3rd Test, Wellington, Mar 2 - 7 1988, England tour of New Zealand
(79 ov)183/2
Match drawn
player of the match
Ken Rutherford
New Zealand
New Zealand 1st INNINGS
John Wright (c)c Fairbrother b Capel361181892030.50
Trevor Franklin lbw b DeFreitas1458831024.13
Bert Vance run out 471491832031.54
Martin Crowe lbw b Gatting14333340214042.94
Mark Greatbatch c DeFreitas b Emburey682132528031.92
Ken Rutherford not out 10718126312059.11
John Bracewell c Fairbrother b Capel541111534048.64
Ian Smith not out 33193750173.68
Extras(lb 10)10
TOTAL(197 Ov, RR: 2.59)512/6d
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (Trevor Franklin), 2-70 (John Wright), 3-132 (Bert Vance), 4-287 (Mark Greatbatch), 5-336 (Martin Crowe), 6-470 (John Bracewell)
Graham Dilley1113603.27---00
Phil DeFreitas50.12111012.19---00
David Capel39712923.30---00
John Emburey45.5109912.16---00
Eddie Hemmings451510702.37---00
Mike Gatting612113.50---00
England 1st INNINGS
Chris Broad  b Boock611611817037.88
Martyn Moxon not out 8123228510034.91
Tim Robinson c †Smith b Chatfield079000.00
Mike Gatting (c)not out 3377934042.85
Extras(lb 6, nb 2)8
TOTAL(79 Ov, RR: 2.31)183/2
Fall of wickets: 1-129 (Chris Broad), 2-132 (Tim Robinson)
Danny Morrison604106.83---00
Ewen Chatfield23103811.65---00
John Bracewell2394401.91---00
Stephen Boock2695312.03---00
Ken Rutherford10101.00---00
Basin Reserve, Wellington
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
SeriesEngland tour of New Zealand
Player Of The Match
Ken Rutherford
Ken Rutherford
Series result3-match series drawn 0-0
Match numberTest no. 1094
Match daysday(5-day match)
Test debut
Bert Vance
Bert Vance
New Zealand Image
Brian Aldridge
New Zealand Image
Steve Woodward
Thu, 03 Mar - day 1 -New Zealand 1st innings 192/3 (Martin Crowe 57*, Mark Greatbatch 34*, null ov)
Fri, 04 Mar - day 2 -New Zealand 1st innings 451/5 (Ken Rutherford 91*, John Bracewell 43*, null ov)
Sat, 05 Mar - day 3 -England 1st innings 183/2 (Martyn Moxon 81*, Mike Gatting 33*, 79 ov)
Sun, 06 Mar - day 4 -England 1st innings 183/2 (Martyn Moxon 81*, Mike Gatting 33*, 79 ov)
Mon, 07 Mar - day 5 -England 1st innings 183/2 (79 ov) - end of match