22nd Match, Group 1, Dubai (DSC), Oct 28 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(17/20 ov)155/3
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
end of over 1715 runs
AUS: 155/3CRR: 9.11 
Marcus Stoinis16 (7)
Steven Smith28 (26)
Lahiru Kumara 3-0-48-0
Chamika Karunaratne 2-0-19-0

9.12 pm So much for Australia being cannon fodder for the tourney favorites. They are returning to the good old days of being predators rather than prey with the form they're in right now. Sri Lanka needed to be mistake-free in the field but pay dearly for a straightforward chance shelled down the leg side by Kusal Perera when Warner was on 18. Not only does Australia claim maximum points with the win, but get a healthy net run rate boost getting across the line with three overs to spare.

Player of the Match is Adam Zampa for his 2 for 12 on a batting friendly wicket: "Sri Lanka got off to a flyer so we needed to peg it back when we did. I think it was quite slow in the first innings and spun a bit more than it did in the second innings. I think the moisture and dew took effect in the second innings. I find [Sri Lanka] really challenging, very good players of spin so I'm glad to have the night I did. I've tended to try a little bit of Powerplay and a bit of death but with the team that we have and the big 3 quicks, they'll bowl in the Powerplay and Glenn Maxwell bowls a bit in the Powerplay too and has a really good record. So my job is to take wickets in the middle and make it easier for guys on the back end. David played really well. It's really nice for those guys to get time in the middle. They've had a bit of pressure from the media but Finchy played really well, Steve played really well and so did Davey."

Sri Lanka captain Dasun Shanaka: "We got the start that we really needed but in the middle phase we were not able to capitalize. We could have done a little well in the middle period, missing out really cost us. It's a bit of a concern. The other day, Asalanka took us home. The set batsman needs to take us home. I felt slightly we were 25-30 runs short on that wicket. We know how good those two batsmen are in world cricket. We have to bowl well and contain them in the Powerplay and we couldn't do that. In the coming games we should capitalize in the Powerplay with the ball. The Sharjah wicket, we've played two games there so we have some good plans and we should come well in the next game."

Australia captain Aaron Finch: "That was a really good performance. Sri Lanka got away to a flyer with the bat and the way that Adam Zampa in particular was able to drag that back through the middle, and then Mitchell Starc to have a real impact and bowl them two overs back-to-back through the middle phase where generally we would go with two at the death, he was fantastic. I felt like they were going at 15 an over through the Powerplay. I still felt it was a really good wicket so to chase that down was really nice. We knew we had to be a little bit calmer because when the ball was flying around it felt like they were going at 15 an over but when you looked up it was only 8 an over. So it's just a bit of a reminder to stick to our plans and don't start playing on emotion because that's not when Australia plays our best cricket. They're such a dangerous side and have guys who can take away the game quickly. We knew that spin was going to have such a big impact outside the Powerplay, Hasaranga and the offspinner Theekshana, so we knew their quicks we had to take a bit of a chance on and we got away with it but Davey played a beautiful knock. As a batter, I love batters getting [Player of the Match] but I think when you're looking at the impact on a game, Zamps was terrific tonight. On the back of a really good Powerplay from Sri Lanka, the way that he controlled the game, especially from that bottom end where the right-handers had a short boundary to hit to, he was fantastic. He got big wickets. That was a world-class performance from him. It's always a great battle [against England]. We're looking forward to it. They've probably been the form side in white-ball cricket for a long time. We love playing them and it'll be an entertaining game."

That's it for us tonight. On behalf of the scoring team and my tag-team partner Debayan Sen, I'm Peter Della Penna. Come back tomorrow for a Friday doubleheader. It'll be West Indies v Bangladesh in the early game and I'll be back for the nightcap between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Until then, so long!

Lahiru Kumara to Stoinis, FOUR runs

another yorker attempted on fourth stump, but Stoinis is too good, smokes this through wide mid-off and Australia have clinched a seven-wicket win with three overs to spare.

Lahiru Kumara to Smith, 1 run

yorker on fourth stump, jammed out to the point sweeper.

Lahiru Kumara to Stoinis, 1 run

length ball on off stump, slapped to long-on for one.

Lahiru Kumara to Stoinis, SIX runs

full on off stump, hammers a hellacious drive with a vicious wrist flick over wide long-on, careens flat into the second row of the seats.

Lahiru Kumara to Stoinis, no run

length ball on fourth stump, slapped straight to extra cover.

Lahiru Kumara to Smith, 3 runs

full and wide, driven wide of the cover sweeper for three thanks to great running.

end of over 1610 runs
AUS: 140/3CRR: 8.75 RRR: 3.75 • Need 15 runs from 24b
Steven Smith24 (24)
Marcus Stoinis5 (3)
Chamika Karunaratne 2-0-19-0
Dasun Shanaka 1-0-6-1
C Karunaratne to Smith, 1 run

good length ball on fifth stump, guided with soft hands to short third man, direct hit into the stumps but Stoinis was well in.

C Karunaratne to Smith, 2 runs

fullish length on fifth stump, driven wide of the cover sweeper for a pair.

C Karunaratne to Smith, 1 wide

bouncer over off stump, way too high, left alone and called a wide from square leg.

C Karunaratne to Stoinis, 1 run

full outside off, driven firmly wide of mid-off for another single.

C Karunaratne to Stoinis, FOUR runs

slower ball again on fourth stump, punched by Stoinis into the off side beats mid-off to his left to the rope.

C Karunaratne to Stoinis, no run

slower good length ball on off stump, defended back to the bowler.

C Karunaratne to Smith, 1 run

full on the legs, flicked behind square for one.

Stoinis enters off strike. They didn't cross with the ball in the air and a new over about to begin.

end of over 156 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 130/3CRR: 8.66 RRR: 5.00 • Need 25 runs from 30b
Steven Smith20 (21)
Dasun Shanaka 1-0-6-1
Dushmantha Chameera 3-0-33-0
Shanaka to Warner, OUT

the missed chance costs Sri Lanka only 47 runs... Overpitched on middle stump, shovels this in the air to wide long-off, sharp catch taken sliding on his knees after covering 25 yards by Rajapaksa, holding on three yards inside the rope.

David Warner c Rajapaksa b Shanaka 65 (69m 42b 10x4 0x6) SR: 154.76

50 partnership is brought up with that extra.

Shanaka to Warner, 1 wide

another slower bouncer over fourth stump, Warner hops on his toes thinking about playing before leaving alone again. This time a wide is called from square leg on height.

Shanaka to Warner, no run

slower bouncer over fourth stump, Warner lets it pass without attempting a shot.

Shanaka to Smith, 1 run

full on the stumps, flicked again through mid-on this time to the fielder on the rope for one.

Shanaka to Smith, 2 runs

fullish length on fourth stump, chips this into wide mid-on and they scamper a tight pair.

Shanaka to Warner, 1 run

back of a length on off stump, leans back to open the face and run this to third man for one.

Shanaka to Smith, 1 run

short on the stumps, goes back to punch this into wide midwicket for one.

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