(D/N), Perth, Feb 2 2008, Ford Ranger One Day Cup
(49.5/50 ov)226/8
Victoria won by 2 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
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Victoria seal thriller in Perth

Victoria turned what ought to have been a simple run chase into a desperate, chaotic scramble to beat Western Australia by two wickets off the penultimate ball in Perth

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Scorecard summary
Western Australia225/9(50 overs)
Victoria226/8(49.5 overs)

Well a great fightback by the Warriors but not quite enough runs to play with in the end despite some great bowling from Edmondson and Heal.

Pattinson gets man of the match for his 3 for 14 off 7 overs.

So the Vics are right in contention for a finals berth after their win today.

Thanks for joining me, Andrew Fuss, for today's game, have a great night.

Magoffin to Siddle, 1 run

flicked to square leg for the win

Magoffin to AJ Crosthwaite, 1 leg bye

bouncer hits the helmet and pops up to gully, appeals for a catch fall on deaf ears

Magoffin to AJ Crosthwaite, 2 runs

great running, flicks through mid wicket off a full ball on leg stump

Magoffin to AJ Crosthwaite, FOUR runs

DROPPPED! Big edge through to Ronchi who can't take it with his outstretched right hand

Magoffin to AJ Crosthwaite, 2 runs

backs away and smashes it straight up in the air, somehow drops safely at cover

end of over 494 runs • 1 wicket
VIC: 216/8CRR: 4.40 • RRR: 10.00 • Need 10 from 6b
Peter Siddle0 (1)
Adam Crosthwaite6 (12)
Aaron Heal10-1-41-1

Great spell by Heal, only 14 runs off his last 6 overs!

Magoffin to bowl the final over...10 to win...a spot in the final up for grabs for the Vics!

Heal to Siddle, no run

flighted and smashed straight back to the bowler who does well to stop

Heal to AJ Crosthwaite, OUT

advances down the pitch and can only get pad on it, they set off for a stupid single as the Heal picks it up and throws to Ronchi who whips the bails offf

Darren Pattinson run out (Heal) 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Heal to AJ Crosthwaite, 2 runs

sweeps through square leg, well run, would have required a direct hit to be out

The tension is incredible out there!

Heal to Pattinson, 1 run

drives to long off

Heal to AJ Crosthwaite, 1 run

sweeps to fine leg, the pressure is on Pattinson now

Heal to AJ Crosthwaite, no run

tries to sweep, can't get much purchase on it

end of over 489 runs • 1 wicket
VIC: 212/7CRR: 4.41 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 14 from 12b
Darren Pattinson0 (2)
Adam Crosthwaite3 (8)
Paul Davis9-1-49-1
Davis to Pattinson, no run

length ball on leg beats the bat and there is almost a run out as Ronchi shies at the stumps at the striker's end...Pattinson had set off for a suicidal run!

Davis to Pattinson, no run

bangs that in short, beats the edge of Crosthwaite who tries to guide it down to third man

Davis to AJ Crosthwaite, 1 run

Memories of Gillespie and Steve Waugh came flooding back there...the two fielders only just avoided each other.

Davis to McKay, OUT

shortish, pulled high into the on side, Langer chases back from mid wicket, Pomersbach charging in from deep square leg takes a great catch

Clint McKay c Pomersbach b Davis 9 (7b 2x4 0x6) SR: 128.57
Davis to McKay, FOUR runs

short on leg, smashes that over mid wicket but hurts his arm in the process

Davis to McKay, FOUR runs

throws the kitchen sink at that, full outside off, smashed over point, poor delivery

end of over 472 runs
VIC: 203/6CRR: 4.31 • RRR: 7.67 • Need 23 from 18b
Adam Crosthwaite2 (7)
Clint McKay1 (4)
Aaron Heal9-1-37-1

The debutant to bowl...not much pressure out there is there??

Last over of the powerplay...

Heal to AJ Crosthwaite, no run

full and flighted outside off, drives but gets a thick outside edge, drops about 3 metres short of gully

Heal to McKay, 1 run

flighted on leg, driven down to long off

Heal to McKay, no run

cuts straight to cover point, can't pierce the infield...the dots are building up

Match details
W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth
TossWestern Australia, elected to bat first
SeriesFord Ranger One Day Cup
Player Of The Match
Darren Pattinson
Darren Pattinson
Hours of play (local time)13.15 - 16.45, 17.15 - 20.45
Match days2 February 2008 - daynight match (50-over match)
List A debut
Paul Davis
Paul Davis
Australia Image
Ian Lock
Australia Image
Jeff Brookes
TV Umpire
Australia Image
Andrew Craig
Match Referee
Australia Image
Ric Evans
PointsVictoria 4, Western Australia 0