12th Match, First Round Group A (N), Sharjah, Oct 22 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(7.1/20 ov)45/2
Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets (with 77 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

8.10pm: Right, that's an early finish to this game, and a finish to the first phase of the T20 World Cup 2021. It has been a fantastic start and there's a host of exciting matches still ahead of us. Make sure you tune into ESPNcricinfo for all of it. For now, this is Saurabh Somani bidding you goodnight on behalf of Danyal Rasool too.

Dasun Shanaka: The bowler were executing really well. A real good performance from all of us. Very good bowling side, I didn't bowl in the qualifier at all, and Charith Asalanka can also bowl. We read the conditions really well, so we know the advantages and disadvantages going forward (in the Super 12s).

Pieter Seelar: Pretty simple, Sri Lanka just outplayed us. Outplayed the whole group. Fair credit to them, they were two steps ahead. We've got a South Africa series in November and Afghanistan in January (for ODIs). We've to go back to the drawing board a bit. The pacers came out with a bit of good heat, good aggression. Leading run-scorer run out in the first over doesn't help, pretty much set the tone for the innings.

PS Sidhu: "Group 1 looks like group of death "

Nelson: "So Netherlands and PNG, the two finalists in the qualifier, both end winless at the bottom of their groups."

Lahiru Kumara is the Player of the Match. He's crediting bowling coach Chaminda Vaas for his showing. Says the team is going well and they want to continue that rhythm.

So this is what the groups now look like:

Group 1: Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Group 2: Afghanistan, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland and Namibia.

7.57pm: As comprehensive as it gets for Sri Lanka. They've marched into the Super 12s with a statement of intent. The bowlers were simply too good for a side not used to facing 145kph men, or canny legspin, or mystery spin - and the result was 44 all out in 10 overs. A disappointing end to the campaign for Netherlands, who came into the T20 World Cup promising much more. They still have some very good players, but it just didn't come together for them here, even though they had topped the qualifying race. The only solace they can take from this game is that they didn't give it away easily despite defending a low target, prising out two wickets and not letting through a flood of boundaries. Sri Lanka will be happy they've dominated the opposition here, but now tougher tests await. At least they're as primed as can be.

Klaassen to Fernando, 1 run

and that's it. Good ball by Klaasen, short and rising up to the throat, but dealt with well by Avishaka, who rises up on his toes and pats it down towards fine leg for the winning single.

How long can Netherlands make Sri Lanka wait for the one run they need?

end of over 75 runs
SL: 44/2CRR: 6.28 RRR: 0.07 • Need 1 run from 78b
Kusal Perera33 (24)
Avishka Fernando1 (3)
Brandon Glover 3-0-12-1
Paul van Meekeren 2-0-20-1
Glover to Perera, 2 runs

length on the pads, he gets inside the line this time and flicks to fine leg's right. They take two and scores are level

Glover to Perera, no run

good length on the pads, clipped to short midwicket

Glover to Perera, no run

fuller outside off, drives crisply on the front foot but can't beat cover

Glover to Fernando, 1 run

good length on off stump, punched between cover and point

Glover to Fernando, 1 wide

another wide. Put some effort into that, dug in short, but it's too far outside off again

Glover to Fernando, no run

back of a length on a fifth stump line, left alone

Glover to Fernando, no run

full on the pads, flicked to midwicket

Glover to Fernando, 1 wide

too far outside off and moving away further, he'll have to re-bowl that

Avishka to face his first ball.

Tejas chaturved: "Its so good to watch the Dutch pace bowlers bowl ..if only they had more runs"

end of over 613 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 39/2CRR: 6.50 RRR: 0.42 • Need 6 runs from 84b
Kusal Perera31 (21)
Avishka Fernando0 (0)
Paul van Meekeren 2-0-20-1
Brandon Glover 2-0-7-1
van Meekeren to Perera, FOUR runs

fuller outside off, on the front foot now to lash this through mid-off for another boundary

van Meekeren to Perera, FOUR runs

another short ball but this time Kusal is expecting it, transfers weight back nicely and unleashes a ferocious pull that has enough power to make up for the lack of timing, sending it to the fence in front of square leg

van Meekeren to Asalanka, OUT

caught at mid-on. Asalanka hasn't looked fluent in his stay and he perishes with another slog across the line. Length ball on off, not really there for the pull, he goes for it anyway, gets a top edge that balloons up for an easy catch

Charith Asalanka c Klaassen b van Meekeren 6 (22m 10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 60
van Meekeren to Perera, 1 run

fuller length on the stumps, pushed to mid-off. They sprint a quick single

van Meekeren to Perera, FOUR runs

slashed over cover. Given the room and the length to have a go at this, too short outside off and he cuts it powerfully

van Meekeren to Perera, no run

full outside off, drives it back to the bowler off the inside half, and the bowler fields on his follow through

Netherlands have done well so far. Defending 45, the only thing they could do was not make it easy for Sri Lanka, and they've done just that through their three pacers so far.

end of over 55 runs
SL: 26/1CRR: 5.20 RRR: 1.26 • Need 19 runs from 90b
Charith Asalanka6 (9)
Kusal Perera18 (16)
Brandon Glover 2-0-7-1
Fred Klaassen 2-0-11-0
Glover to Asalanka, no run

good length nipping across him, he aims an adventurous slog across the line at it but bat only meets air

Glover to Asalanka, no run

that's another good short ball. He's copped a blow on the grille. He was too early into the pull, and that thudded right into the grille, think Glover took pace off that bouncer. Still got it to rise steeply enough. Physio out to attend to Asalanka.

Glover to Perera, 1 run

back of a length outside off, chopped towards mid-off. Again, the timing's not great on this

Glover to Perera, no run

swish and a miss outside off. Length ball going across him, was looking to punch, balls sneaks through inside the line

Glover to Perera, FOUR runs

short but on leg stump, and with fine leg in the circle, all he had to do was beat him. He pulls well enough to do that and collect an easy boundary

Glover to Perera, no run

good length on leg stump, he misses the flick and it goes off thigh pad towards the gully region

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