1st ODI (D/N), Melbourne, Jan 16 2011, England tour of Australia
(49.1/50 ov, target 295)297/4
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shane Watson

Australia win by six wickets to take a 1-0 lead in the one-day series, and Shane Watson has been their hero tonight. What an innings it was from him, one of the best one-day innings in recent memory. It was almost a chanceless knock, perfectly-paced and calm under pressure. There was always the feeling that if Australia could get someone to bat through the innings they'd finish on top. England were aggressive with the bat, but didn't use the last two balls of their innings and how much of a difference could that have made? It's been a riveting summer of cricket between these two teams in the Test matches, and the limited-overs games look like they're going to be just as enthralling. And Australia have a reason to smile at last.

"It was a nice night tonight," says Watson. "It's always nice when things go your way. I was struggling for a while there and started cramping up. It would've been nice if I'd got a big score like this in the Ashes, but this is some consolation. It's nice to go 1-0 up but we're going to have to play some good cricket all through this series to win it."

"An outstanding effort from Shane Watson, one of the great one-day innings," concedes Strauss. "We didn't take early wickets, if we had done we would've been right ahead of the game. They needed someone to anchor the innings and Watson did so. We had a platform to get 310 at least there, but we lost too many wickets too softly. Watson showed how destructive he can be. Losing Anderson and Broad, our two bankers on one-day cricket, you put a lot of the onus on the guys coming in. It's hard to swallow this one, but we'll come back hard in Hobart."

And that is all from your commentary team today. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage, and if you've missed any of the action do have a look at Andrew McGlashan's bulletin. The second game is in Hobart on Friday, see you then!

Shahzad to Watson, SIX runs

Watson roars Australia's victory! What a way to do it, a full toss is cracked baseball-style into the crowd behind long-on!

Shahzad to bowl the last over. Third man, cover sweeper, long-on out. Fine leg up.

end of over 496 runs
AUS: 291/4CRR: 5.93 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 4 runs from 6b
Shane Watson155 (149)
Cameron White25 (23)
Tim Bresnan10-0-71-2
Ajmal Shahzad7-0-45-1

Four runs needed from the last over ... this isn't over yet, but one hit will do it

Bresnan to Watson, 1 run

very full, Watson meets it on the full and powers the ball down to long-on

Bresnan to Watson, no run

perfect yorker from Bresnan, you simply can't put that away and Watson digs it out to midwicket

Bresnan to White, 1 run

another full toss, this time White can't capitalise and picks up just one out to deep square

Bresnan to White, no run

another great yorker, White digs it out to cover

Bresnan to White, FOUR runs

the attempted yorker slips out as a low full toss, and White lifts it to the wide long-on boundary! Is that the blow that puts Australia definitively ahead?

Bresnan to White, no run

full, right in the blockhole. White slams down on it but mid-on charges round

Bresnan to bowl the penultimate over. Australia want 10 from 12. Fine leg is on the boundary, mid-off and mid-on up.

end of over 485 runs
AUS: 285/4CRR: 5.93 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 10 runs from 12b
Shane Watson154 (147)
Cameron White20 (19)
Ajmal Shahzad7-0-45-1
Chris Tremlett10-0-67-0
Shahzad to Watson, 2 runs

slower ball, full outside off and Watson swings it into the leg side ... it won't be the boundary though, Pietersen sprints across to cut it off

12 from 13 needed. What would a wicket now do?

Shahzad to Watson, no run

full toss, Watson whips into the leg side but hits Strauss at midwicket

Shahzad to Watson, no run

pinpoint yorker from Shahzad, and Watson can only dig it out back to the bowler.

Shahzad to Watson, no run

short, Watson ducks underneath it ... and that's one for the over

Shahzad to White, 1 run

White lays bat on ball, tapping towards mid-off and setting off straight away for a scampered single

Australia are so close now, but is there a final twist?

Shahzad to White, 2 runs

full, fast and swinging. The ball takes the inside half of the bat and rolls out on the leg side, and they're back for the second run

Change in the attack, Shahzad comes back

end of over 4713 runs
AUS: 280/4CRR: 5.95 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 15 runs from 18b
Cameron White17 (17)
Shane Watson152 (143)
Chris Tremlett10-0-67-0
Tim Bresnan9-0-65-2
Tremlett to White, 1 run

short yet again, outside off but White hooks across into the leg side

Tremlett to Watson, 1 run

again Watson targets midwicket with the lofted shot, this time he doesn't get the best connection but the ball falls short of the fielder out there

Tremlett to Watson, FOUR runs

full, swiped powerfully out to deep midwicket and there's 150 for Watto! His arms are aloft, the crowd cheer their approval and Australia are closing in on the win now

Tremlett to White, 1 run

the plan may just be misfiring now, White knows it's going to be short every ball and is waiting for it, pulling out to deep square leg

Tremlett to White, FOUR runs

short again, hoicked wildly out to wide long-on, and that's four

Tremlett to White, 2 runs

short, rising on White and he hooks ... the top edge goes miles up, Trott charges in and falls forward, he gets both hands to it but the ball bobbles out!