3rd ODI, Johannesburg, Feb 9 2020, England tour of South Africa
(43.2/50 ov)257/8
England won by 2 wickets (with 40 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
187 runs

6.15pm: Right, there we go, then. There were fears we wouldn't get much of a game today - in the end, we got more than we bargained for. Firdose's report should be your next port of call, and then stick around for further reaction. Thanks from myself, Matt and Chandon, we'll be back for more with the start of the T20I series on Wednesday. Ta ra!

Oh, and Bangladesh have just won the U19 World Cup, too. #SCENES!!

6pm: Presentations time, starting with Man of the Match, Adil Rashid: "I felt good today, been a while since I played, getting out there I was eager to play and it came out well. [Googly?] Some days it's easy to pick, today it was more difficult. Some days you bowl your variations better than others. Nice to come on a bit of spicy wicket with a bit of bounce, and me and Mo bowled well in tandem."

South Africa captain Quinton de Kock, who is also named Player of the Series: "We thought it was getting tight, we had a bit of a sniff, but it's still a loss at the end of the day. Cool to make it tough for the English guys. It takes some getting used to, different in quite a lot of ways, but the guys help me on and off the field, I'm just there to make the final decisions. [Positives signs?] Energy has stood out, we've got a young team but they had a lot of energy on the field and I enjoyed that."

England captain Eoin Morgan: [Development aside, nice to win?] "Yeah, of course, I thought we bowled well today. Adil and Mo coming in and showing their value, Adil with the control and variation he has was outstanding. Thought the chase was well within our grasp, disappointing to limp over the line. Thought we should have done it four or five down with the partnerships we had. [Positives?] Tom Banton showed promise, Joe Denly's two knocks have been really, really good, Saqib [Mahmood] came in today and bowled beautifully up front, likewise Parky [Matt Parkinson] in the first game. So lots there. Prob our best performance in the field and with the ball, nice to come back and play like that. On a wicket that exposes our weaknesses [with the bat], we need to get better at that."

5.50pm: England grab a share of the series, even as it threatened to squirm out of their grasp. It seemed like they were cruising with Joe Denly and Tom Banton at the crease, needing 25 with six wickets standing - only for the chase to nearly turn pear-shaped. Luckily, the famously doughty Moeen Ali, back in the side after several months of watching from the outside, was there to drag them to their target. South Africa scrapped hard, and they'll take plenty from these two-and-a-bit games, but it ends honours even, ahead of three T20Is next week.

"I think there should be a super over to decide who wins the series," parps Vyshakh. Now now

"Welcome back Moeen!" cheers James. "Very tidy 10 overs and sees England home."

Meanwhile, a few clicks down the highway in Potchefstroom, Bangladesh are on the verge of a sensational, maiden U19 World Cup win - ahead against India on DLS with the rain now coming down.

Sipamla to Ali, 1 run

swiped over the leg side, lands safely in the gap - meaning England win by two wickets after a rather ticklish finish here in Joburg!

Sipamla to Ali, FOUR runs

pitched up, Moeen drills it through the covers! In the air briefly as short extra cover threw himself, but couldn't get there. Scores level

end of over 43Wicket maiden
ENG: 252/8CRR: 5.86 RRR: 0.71
Chris Jordan0 (4)
Moeen Ali12 (14)
Lungi Ngidi 9-2-63-3
Lutho Sipamla 9-1-37-1

"Any scope for a Super Over today?" I don't think so, Peter Morley. But we may be about to find out...

Ngidi to Jordan, no run

on the stumps and securely blocked once again

Ngidi to Jordan, no run

Ngidi steams in, hits a length, the ball angling back at Jordan... who chops down in defence

There'll be some pink faces if England don't manage to get over the line here

Ngidi to Jordan, no run

climbing through outside off, 139kph/87mph and Jordan lets it zip through

Ngidi to Jordan, no run

short of a length and defended

Here's Chris Jordan, who knows which end of the bat to hold. England have lost 4 for 20 and the crowd getting into this again...

Ngidi to Rashid, OUT

gottim, edged behind! Ngidi strikes again, South Africa can dream... Rashid was hopping on the back foot, trying to work it off his body but only succeeding in grazing the bat through to de Kock! They can't, can they?!

Adil Rashid c †de Kock b Ngidi 2 (16m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20
Ngidi to Rashid, no run

pitched up, driven uppishly towards mid-off, doesn't carry

Ngidi into his ninth. Anyone feel like finishing this?

end of over 421 run
ENG: 252/7CRR: 6.00 RRR: 0.62
Moeen Ali12 (14)
Adil Rashid2 (8)
Lutho Sipamla 9-1-37-1
Lungi Ngidi 8-1-63-2
Sipamla to Ali, no run

short in the channel and Moeen flirts with a late cut, doesn't connect - another over passes by

Here's WrongTeam: "Does feel kinda nice having Mo'n'Rash back. Will feel even nicer after another few runs." Still edging their way there

Sipamla to Ali, no run

round the wicket, defended into the covers

Sipamla to Rashid, 1 run

dug in and Rashid swings a pull through backward square leg

Sipamla to Rashid, no run

in the channel, played off the back foot towards backward point

Sipamla to Rashid, no run

short of a length and Rashid rides the bounce, turns to leg and calls... but Moeen quickly sends him back

Sipamla to Rashid, no run

defended solidly on the front foot

Lutho Sipamla back. Been decent, in what is basically his second ODI

end of over 417 runs
ENG: 251/7CRR: 6.12 RRR: 0.66
Moeen Ali12 (12)
Adil Rashid1 (4)
Lungi Ngidi 8-1-63-2
Beuran Hendricks 10-0-59-3

"Funny thing is that somebody mentioned earlier that none of the South Africans were caught. Now all English batsman are all caught. Is that a new Record?" Don't think statsguru categorises that one, Sam. But top quirkage, nonetheless

Ngidi to Ali, FOUR runs

short ball, sits up for the pull and this time Moeen collars four through mid-on! England almost home now

Ngidi to Ali, no run

cutter from Ngidi, jabbed watchfully towards backward point

Ngidi to Ali, 2 runs

short and flubbed leg side on the pull, not got hold of it but the ball but it loops to safety somewhere between mid-on and deep midwicket

Ngidi to Ali, no run

slower ball, on the stumps and defended calmly by Moeen

Ngidi to Ali, 1 wide

fired down full and wide of the stumps, maybe just on the tramline... but called by the umpire, much to Ngidi's chagrin

Ngidi to Ali, no run

comes across and taps the ball down

Still bubbling under in Potch, meanwhile, with the possibility of rain arriving and Bangladesh ahead by a nose on DLS

Ngidi to Ali, no run

round the wicket, fullish on off stump, Moeen defends

Final Powerplay, South Africa can have an extra man outside the circle. Not sure that will help them much, though. Ngidi to continue, he has a slip in

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