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2nd T20I (N), Nagpur, January 29, 2017, England tour of India
(20 ov, T:145) 139/6

India won by 5 runs

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Scores: Thilak Ram
Comms: Shashank Kishore
Scorecard summary
India 144/8(20 overs)
71 (47)
3/22 (4)
1/20 (4)
England 139/6(20 overs)
38 (27)
3/28 (4)
38 (38)
end of over 202 runs • 2 wickets
ENG: 139/6CRR: 6.95 
Moeen Ali1 (2b)
Chris Jordan0 (1b)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-20-2
Ashish Nehra 4-0-28-3

England required 41 off 30 with seven wickets in hand, 32 off 24 wit seven wickets in hand and eight off the final over with six wickets in hand. That India still managed to win was courtesy some sensational end-overs bowling by Bumrah. That India got to 140 plus was thanks to KL Rahul's half-century, a sparkling effort on a tough pitch. He made batting look easier than it was. Thanks for joining us, folks. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. Until next time, cheers!

Virat Kohli: It's important to have belief. It was a case of us executing well initially. You don't want to let momentum slip away in the middle overs, especially with the series on the line. But the way spinners bowled in the middle, and then the effort of Nehra and Bumrah with dew was outstanding. Nehra knew exactly what he wanted to do, Bumrah was asking me every ball what I thought he should do. I told him 'just bowl what comes naturally to you.' I played for a bit on that wicket, shot-making was difficult. As soon as I got out, Rahul knew he had to play long. He has all the shots in the book. Good reflexes, hand-eye coordination. Looking forward to Bangalore. There are some things we need to tighten up.

Kapil: "Terrific bowling by Bumrah, but have to say this match is the biggest advertisement for DRS in T20, especially with India now on board."

Eoin Morgan: We didn't start the final over well, a decision didn't go our way. The wicket was tough, but fair play, he produced a match-winning over. I thought we bowled really well to back up our previous performance with the ball, but with the last two games, we've been right on the money. In the chase, we never let it get too far away from us. Root, Stokes played outstandingly well. It's unbelievably disappointing to lose, but we still have a chance to win the series in Bangalore.

10.30pm I'd like to take you into a specific instance in India's innings. The cameras panned to Kohli, who asked Bumrah to learn from what Chris Jordan did: hit the deck hard. It's something he didn't do in his first two overs, where he was walloped. But when he came back in for his next two, he mixed the 'hit-the-deck' deliveries with his slower deliveries, and that, ladies and gentleman, has made the difference. Defending eight off the final over can never be easy, but he's delivered when it has mattered most.

Ashish Nehra: Pressure game, I wanted to leave Jasprit with as many as possible to defend. Hats off to him, this isn't the first time he's done it for India. Jasprit asked me if he should bowl length. All I told him was 'you have a good yorker, look to bowl full, it's tough to hit a six even if it is a low full toss.' It worked. When 32 were needed off four overs, I told Jasprit we will win.

Jasprit Bumrah: It's always tough to bowl in the death. I tried to remember the past where I've done well in such situations. We saw the first innings, it was on the slower side. Back-of-length deliveries and slower deliveries were difficult to get away, so that is what I wanted to bowl.

Craig: "If the term "bottled it" was in the Oxford Dictionary then surely England cricket team would be alongside. How could they possibly loose from being in that position."

Bumrah to Moeen Ali, no run

swings, misses and Bumrah has done it or India. Kohli is pumped. India have clinched a win that didn't look possible. Floats this full and wide, Moeen backs away to loft it but misses. What a comeback, what a game!

One ball, six. Can Moeen be England's hero? Dhoni has one glove on.

Bumrah to Jordan, 1 bye

swings and misses. The ball keeps low and beats the inside edge but they take the bye. Dhoni flicks an under-arm throw but misses at the striker's end. Was through with the stroke really early

Seven from two.

Bumrah to Buttler, OUT

rattles the stumps. This one's a length ball that is angled in from wide of the crease, Buttler looks to pull but the ball hurries onto him, cramps him for room, skids on and deflects of the pad onto the stumps. The danger man is gone, the crowd erupts

Jos Buttler b Bumrah 15 (10b 1x4 1x6 17m) SR: 150
Bumrah to Buttler, no run

swing and a miss. Slow off-cutter, but the key was the length. This was much fuller, Buttler swung way too early, on the bounce to Dhoni who collects it cleanly, and do they don't chance a bye

Rose: "After Kohli's reprieve in the first innings, another unfair LBW decision going against England. Could this be costly?"

Bumrah to Moeen Ali, 1 run

slower delivery, looks to work it to the leg side, gets a bottom edge that rolls to the off side

Bumrah to Root, OUT

appeal for lbw, and that's a wicket that will breathe life into the Indian cmap. Looked like an optimistic appeal but the umpire raised the finger quickly. Root tried to pull across the line when he could have simply tucked it to the leg side. Looks like there was an inside-edge. Root unlucky

Joe Root lbw b Bumrah 38 (38b 2x4 0x6 82m) SR: 100
end of over 1916 runs
ENG: 137/4CRR: 7.21 RRR: 8.00
Jos Buttler15 (8b 1x4 1x6)
Joe Root38 (37b 2x4)
Ashish Nehra 4-0-28-3
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-19-0
Nehra to Buttler, SIX runs

the captain tips this over the long-on boundary. Fetched the length ball from outside off, didn't get hold of it but it still had enough to sail over. Kohli was running backwards, the momentum was taking him over, so he didn't have time to steady himself. In the end, he tried to palm the ball back in but in vain. This game has turned and how

Nehra to Buttler, 2 runs

tails the yorker away, comes back for the second as Rahul was caught napping at long-off. It was no more than a bunt down the ground

Nehra to Buttler, FOUR runs

whipped into the midwicket boundary. Banged in short, cramped for room but he went through with the stroke and got enough bat. At 135 clicks, it was sitting up nicely for him to heave it into the leg side. Pressure released.

Nehra to Root, 1 run

hit straight into Nehra's shin. Yorker length, tailing away late. Didn't have the length to hit down the ground. Super delivery

Nehra to Root, 2 runs

once again into no man's land. Miscue. Plonks towards the edge of the circle at midwicket, they scamper back for the second. Got this off the toe end of the bat, landed it between three fielders

Nehra to Buttler, 1 run

right into the blockhole on middle, squeezed to cover

end of over 183 runs
ENG: 121/4CRR: 6.72 RRR: 12.00
Joe Root35 (35b 2x4)
Jos Buttler2 (4b)
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-19-0
Ashish Nehra 3-0-12-3
Bumrah to Root, 2 runs

heaved into the leg side but it falls in between midwicket and long-on. Excellent over. Pandya came charging in from the deep but couldn't get there.

Concern in the England camp. Root looked comfortable while Stokes was there. Two dots to Buttler and the equation has changed

Bumrah to Root, no run

misses another slower ball. Off cutter from Bumrah, looks to play a reverse paddle over short third man but was too late on the stroke. On the bounce to Dhoni

Bumrah to Root, no run

another dot. This is a superb slower delivery. Spongy bounce, he looks to heave across the line but missed it completely. Root under pressure now suddenly.

Bumrah to Buttler, 1 run

chopped down to point, Yuvraj comes around to cut that off. Gives Bumrah a mouthful, asking him to perhaps be at the stumps

Bumrah to Buttler, no run

too close to cut. Wasn't all that short too. Through to Dhoni

Bumrah to Buttler, no run

dot to start. Hits the deck hard, Buttler checks his drive, straight to Kohli at cover

Big over for Bumrah and India

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 118/4CRR: 6.94 RRR: 9.00
Jos Buttler1 (1b)
Joe Root33 (32b 2x4)
Ashish Nehra 3-0-12-3
Jasprit Bumrah 2-0-16-0
Nehra to Buttler, 1 run

drops it into the off side gently and they steal a quick single

Nehra to Stokes, OUT

slower and fuller on middle, Stokes looks to heave this into the leg side but was way too early into the stroke. Once he missed it, he was absolutely dead. Is there life in the game yet?

Ben Stokes lbw b Nehra 38 (27b 2x4 2x6 30m) SR: 140.74
Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
KL Rahul
71 runs (47)
6 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
cover drive
14 runs
3 fours0 six
BA Stokes
38 runs (27)
2 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
on drive
12 runs
1 four1 six
Best performances - bowlers
CJ Jordan
A Nehra
Match details
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha, Nagpur
TossEngland, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series result3-match series level 1-1
Match numberT20I no. 593
Match days29 January 2017 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
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Match Referee
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