2nd T20I (N), Durban, Feb 14 2020, England tour of South Africa
(20 ov, target 205)202/7
England won by 2 runs
Player Of The Match
39 (11)
end of over 2012 runs • 2 wickets
SA: 202/7CRR: 10.10 
Rassie van der Dussen43 (26)
Tom Curran 4-0-45-2
Chris Jordan 4-0-31-2

10.07pm: What a spectacle. T20 cricket is simply brilliant. England managed to get up to 204, primarily thanks to that innings from Moeen at the back end, but de Kock's Valentine's special looked to have taken it away from them. Wood and Stokes pulled it back brilliantly in the middle, but van der Dussen and Pretorius wouldn't give it up. Pretorius got it down to three off two, but Curran held his nerve right at the end to seal a two-run win. Miller is putting the finer touches on his report, but from Thilak, Alan and me it's thank you and goodnight. We'll see you on Sunday.

And finally some thoughts from Eoin Morgan: "We'd have liked to win both. The performance was a considerable improvement from East London. SA had the better of the batting conditions but our bowlers came up trumps today. Stand-out for us today was Moeen Ali, such a match-winning innings. [Jordan] He's outstanding, one of our more experienced bowler. He's got a very cool, calm head on his shoulders. He seems to deliver when it matters. It's a tough ground to bowl on here. [Curran] It takes a lot of courage when the best ball to bowl is a gamble ball, the slower ball at the end. Fantastic catch by Rashid, we go to Pretoria on Sunday at 1-1."

Moeen Ali is man of the match for his 11-ball 39. Four sixes, three fours. "It was nice to go out and middle a few early on to get going. I went on my instinct and thought I'd put the pressure back on the bowlers. It's just nice for it to come off. We bat deep - Morgy always talks after a loss about coming out even more positively than we did in the game before. It's been quite a while since I played for England so it was nice to contribute to winning a game."

And over to the presentation. Quinton de Kock: "It's great cricket. Both teams are playing really good cricket at the moment. It was just unfortunate we didn't come across the line. [79 off the last five overs for England] It was quite difficult. They bowled really well at the death, but I think we can get better. I'm sure the bowlers know that. Rassie thrives in those sorts of situations. He played really well, handled the pressure exceptionally well. [Fastest 50 for SA] I wasn't expecting it to happen today... still disappointing not to get across the line."

Some thoughts from Chris Jordan on Sky: "Lost for words really... up and down, we didn't bowl that badly up front and then we did really well to hold on at the end. Easy to get your head down after going for two boundaries but Tom did really well. I just tried to keep everybody nice and calm, try to focus on execution as much as possible. TC's been bowling really well in training, just come from the Big Bash, and he's got a big heart. I backed him enough for me to give him 8 [to defend] so I was glad to give him 15. If you come out on the right end of a situation like this it gives you a lot of confidence."

"South Africa bowled exactly 2 more extras than England," notes Jay. "We live in a world of small margins."

Hilton: "Those two balls Smuts LEFT ALONE in the 16th over the difference... "

Peter: "This series is pretty good value isn't it?"

9.52pm: And breathe! England win by two runs to square the series 1-1. SA just couldn't get van der Dussen on strike - he didn't face any of the last ten balls! Brilliant game of T20 cricket: Moeen and de Kock played two of the most belligerent innings you'll see, England looked to have wrapped it up with Wood superb in the middle overs but van der Dussen and Pretorius dragged it back. And then how good was Tom Curran right at the end: nailed his yorker with three needed from two balls, and then backed his back-of-the-hand slower ball which accounted for Fortuin.

"It's the Misbah finish!!" cries Osman Samiuddin, referring to the 2007 World T20 final... Joginder Sharma, eat your heart out!

Now then... drama! Rashid saw Fortuin getting down to scoop and took a stride or two back.. it's the Big Bash scenario that we saw with Hales and Zampa. But he's allowed to anticipate so long as he's inside the circle at the point of delivery, so the catch is clean!

Tom Curran to Fortuin, OUT

fires a full ball in towards leg stump, Fortuin gets low looking to lap it over short fine leg, it loops up and straight into Rashid's hands! England win by two runs! The back-of-the-hander from Curran, flipped up into the air and Rashid takes the catch

Bjorn Fortuin c Rashid b Curran 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

What does Curran go for here? Got to be a quick yorker. Same field, fine leg and third man in the ring. Here we go!

Bjorn Fortuin is on strike. He can bat - three first-class hundreds to his name.

And breathe... great ball from Curran, Pretorius departs. 3 needed to win, 2 for the Super Over. England need a dot, a single or a wicket. Long conference in the middle for both teams.

Tom Curran to Pretorius, OUT

yorker, sits deep in the crease, struck on the pad and it's given out! Pretorius reviews, belatedly, after a shout from de Kock on the balcony. Stokes isn't keen on that but we've gone upstairs. Great yorker, tailing in towards the bottom of off stump. Strikes him on the right boot. Is it outside the line? No bat involved... or is there? Ultra Edge isn't particularly conclusive, looks like the spike is just after the bat comes down to me. Umpire's call on impact, and clipping off stump!

Dwaine Pretorius lbw b Curran 25 (9m 13b 2x4 1x6) SR: 192.3

Fine leg, third man, point and extra cover inside the circle.

3 needed off 2 balls. Huge pressure on Curran. What's his go-to? Does he risk the back-of-the-hander?

Huge cheer from the Kingsmead faithful for the not-out call!

Tom Curran to Pretorius, 2 runs

leg-stump yorker, clipped out towards midwicket, they hare back for two and just make it! The throw came in from Stokes to the keeper's end... they'll send it upstairs... and the full-length dive looks to have saved him! The bat is only just grounded, enormous dive from Pretorius to get back!

5 off 3 balls

Hamzah: "Pretorius... You beauty!!"

Tom Curran to Pretorius, FOUR runs

half-volley outside the off stump, throws his hands through the ball and it flies away through extra cover for a one-bounce four! Pretorius is nailing it!

9 off 4 balls. Still England's to lose.

Tom Curran to Pretorius, SIX runs

back of a length slower ball outside the off stump, Pretorius hangs back and dispatches him over deep midwicket for six! Drama, another twist... just sits up outside the off stump, sets himself, and hammered into the crowd

Tom Curran to Pretorius, no run

slower ball to start which beats him all ends up! Looks to slug over midwicket, but flashes at fresh air...

Tom Curran is the man given the responsibility.

Munir Ranjha: "Smelling a super over here." My Valentine's Day plans will be out of the window if that happens...

15 required from 6 balls. Another nail-biting finish in store.

end of over 1911 runs
SA: 190/5CRR: 10.00 RRR: 15.00
Dwaine Pretorius13 (8)
Rassie van der Dussen43 (26)
Chris Jordan 4-0-31-2
Mark Wood 4-0-39-2
Jordan to Pretorius, 1 run

slower yorker outside off, pushed out to short extra and they take a single

Jordan to Pretorius, FOUR runs

low full toss, tries to go over the leg side but gets a thick edge on it, past third man in the ring and away for four!

SA desperate for a boundary, 20 needed from 8 balls. How many can they get off the last over?

Jordan to Pretorius, 2 runs

yorker outside off, looks to hammer it through the off side but hacks it out towards midwicket. Slight hesitation before coming back for the second but they just about make it home!

MikeJM: "Why is Stokes not expected to bowl the last over? He has bowled well so far." Stokes bowling the last over in T20s isn't usually a recipe for success!!

Jordan to Pretorius, 2 runs

nails the yorker, dug out into the leg side towards deep midwicket. Great running to get back for the second!

Jordan to van der Dussen, 1 run

low full toss outside off, whacked straight up into the leg side but it lands in no-man's-land! Just the single

Tasmeem: "What a player Rassie is turning out to be across formats. He's paying South Africa with the dividends for showing the faith."

Jordan to Pretorius, 1 run

length ball, nailed back at him and Jordan puts down another chance off his own bowling! Extremely tough though, timed sweetly back towards his left hand and he could only tip it round the post...

Chris Jordan to finish his allocation. Curran likely to bowl the last. Fine leg, third man, mid-off, extra cover in the ring

SA are back in the game... Though ESPNcricinfo's forecaster remains dubious, giving them an 18.6% chance of sealing the win.