Final (N), Southampton, Aug 14 2010, Friends Provident t20
(20 ov, target 174)173/5
Hampshire won (lost fewer wickets)
player of the match
Neil McKenzie
end of over 207 runs
HANTS: 173/5CRR: 8.65 
Dan Christian3 (4)
Sean Ervine44 (31)
Zander de Bruyn3-0-29-0

Fireworks fill the sky, and Hampshire are the champions of the Friends Provident t20 2010 at their home ground. What a run it's been by them, after losing 8 games in the group stage. Replays show that the lbw decision was marginal, you can't give those out so another good decision from the umpires. They've had a great game, all things considered.

"It's been one of those amazing rides," says Sean Ervine. "You're never in until the last ball's been bowled, it's one of the great things about this game."

"A few dodgy tickers in the dug-out," says Jimmy Adams. "Just bonkers!"

"Great atmosphere, huge crowd and an amazing day. Amazing moment," says Danny Briggs, all of 19 years old. "Are you old enough to drink? Go and have a glass of champagne. You're a good boy," says Allot! What a finish to this game, stick with us for the presentations.

Athers asks Tresco if he was aware that Christian was out of his ground and could've been run out. "It'll probably haunt me for a few years," says Tresco. "Under pressure you've got to try and keep a cool mind, we just got wrapped up in what was going on. [Pollard] has gone off to hospital. He's a tough boy, but that was a nasty blow. When you take out an international bowler like that it's always going to make a difference to your plans. But that last over from Cork really changed things."

For his supremely calm innings under pressure Neil McKenzie is the Man of the Match. "it was great, this was my first final, I've only watched it on tv so a great day for me. There was a lot of chaos out there, I think I caused it towards the end! It was really nerve-wracking in the dug-out, there's always a twist."

"Who cares how we looked? This was for them lot," says an emotional Cork, gesturing to the crowd. "A lot of people had written us off. We were the underdogs all the way through, in the end we squeezed past, just. This ranks at the top of all my achievements. But it's not about me, it's about these guys here," he says, pointing to the team. "It's also for the guys who are out injured, there's a few people on crutches, and we'll all be a bit later on!"

Well, after all that I need a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down... Thanks for joining us for the final, your commentators have been Sahil Dutta and Liam Brickhill. Goodbye for now!

de Bruyn to Christian, 1 leg bye

huge shout for lbw! That looked mighty close indeed but the umpire's not given it. They run the leg bye to win the game, Christian runs through despite the fact that Adams is there as a runner. People are running every which way, it's utter chaos out there! The Hampshire team started to run out but then stopped, unsure of the result... When it was announced a huge cheer went up and they all sprinted on!

Kieswetter's got the helmet on now, he'll obviously be coming up to the stumps. Huge cheers as the head groundsman completes the lines and trots off... A wicket and Somerset win, a run and Hampshire win. Here we go...

There's another hold up here, there are no white lines marked on the outfield so the runner would be running across with no idea where the line is. If it came to a line-call by the third umpire at the end there'd be no way of judging it. And the groundstaff are coming out to mark the lines now. "Have they no homes to go to these people?" asks Bumble, quite reasonably

de Bruyn to Christian, 2 runs

what fielding on the boundary! It was another short ball, this time Christian absolutely hammered the pull out into the deep, but the fielder pulled off a remarkable sliding stop. They run back for two... but Christian's pulled a hamstring! Can he run this single? Jimmy Adams comes out as the runner. What drama! 2 from 1 to win, but if Hampshire get 1 they win by losing fewer wickets

What would a dot ball do now? The pressure is palpable...

They're changing the ball again. The umpire brought one out but Trescothick wasn't happy, it was much much whiter than the last one. So they're looking for a slightly older, but still dry, one

de Bruyn to Ervine, 1 bye

another short ball, again beating the batsman! They steal another bye, both batsmen could have been run out!

If it's a tie, Hampshire win by virtue of losing fewer wickets

5 from 3...

de Bruyn to Ervine, 2 runs

bouncer, top edge goes sailing very high in the air! But lands safely behind Kieswetter, who charges back as they get back for second

7 from 4 now!

de Bruyn to Ervine, no run

short again, again the batsman can't get a touch on it! Ervine had run down the track and Kieswetter's shy would have caught him short!

Men in on the off side, long-off is out though. Everyone out on the leg side

de Bruyn to Christian, 1 bye

bouncer first ball, Christian is surprised and misses the hook but Kieswetter's back and Ervine calls him through! Desperate running!

Last over of the tournament, and who can you back from here? Either team could win it. 151 games and it comes down to the very last over. Zander de Bruyn will bowl it. Ervine's called for a new bat, but it'll be Christian on strike first up. The crowd are awake, cheers all round the ground. Such a tense finish

end of over 193 runs • 2 wickets
HANTS: 166/5CRR: 8.73 RRR: 8.00 • Need 8 runs from 6b
Dan Christian1 (1)
Sean Ervine42 (28)
Ben Phillips4-0-44-2
Phillips to Christian, 1 run

and Christian just drops the ball towards midwicket for a quick single

Phillips' last ball of the game, 9 from 7 needed

Phillips to Ervine, 1 run

on a length, Ervine just taps to square leg for the single... they think about the second, but the fielder is quickly in

What a comeback over from Phillips, he's given his team a chance

Phillips to Carberry, OUT

another one goes! Another bouncer, Carberry went for the pull but the ball took a big top edge and went straight up, Kieswetter called for it straight away and held onto the chance. Somerset are right back in this, game on!

Michael Carberry c †Kieswetter b Phillips 0 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

10 from 9 needed now...

Phillips to Carberry, no run

nervous, nervous stuff out there! Carberry wants to get off the mark straight away but can't get the ball off the wicket. Phillips charges through his follow-through to make sure there's no run. He's fired up!

Phillips to Ervine, 1 run

he's dropped him! Compton it was, on the field as a sub. It was another bouncer, Ervine hammered a pull out to deep square, it was a tough chance but he really needed to hold that!

Carberry comes in, but Ervine's on strike

Phillips to McKenzie, OUT

and he takes a wicket with the first ball! They had brought everyone in on the off side, Phillips banged one in short and McKenzie tried to slap it up and over cover. The ball just rose on him, taking the top edge and looping to cover. But is it too late for Somerset?

Neil McKenzie c Trescothick b Phillips 52 (51m 39b 3x4 1x6) SR: 133.33

Phillips comes back, he's certainly not had the best night but there's still a chance for him to redeem himself here. One senses the game will be decided in this over