8th Match (D/N), Mumbai, Oct 16 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(34.1/50 ov, target 196)108
New Zealand won by 87 runs
player of the match
Stephen Fleming
New Zealand

A fine display from New Zealand, their first one-dayer for nine months - and all without Scott Styris and Shane Bond. Furthermore, they lost the toss - yet have beaten South Africa quite comprehensively in the end. It was, as Stephen Fleming might say in the post-match press conference, rather a good toss to lose. Graeme Smith, though he might fancy his side's ability to chase down large totals, hadn't wagered on the pitch turning quite as prodigiously as it did. Patel and Vettori - allied with sprightly, electric fielding (not to mention a brilliant spell of fast bowling from Mills) - were the difference.

We hope you enjoyed our live ball-by-ball coverage of today's match, and do keep an eye out for the bulletin, verdict and post-match quotes from the leading figures of the day. Join us tomorrow for Pakistan's match against Sri Lanka (see here for the full list of fixtures). Until then, it's goodbye.

Patel to Ntini, OUT

GONE and what a delivery to end this match! He ripped it hard and flat, outside the off stump and it turned quite markedly; the extra pace, as much as the spin, left Ntini no hope in defending it and it broke through the gate to remove his off bail. Terrific display of spin bowling from Patel, taking full advantage of a low, slow, crumbling pitch

Makhaya Ntini b Patel 1 (5m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20
end of over 343 runs
SA: 108/9CRR: 3.17 • RRR: 5.50 • Need 88 runs from 16 overs
Makhaya Ntini1 (4)
Justin Kemp26 (55)
Daniel Vettori7-1-15-1
Jeetan Patel3-0-11-2

Can Patel finish it off?

Vettori to Ntini, 1 run

flatter and yorker length, Ntini uses the extra pace in the delivery to chip it over Vettori's head for a quick single...and he retains the strike

Vettori to Ntini, no run

defended once more

Vettori to Ntini, no run

defended back to the bowler

Vettori to Ntini, no run

jaffa! Looping, turning delivery which beat the right-hander all ends up. Lovely bowling, and tidy wicketkeeping from McCullum too

Vettori to Kemp, (no ball) 1 run

very neatly late-cut for a scampered single. Deft stroke

Vettori to Kemp, no run

hit with great power but straight to cover

Vettori to Kemp, no run

comes forward with a huge stride to meet the ball and carves it out into the covers

end of over 335 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 105/9CRR: 3.18 • RRR: 5.35 • Need 91 runs from 17 overs
Justin Kemp25 (52)
Jeetan Patel3-0-11-2
Daniel Vettori6-1-12-1
Patel to Nel, OUT

got him! Now that's a real cracker, superbly bowled from Patel. He gave that an extra rip; the quicker ball, flatter too, and it beat the batsman all ends up. He was in no position to counter the spin, his wafty defensive, and utterly horizontal stroke making no contact and off came the bail.

Andre Nel b Patel 0 (6m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Patel to Kemp, 1 run

well bowled! Quicker ball which hurries the batsman who jams his bat down just in time

Patel to Kemp, no run

a spectacular swing-and-a-miss. It's do or die, now.

Patel to Kemp, no run

oops, nearly got into a tangle there...feet like concrete

Patel to Kemp, FOUR runs

better aggression from the batsman this time who comes down the pitch, meets the pitch of the ball and smashes him over long-on

Patel to Kemp, no run

more prodigious drift and turn for Patel and half an appeal from the bowler and wicketkeeper, but it hit nothing