3rd Test, Cape Town, March 21 - 23, 1896, England tour of South Africa
115 & 117

England won by an innings and 33 runs

South Africa 1st INNINGS 
Tommy Routledge  b Lohmann24---0-
Frank Hearne c & b Lohmann0--00-
Robert Poore c Woods b Lohmann17---0-
Jimmy Sinclair c Woods b Tyler2--00-
Alfred Richards (c)c Woods b Lohmann6---0-
Barberton Halliwell c Heseltine b Tyler23---0-
Arthur Seccull c & b Lohmann6---0-
George Glover not out 18---0-
Bonnor Middleton c Hayward b Tyler2--00-
Joseph Willoughby  b Lohmann5---0-
George Rowe  b Lohmann5---0-
Extras(b 5, nb 1, w 1)7
TOTAL48 Ov (RR: 2.39)115
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Frank Hearne), 2-43 (Tommy Routledge), 3-48 (Robert Poore), 4-48 (Jimmy Sinclair), 5-74 (Alfred Richards), 6-80 (Barberton Halliwell), 7-90 (Arthur Seccull), 8-98 (Bonnor Middleton), 9-104 (Joseph Willoughby), 10-115 (George Rowe)
George Lohmann2494272.10---00
Ted Tyler1834933.26---00
Christopher Heseltine601703.40---00
England 1st INNINGS 
Charles Wright c Seccull b Willoughby2--00-
Arthur Hill c Poore b Middleton124---0-
Tom Hayward  b Seccull31---0-
Hugh Bromley-Davenport  b Seccull7---0-
Sammy Woods  b Rowe30---0-
Tim O'Brien c sub (JH Anderson) b Glover2--00-
George Lohmann  b Willoughby8---0-
Christopher Heseltine c Hearne b Rowe18---0-
Lord Hawke (c)not out 12---0-
Ted Tyler  b Middleton0--00-
Harry Butt c Sinclair b Middleton13---0-
Extras(b 12, lb 4, nb 2)18
TOTAL101.4 Ov (RR: 2.60)265
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Charles Wright), 2-79 (Tom Hayward), 3-95 (Hugh Bromley-Davenport), 4-159 (Sammy Woods), 5-168 (Tim O'Brien), 6-190 (George Lohmann), 7-226 (Christopher Heseltine), 8-244 (Arthur Hill), 9-244 (Ted Tyler), 10-265 (Harry Butt)
Joseph Willoughby1423723.17---00
George Rowe3297222.70---00
Arthur Seccull1223723.70---00
Jimmy Sinclair712303.94---00
Bonnor Middleton23.465032.52---00
George Glover1342812.58---00
South Africa 2nd INNINGS 
Alfred Richards (c) b Woods0--00-
Frank Hearne c Hayward b Tyler30---0-
Robert Poore  b Woods8---0-
George Glover c Woods b Lohmann3--00-
Tommy Routledge  b Woods4---0-
Jimmy Sinclair c Hawke b Bromley-Davenport28---0-
Barberton Halliwell  b Hill11---0-
Arthur Seccull not out 17---0-
Bonnor Middleton c Hawke b Hill6---0-
Joseph Willoughby st †Butt b Hill3--00-
George Rowe  b Hill3--00-
Extras(b 2, nb 2)4
TOTAL64 Ov (RR: 1.82)117
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Alfred Richards), 2-13 (Robert Poore), 3-28 (George Glover), 4-35 (Tommy Routledge), 5-75 (Jimmy Sinclair), 6-80 (Frank Hearne), 7-97 (Barberton Halliwell), 8-105 (Bonnor Middleton), 9-111 (Joseph Willoughby), 10-117 (George Rowe)
George Lohmann2384512.34---00
Ted Tyler1131611.74---00
Sammy Woods1352832.58---00
Hugh Bromley-Davenport931612.13---00
Arthur Hill84841.20---00
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Newlands, Cape Town
TossEngland, elected to field first
Series resultEngland won the 3-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 49
Match daysday (3-day match)
Test debut
Alfred Richards
Alfred Richards
Arthur Seccull
Arthur Seccull
George Glover
George Glover
Ted Tyler
Ted Tyler
Audley Miller
South Africa
Gordon Beves
Balls per over5
Sat, 21 Mar - day 1 - England 1st innings 126/3 (Arthur Hill 56*, Sammy Woods 18*)
Sun, 22 Mar - rest day
Mon, 23 Mar - day 2 - South Africa 2nd innings 117 (64 ov) - end of match
  • Lohmann took his total of wickets for the three- match rubber to 35 at 5.8 runs apiece.
South Africa Innings
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