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5th Test, Sydney, January 03 - 07, 2011, England tour of Australia
280 & 281

England won by an innings and 83 runs

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766 runs
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And finally England take their place on the podium. Michael Vaughan presents the crystal trophy and the replica urn to Strauss, ticker tape flies and the screams begin. We'll be seeing that shot repeated a few times I imagine. Sprinkler anyone? That's all from me, Sahil Dutta, and from Brydon Coverdale and Liam Brickhill. It's been an immensely enjoyable series, thanks for all the emails.

At the other end of the spectrum, Andrew Strauss cannot contain his smile. "We came over here desperate to win the series. We're delighted with what we've done and we're certainly going to enjoy tonight! Alastair has been amazing, when you're talking about people like Wally Hammond you know you've had a special series. Jimmy Anderson has done amazingly well in tough conditions but it's been a fantastic team effort. Paul Collingwood is a massive loss, there is a tinge of sadness there that he's departing, there is so much he brings to the team that you don't see. I'd like to thank our supporters, who've made this feel like a home series and I must thank our wives and families who have to live with this day in day out."

Michael Clarke has had a difficult start to his Test captaincy but fronts up looking as chipper as ever. "It's been a tough couple of months we've been outplayed in all facets of the game. You always enjoy representing your country but it's very disappointing. We'll see what happens [with the captaincy], first I need some runs. Me and all the top order need to contribute. We have a great bunch of guys with a lot of talent but we need to go back to the drawing board and work our backsides off. I don't think it's time to panic. We need to stay strong together and continue to try and get better every single day.

Alastair Cook is named man of the match and man of the series for his 189 and 766 runs in the series. "Amazing, that feeling will live long in the memory. I need to thank all the supporters both here in the ground and at home. It's been a lot of hard work and an amazing series. I couldn't have imagined this seven weeks ago. The 200 was probably the most special moment and to win man of the match in the final game of the Ashes is a dream come true. Our bowlers have been fantastic all the way through and made our job as batters much easier."

Mark Taylor is the master of ceremonies and begins by thanking all the England fans for showing up today. He introduces the presentation party - that includes Glenn McGrath and Michael Vaughan - and I'm not sure McGrath has ever earned such an ovation from England fans! They're in generous mood though and clap happily everyone - even the fourth umpire.

The England players are heading back out now. Full squad in the whites with England caps in place, getting ready for the presentations. There will be plenty written about this match and series - epic dramas and films if England fans had their way - but for now there is no better place to start than Andrew McGlashan's bulletin, so check that out. The Australian players are now making their way out onto the field. I wonder what words were said in their dressing room. Not much I imagine.

England win by an innings and 83 runs and win the series 3-1 Incredible team effort and the players ran into an impromptu huddle, jumping up and down arm in arm. Finally the players part and begin to wander off to meet the dressing-room staff. Paul Collingwood is met and congratulated by a line of Australian players, good to see that, he's had some epic tussles with them over the years.

That's Australia's third innings defeat in the series, an unwelcome first for them and a measure of England's unremitting superiority. They have outthought, outplanned, and thoroughly outplayed Australia in every aspect.

There are all sorts of statistics and records that have been established and broken this series but to get a sense of just how far ahead England have been through the five matches have a look at this which shows that England have averaged 51.14 per wicket compared with Australia's 29.23. Or to put it another way, Australia have been hammered.

By the way if you have enjoyed following this series on Twitter then check out the new Soccernet on Twitter service for the latest football news and comment.

Tremlett to Beer, OUT

that's it! That's the moment! England have ended 24 years of pain in Australia with a comprehensive 3-1 victory! Tremlett is the man to finish it off, hammering it down on a length, finding an inside edge that cannoned onto the stumps to cue wild celebrations!

Michael Beer b Tremlett 2 (9m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 22.22
Tremlett to Smith, 1 run

Smith gets the single, hacking a forehand swipe into the off side. Beer has strike now

Tremlett to Smith, no run

Smith is not one of the world's greatest stylists. Here he aims a horrific slog that goes nowhere

Tremlett to Smith, no run

Smith backs away and aims an almighty thwack, it skews off an inside edge and runs down to fine leg. But the single is rejected

Tremlett has another chance to take the iconic, final wicket of the series.

end of over 845 runs
AUS: 280/9CRR: 3.33 
Michael Beer2 (8b)
Steven Smith53 (87b 6x4)
James Anderson 16-3-61-3
Chris Tremlett 19-3-78-2
Anderson to Beer, no run

Beer, amusingly enough, wanted a single here as he fiddles this around the corner. Smith has none of it. He's enjoying his futile half-century

Anderson to Beer, no run

edged again but Beer's soft hands mean Trott at fourth slip dives to save runs rather than take the catch

Plenty of slips for Beer...

Anderson to Smith, 1 run

haha, Smith really tries to hammer this. But gets barely an edge on it and it dribbles away for a single

Anderson to Smith, no run

again Smith skips leg side but Anderson follows him and it's knocked towards point

Anderson to Smith, FOUR runs

fifty for Smith! Gets there rather nicely too, skipping leg side of the ball and controlling a back-cut past the slips for four

Anderson to Smith, no run

Smith needs two for fifty and he aims a big pull at this without connecting and it slams into his midriff

end of over 835 runs
AUS: 275/9CRR: 3.31 
Michael Beer2 (6b)
Steven Smith48 (83b 5x4)
Chris Tremlett 19-3-78-2
James Anderson 15-3-56-3

Blue skies over the SCG now but there are clouds building in the distance. Hmm.

Tremlett to Beer, no run

Beer survives! Anderson gets the chance to try and seal the victory as this is left alone outside off stump

Tremlett to Beer, no run

edged again! But down again. Straight to Anderson in the gully. England fielders are ready to celebrate but it's not their time yet

Tremlett to Beer, no run

not yet! Tremlett finds a good line and length, and also an outside edge, but it runs down to Anderson in the gully who dives well to field

Short leg, three slips a gully in place now... England sensing this could be their moment.

Tremlett to Smith, 3 runs

dug in short and Smith hacks a wonderfully ugly pull shot which means Cook gets to run towards the midwicket ropes and the Barmy Army to collect

Tremlett to Smith, no run

wide of off again from Tremlett and Smith cracks firmly to deep point but he doesn't take the single

Tremlett to Smith, 2 runs

strange looking shot again from Smith. He gets leg side of the ball and slashes out in front of deep point

end of over 824 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 270/9CRR: 3.29 
Michael Beer2 (3b)
Steven Smith43 (80b 5x4)
James Anderson 15-3-56-3
Chris Tremlett 18-3-73-2
Anderson to Beer, no run

short ball to end the over. Beer ducks underneath it

Swann is having some japes with the England fans. Plenty of noise being generated by them

Anderson to Beer, 2 runs
Anderson to Beer, no run

oops, this is speared short and down the leg side. No need for Beer to play so he doesn't

Anderson to Beer, 1 wide

banged in very short, and Beer could have jumped and still not reached this

Finally, four slips and a gully in place. Short leg too. England supporters in full voice.

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