27th Match, Group B, Chandigarh, Mar 11 2011, ICC Cricket World Cup
(49/50 ov, target 276)231
West Indies won by 44 runs
player of the match
Kieron Pollard
West Indies
end of over 494 runs • 1 wicket
IRE: 231/10CRR: 4.71 RRR: 45.00 • Need 45 runs from 6b
Boyd Rankin5 (9)
Sulieman Benn10-0-53-4
Kemar Roach8-0-34-1

Right then, that about ends our live coverage of this game. Here's hoping Ireland don't keep getting tagged with the other Associates, who are clearly a cut below them in class and depth. Meanwhile, the action continues unabated from Chittagong, where England have closed in for an under-par score. Could be an interesting chase from Bangladesh. Do tune in for it. On behalf of Sid Talya, Sid Ravi and the rest of the gang, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. Cheers!

Man of the Match easily goes to KP, West Indies version. "This innings is for the people who have supported me. Good game for us, important to keep the momentum going. What's been said about me [20 over specialist], thats just history for me, I go out there and do my best."

Sammy: "We bowled where we wanted to and that got us the victory. Partnerships do form, thats the nature of the game, and we did well to stick to the basics. It was a tough thing for us when Gayle got injured, and it was great the way Russell stood up, he has a good future."

Porterfield: "We will be speaking to the match referee before making any comments on that controversial decision. We batted, bowled and field pretty well, especially considering we missed Trent as well today. Pollard strike the ball pretty clean, it was a good innings and it got them some good momentum. We got nothing to lose, need to continue playing freely."

Devon Smith: "Very satisfied with my show today. Hope the 100 is the first of many to come. Someone had to play the sheet anchor role in Gayle's absence and I did that."

Jason: "Should be now be called Ashocker De Silva?"

Someone is as frustrated as the Irish. Two-faced Riddler: "Thank You for NEVER ever publishing my comments. So much for waking up at 5am to see your commentary"

James: "Wouldn't you just love to see Roach, Taylor and Edwards in harness together for West Indies? Really exciting pace bowling." Can't wait for that to happen.

A good win this for West Indies, they played their cards close to the chest, and exploded while batting through Pollard. Ireland missed a trick, by not trying Dockrell against Pollard - he is a nervy starter against spin. Pollard's blast-fest made all the difference in the end. Ireland were always up against it, but Joyce and Wilson played like heroes to get them close. And then, that umpiring call happened... West Indies are up to 6 points, and second in the Group B table. India 7, WI 6, England 5, SA 4 - SA have a game in their hand, mind you.

Benn to Dockrell, OUT

all over, after all those yorkers, Benn has got a wicket with orthodox left-arm spin. Tossed up delicately on middle and off, allowing it to dip on Dockrell who reaches out and swipes. He doesn't make contact as the ball grips and breaks past him. Off stump is disturbed on the way. Ireland are bowled out.

George Dockrell b Benn 19 (22m 19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100
Benn to Rankin, 1 run

short of a length outside off, he looks to dab it fine but can't get it away

Benn to Rankin, no run

another one, looking to uproot the stumps, somehow Rankin keeps it out

Benn to Dockrell, 1 run

who's bowling the better yorkers - Benn or Roach? On middle stump at 108 kph, and somehow dug out to short fine leg for one

Benn to Rankin, 1 run

full toss on off stump as Rankin advances and he dabs into the covers for a single

Benn to Dockrell, 1 run

tossed up on off, driven solidly to Pollard at long off for a single

end of over 482 runs
IRE: 227/9CRR: 4.72 RRR: 24.50 • Need 49 runs from 12b
George Dockrell17 (16)
Boyd Rankin3 (6)
Kemar Roach8-0-34-1
Sulieman Benn9-0-49-3
Roach to Dockrell, 1 run

he gets a single this time, dinking a single through backward point for one. He will now resume his battle of the slow left armers, with Benn.

Roach to Dockrell, no run

and now a bouncer at 144 kph. Roach is exactly the kind of bowler the West Indies have looked for since Walsh and Ambrose left. Dockrell stays out of harms way, and Thomas' gloves take a pounding.

Roach to Rankin, 1 run

slower ball, served up at 114 kph on the leg stump, flicked to the leg side for a single

Roach to Rankin, no run

yorker at 144 kph on off stump, Rankin almost looks proud that he managed to keep it out

Roach to Rankin, no run

back of a lengght and pacy again, Rankin plays it down the track unconvincingly

Roach to Rankin, no run

141 kph bouncer that blitzes past a weaving Rankin. He barely saw it. Meanwhile, England are collapsing in a heap in the batting Powerplay. They should ask for the batting Powerplay to be canceled while they bat.

end of over 479 runs
IRE: 225/9CRR: 4.78 RRR: 17.00 • Need 51 runs from 18b
George Dockrell16 (14)
Boyd Rankin2 (2)
Sulieman Benn9-0-49-3
Kemar Roach7-0-32-1
Benn to Dockrell, no run

Dockrell jumps out with confidence and plays all around a loopy ball on middle and off.

Benn to Dockrell, FOUR runs

Dockrell steals another four, this must be really riling Benn up. Driving length outswide off, Dockrell steers it expertly this time and all the fielders square on the off side are inside the circle

Benn to Dockrell, no run

fired in on off, Dockrell digs it out to the off side

Benn to Dockrell, FOUR runs

ah, Dockrell gets four as Benn again tosses one up. What next? The bouncer? This time, Dockrell leans out to the flight and lofts it with finesse over the covers. Russell, running back, has rammed into the advertising boards after failing to stop it. He is now down, clutching the hamstring in pain. Substitute comes on.,

Benn to Dockrell, no run

Benn classically flights this one up and Dockrell defends into the covers carefully

Benn to Rankin, 1 run

speared onto middle and leg at 92 kph, dabbed to the leg side for a single