At Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai, October 16, 2006 (day/night). New Zealand won by 87 runs. New Zealand 2 pts. Toss: South Africa.

Stephen Fleming gave a lesson on how to construct a one-day innings, as New Zealand battled debilitating heat and a crumbling pitch to score 195, a seemingly modest total which nonetheless proved too much for South Africa. This game ignited a debate about the tournament's pitches - and rightly so, for the top came off this one later on, leaving the batsmen frustrated and angry as puffs of dust accompanied the ball's bounce. Smith gritted his teeth and tried to counter-attack, and made the only individual contribution of any note in South Africa's 108. The spinners, Vettori and Patel, were virtually unplayable, and the victory margin was testament to how well Fleming had batted earlier in the day for his 89. This was a pitch for grafters, and the long-limbed Fleming stretched forward, got outside the line as often as possible to lessen the chances of an lbw and almost carried his bat.

Man of the Match: S. P. Fleming.