1st Test, Bridgetown, Jan 23 - 26 2019, England tour of West Indies
289 & 415/6d
(80.4 ov, target 628)77 & 246
West Indies won by 381 runs
player of the match
Jason Holder
West Indies

4.15pm: Well, who saw that one coming? England go to the Caribbean as favourites... England get handed their backsides. It's becoming a theme. Still, there are two Tests in which to try and turn it around. Two Tests in which West Indies will be aiming to confirm their supremacy - you couldn't ask for more, really. Anyway, Valkerie's report will be in the slot imminently and Miller and I will start stretching off for the second Test, starting at the Sir Viv Stadium on Thursday. England have been properly splattered at the old fortress of Bridgetown... just imagine if they had come up against this lot! That's it from us for now, I'll let Davo have the last word. Cheerio!

Davo: "Every time England has a series against Windies (since 2000) they always mention the Ashes... They always make it look like it's a trial series... Well take that and enjoy... Caribbean Fiyah!"

4pm: Right, ready for some presentations? First time England have lost a Test with Sam Curran in the side, by the way... Question is, will he still be in it come Antigua? One for England captain Joe Root, perhaps: "Bitterly disappointed we're a far better side than played this week, got to keep remembering how well we have played in the past and it's crucial to bounce back quickly and strongly. Shown character in turning things around before, hopefully we can do that again. [Wrong call on team?] After a match it's easy to make selection calls, when you see how the pitch plays. Yes, we could have gone down a different route, but that doesn't change the way we played, we're a far better side, got to make sure we turn up in Antigua and perform. We have to come back hard, be ready for everything West Indies throw at us. Fair play to them, they played extremely good cricket over the four days. We've got to make sure we're a far better team, continue the hard work and go about things on the field as we have done in practice."

West Indies captain Jason Holder is named Man of the Match: "Really good for me personally, been a while since I've played, sitting out the series in Bangladesh was tough, really pleased with how I've come back, getting back to full fitness. [Celebrations for double-hundred?] Lot bubbling up for a long time, had the moment to express myself for a bit... To help Shane get to his hundred as well, and credit to Roston Chase today, he was patient and got the ball in the right areas. [Emotions?] Extremely special, just want to say thanks to mum and dad, and to my step-mum, also to my two brothers, lots to be proud of. [What next?] One Test match doesn't make a summer, been in this position before so lots of hard work to be done. It's a matter of turning up in Antigua and doing the same."

3.45pm: Jason Holder is a giant among mortals as he walks from the field, holding a stump aloft. Roston Chase poses with the ball that secured him career-best figures. There'll be pats on the back for Shimron Hetmyer, who blazed throughout (and took a snorting catch at short leg) and Kemar Roach, who lit the fire under England on day two. England know what it's like to take a beating in the Caribbean, but this is right up there - their second-heaviest defeat to West Indies, in terms of runs alone. Holder's team are taking a tour of the ground to salute the fans - West Indies go 1-0 up in the series and England, if they didn't before, know they are in a contest now!

"Holder and Dowrich made 323 runs in this test match, the same as the entire England team," scoffs Rathang Joshi. "And they were not out in the second innings." Yep, it's a thrashing!

"England lose last 9 wkts for 112 runs," Pradeep D, "a small-scale collapse as per their standards on a day Australia achieved an innings win." They certainly fell away from a promising start, given them by Rory Burns. Good to see the Ashes phoney war is already up and running

Here's Burli: "I liken this England team to a funfair containing a mix of rollercoasters that launch you to high-heights immediately followed by extreme plunges, stalls selling fast food with a kick but no fibre and finally a healthy smattering of horror shows."

"Eight wickets for a part time spinner. This is how we feel when Moeen Ali takes wickets against India," snickers Mevij

Chase to Sam Curran, OUT

down the leg side, Curran walks past it to be stumped - and West Indies have won by 381 runs! Chase gets his eight-for, and the Windies have blown England away in Barbados! Neat bit of work by Hope, the back-up keeper, too, emphasising how big a gap there has been between the two teams here

Sam Curran st †Hope b Chase 17 (38m 25b 3x4 0x6) SR: 68
Chase to Sam Curran, FOUR runs

tossed up wide of the stumps, Curran reaches out and smears four through the covers

Chase to Sam Curran, no run

uses the feet and blocks

Chase to Sam Curran, no run

angled in and defended by Curran coming down

The new ball is due... but Roston Chase probably feels he's due another

end of over 805 runs
ENG: 242/9CRR: 3.02 
James Anderson4 (16)
Sam Curran13 (21)
John Campbell4.1-0-10-0
Roston Chase21-2-56-7

All over bar the warbling. Here's a gallery of the action so far.

Campbell to Anderson, no run

darted on off stump, Anderson taps it away

Campbell to Anderson, no run

tossed up and blocked coming forwards

Campbell to Anderson, no run

tries to reverse-sweep, this ends up at slip, there's an appeal for lbw, too... and West Indies decide to review! Lots going on, Kumar Dharmasena will have to unpack it all. Not sure he's actually made contact with the ball, although there's a possibility it deflected off the glove as the bat came around. Nothing on UltraEdge but it could be close on lbw - no, it's umpire's call on impact, and he was 2.5m down the pitch, too: all of which means it stays with the on-field decision! Got all that?

Campbell to Anderson, no run

pushes this back down the track

Campbell to Anderson, FOUR runs

tossed up and smacked through square leg, unfurls the slog-sweep, he likes that shot... and away it goes

Ronny: "Chase should be considered for MoM. Half century, 7* wickets." Aye, he's a candidate

Campbell to Sam Curran, 1 run

floated up on the stumps and Curran again dinks a single through midwicket from the first ball

end of over 791 run
ENG: 237/9CRR: 3.00 
James Anderson0 (11)
Sam Curran12 (20)
Roston Chase21-2-56-7
John Campbell3.1-0-5-0

"Think Holder wants these overs done quick, get the new ball to wrap it up." Ah, good spot, Simar Varaich. One more over until it's available

Chase to Anderson, no run

tossed up and blocked

Chase to Anderson, no run

gives this a bit more flight, spins away past the outside edge

"As great as Holder's knock was, West Indies had already won the match even before he came to bat," muses Calcu20. "Roach is my choice for Man of the Match."

Chase to Anderson, no run

floated up and defended coming forwards

Chase to Anderson, no run

floated up a touch wider and he has a go at this one, a mighty mow across the line, fails to connect

Chase to Anderson, no run

pushed through and defended resolutely on off stump

Chase to Sam Curran, 1 run

floated up on the stumps and stabbed through midwicket for a single off the first ball

Chase wheels away, an eight-for in his sights