1.52pm: Same, same, but different. England ground out the win for a second week running, and Bazball has its first overseas success. Stokes joins Nasser Hussain and Ted Dexter as the only England captains to have won a Test series in Pakistan... and there's still the possibility of inflicting an unprecedented whitewash in Karachi next week. For now, they can revel in the moment, and we can all have an extra day to recharge. Miller's report should be your next port of call, and there'll be plenty more to come from Danyal and Vish. Thanks for your comments, join us again bright and early on Saturday. Cheerio!

1.40pm: Time for the presentations, Harry Brook is Player of the Match for his second-innings 108: "Tried to learn from my mistake in first innings, try not to be too aggressive but still put pressure on the bowler. We knew before coming in that it was going to be a turner, they'd been asking for it to spin. Not a surprise but we didn't bat as well as we wanted to in the first innings. [Target in mind] No, we just wanted to go out and play our brand of cricket, put pressure o the bowler and be aggressive throughout."

Pakistan captain Babar Azam: [Not enough runs first innings?] "Yes, we were not up to the mark in the first innings. We had a couple of soft dismissals. After that we had a fightback in the bowling and second innings we fight good, but unfortunately we did not finish it. We have a simple plan to carry on the momentum, we had good partnerships between Imam and Saud and then Saud and Nawaz. The tail also fought well, but we didn't finish well. [Abrar Ahmed] Dream start for Abrar, he used conditions very well in the first innings and after that he bowled well. Good for him and the team. [Karachi] Looking forward to that and we will do our best."

England captain Ben Stokes: "Different conditions and a different game. Things happened quickly this week compared to last week. Going down to the wire again, good game to be a part of. [Approach to setting target] Take a look at the conditions, it was a tricky wicket for slower bowling. We were fortunate that with the cracks opening up our seamers became effective. Jimmy, Robbo and Woody put in a seriously good effort, so hats off to the lads. The way they bowled throughout the game, they looked a huge threat. When it came down to the wire I had three guys to turn to. They bowled short spells and always seemed to pick up a wicket when needed. [Abrar] It's the mindset you go out with, he had an amazing debut so congratulations to him but we still managed to score off him. Being 180 for 5 in that first session on day one, other teams might not have had that many runs but still lost wickets. It was pleasing the way we stuck at the task of going out and putting them under pressure even if conditions aren't in our favour."

1.30pm: England go back-to-back in Pakistan for the first time ever. Only the fourth Test they've won in the country (the others were in 1961 and 2000), and it seals a first series win there since '00-01. For Pakistan, it is three consecutive defeats at home for the first time since 1959. They almost gutsed it out in the chase, and who knows what would have happened if Joel Wilson had taken a different view of that Saud Shakeel dismissal moments before lunch? But you can take little away from a resurgent England, who have now won eight out of nine under the captaincy of Ben Stokes

"England's last wicket partnership in the first innings ended up making the difference!!" whoops Aniket. "What a game."

"Hail, Lord Baz!" chirrups Amol K

Furqan: "Well fought by Pak with the resources they had. Really need couple of good fast bowling options for the last Test. "

And here's CharlieJ: "Hats off to Pakistan Highest score in the match in 4th innings"

Robinson to Mohammad Ali, OUT

gottim, nicked behind! It took a while for Erasmus to raise the finger... but is it all over? Ali reviews, though he looks a bit sheepish in doing so. There was definitely a sound, and I think the ball then flicked the back leg. Yes, UltraEdge clears it up, a big outside edge and then it deflected off the knee roll through to Pope. Robinson lands the knockout blow, England winning a thriller by 26 runs to go 2-0 up in the three-match series

Mohammad Ali c †Pope b Robinson 0 (8b 0x4 0x6 19m) SR: 0

Ollie Robinson is on in place of Leach. Slip, leg slip and short leg in place

end of over 1028 runs
PAK: 328/9CRR: 3.21 
Agha Salman20 (31b 4x4)
Mohammad Ali0 (7b)
Mark Wood 21-2-65-4
Jack Leach 26-0-113-1
Wood to Salman, FOUR runs

short and pulled through the infield, sweetly swung away to deep midwicket. Brings the target below 30... although again Mohammad Ali will be on strike for the next over

"Wood deserve a 5-fer," gurgles Paras

Wood to Salman, FOUR runs

full ball, battered down the ground! Superb shot to a 147kph/91mph attempted yorker, just misses the mark by a fraction and Salman picks up a precious boundary

The field comes in on the one

Wood to Salman, no run

length delivery, angling in on off stump, props out to block again

Wood to Salman, no run

shortish, gets up around chest height, defended square on the off side. Pope scuttles off after it

Wood to Salman, no run

length ball, 143kph/88mph and arrowing in towards the stumps. Salman shows it a straight bat

"We have no chance of winning this match, I repeat no chance," shrieks Ash. "I'm expecting Agha's wicket in the next 2-3 overs."

Wood to Salman, no run

short of a length, veering in from outside off, Salman defends through backward point and doesn't run

There's a theme to the comments right now... Phil J: "Mohammed Ali's not the Rumble in the Jungle, but can he be the Sultan of Multan?"

end of over 1011 run
PAK: 320/9CRR: 3.16 
Mohammad Ali0 (7b)
Agha Salman12 (25b 2x4)
Jack Leach 26-0-113-1
Mark Wood 20-2-57-4

"Can Mohammad Ali help Pakistan get up from the canvas here?" I see what you've done there, Rick Rocket

Leach to Mohammad Ali, no run

defended, comes off the inside edge but straight to earth

Leg slip comes in

"Bowls like a butterfly, bats like a bee?" chuckles Hampy

Leach to Mohammad Ali, no run

flighted, angling in on the stumps, blocked again

Ali on strike for the last two balls. Slip, gully, silly mid-off and short leg

Leach to Salman, 1 run

tossed up and paddled for a single down to fine leg

Leach to Salman, no run

flighted, drifting in on the stumps, Salman defends doggedly

Leach to Salman, no run

pushed through, 86kph and met on the front foot. Won't take the single into the covers

Slip is in, everyone else out

Leach to Salman, no run

looped up from round the wicket, presses out calmly to block

Stokes now tosses the ball to Jack Leach. Will Salman be tempted to take him on?

end of over 100Wicket maiden
PAK: 319/9CRR: 3.19 
Mohammad Ali0 (5b)
Agha Salman11 (21b 2x4)
Mark Wood 20-2-57-4
James Anderson 16-1-44-2

"Mohammad Ali has more FC wickets than runs," toots Dean. He does indeed, 85 vs 89

Wood to Mohammad Ali, no run

full outside off, 143kph/89mph and stabbed into the covers. Ali survives

Wood to Mohammad Ali, no run

pitched up, angling in on the stumps, Ali jumps around and bows his head over a crease-bound block

Two slips, leg slip and short leg

Wood to Mohammad Ali, no run

banged in short, 141kph and flying through down leg

Wood to Mohammad Ali, no run

fired in towards the blockhole, 147kph/91mph and again defended securely

OxTiger: "I had just sent the comment that Abrar failed to stay long enough to realize the tactical benefit from those boundaries off Wood.If he had survived, Wood may have been taken off the attack. Now Wood castles Zahid and who is to blame? Abrar."

Wood to Mohammad Ali, no run

pitched up, arrowing in on the front pad. Solidly blocked

Here's Mohammad Ali. Has he got some fight in him?

Wood to Zahid, OUT

splat! Off stump out of the ground! Just enough tail back in, through Zahid's tentative prod, Pakistan nine down. Wood leaps and claws the air in celebration. Money ball with the tailender tentative and expecting the bumper. Through the gap and flattens the off pole

Zahid Mahmood b Wood 0 (7b 0x4 0x6 17m) SR: 0

Short-ball trap is set

end of over 998 runs
PAK: 319/8CRR: 3.22 
Agha Salman11 (21b 2x4)
Zahid Mahmood0 (6b)
James Anderson 16-1-44-2
Mark Wood 19-1-57-3

Target down to 36... but England have Zahid on strike

Anderson to Salman, FOUR runs

jabbed through backward point, goes all the way! Beats the dive of the fielder and Crawley won't chase it down. Went through Leach's hands, in fact

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