1st Test, Brisbane, Nov 25 - 29 2010, England tour of Australia
260 & 517/1d
(26 ov, target 297)481 & 107/1
Match drawn
player of the match
end of over 262 runs
AUS: 107/1CRR: 4.11 
Shane Watson41 (97)
Ricky Ponting51 (43)
Kevin Pietersen2-0-6-0
Graeme Swann8-0-33-0

Match drawn Alastair Cook leads the players off and into the line of handshakes. The opening Test to the 2010-11 Ashes ends in stalemate but it has been, for the first four days at least, a fascinating game. Both teams have something to take to Adelaide, especially after Ponting finished things off with an unbeaten half-century, but after conceding 1 for 517 it's probably Australia who have more issues to reflect on. It has to be said the wicket was not ideal, just got flatter and more benign as the match wore on and made life pretty miserable for the bowlers.

Australia announce their side for the next Test either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Mitchell Johnson and Marcus North must be concerned, though with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Peter English ponders the idea of North becoming Australia's full-time spinner. Johnson has had a horrible match, taking 0 for 170, making a 19-ball duck and dropping a catch. Stay with us to see who is named man of the match, but I expect it won't be him. And indeed, Alastair Cook is confirmed with the match award. Well deserved it is as well. A memorable game for him. Apologies for a lack of post-match quotes, but the broadcaster has decided move elsewhere.

We have a gallery of the best of today's action and Andrew McGlashan will have a final match bulletin later, which is a must-read. Elsewhere we have a competition where you can win Ashes shirts, just download our toolbar to enter.

Right, that's just about it from me, Sahil Dutta and from Brydon Coverdale. Look out for Andrew Miller and Peter English's words which will be up on the site soon. Thanks for all the emails, please join us for the second Test which starts on Friday at 10.30am (00.00GMT).

Pietersen to Watson, no run

Pietersen floats one down to Watson who defends from under his eyes, few handshakes and the players are heading off. Both captains agree they've flogged this horse as far as it will go and we head into to the next Test level at 0-0

This could be the last ball coming up now...

Pietersen to Ponting, 1 run

Pietersen switches to around the wicket and celebrates by dragging down a very short ball that Ponting pats down to long-on for a single

Pietersen to Ponting, no run

Ponting stretches forward and nudges this into the leg side

Pietersen to Watson, 1 run

touch fuller this time and Watson drops it into the off side for a single

Pietersen to Watson, no run

Watson stands taller and defends

Pietersen to Watson, no run

Pietersen finds some bounce, straight into the middle of Watson's blade

end of over 256 runs
AUS: 105/1CRR: 4.20 
Ricky Ponting50 (41)
Shane Watson40 (93)
Graeme Swann8-0-33-0
Kevin Pietersen0.5-0-4-0
Swann to Ponting, no run

resolute defiance from Ponting to finish the over

Swann to Watson, 1 run

slugged hard into the deep midwicket region

Swann to Watson, no run

another careful defence but Watson's bat looks very broad indeed

Swann to Watson, no run

better delivery from Swann, holding it back a fraction outside off stump, defended

Swann to Watson, FOUR runs

shot! Lovely shot from Watson, steps forward and cracks this down the ground, Swann's difficult Test continues

Swann to Ponting, 1 run

fifty for Ponting! Hasn't he played well, looked so confident, works this to leg and barely celebrates the landmark