1st Match, First Round Group B, Al Amerat, Oct 17 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(13.4/20 ov, target 130)131/0
Oman won by 10 wickets (with 38 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

That is game one done. Join us for the second match, a mouthwatering contest between Scotland and Bangladesh coming up soon. Thanks for joining us for this one. Goodbye

5pm Zeeshan Maqsood is the Player of the Match and the winning captain. He says: "Very happy. It is a crucial time for us. They were batting very well when I got the wickets. because we got the wickets, they couldn't put on a big total. I just try to keep it tight and not give away loose balls. We knew the wicket was playing very well, we needed to make sure we didn't give away loose balls and easy boundaries. That run-out by Nadeem turned it around for us. These are our home conditions, we knew even 140 could be chased easily. The wicket plays very well in the second half. Thanks to the supporters and family members at home and everywhere. Our fielding wasn't great and we need to come back strong."

Assad Vala: "It wasn't a good start with the bat, losing two wickets with no runs. But we fought back very well to get in a position to put on a good total. That collapse in the end was very disappointing. On that wicket, 129 was never going to be enough. We were looking at 160-plus to give ourselves a chance. When Charles got run out, then myself getting out, we lost our way. In think a lot of credit goes to Maqsood and his boys."

4.56pm A comprehensive win for Oman there. Finishing it inside 14 overs gives them a net-run-rate boost too should it come down to that. PNG on their debut were rocked early, but they came back from 0 for 2 only to lose their way again in the middle overs. They just lost too many wickets soon after the Vala-Amini partnership. That target of 130 was too low for Oman on this small ground. Jatinder and Ilyas, though, batted superbly to take them home in style. This is the third-highest chase without a wicket lost in all men's T20Is, and also the biggest partnership for Oman for any wicket in men's T20Is

Amini to Jatinder, SIX runs

another long hop to end this early. Jatinder launches this over midwicket and holds up his arms to celebrate

Amini to Aqib, 1 run

fuller, driven to long-off for one. A fifty for Ilyas too

Amini to Jatinder, 1 run

pushes this off the back foot to sweeper cover for one

Amini to Aqib, 1 run

flat, middle and leg, punched to long-on for one

Amini is back now

end of over 139 runs
OMA: 122/0CRR: 9.38 RRR: 1.14 • Need 8 runs from 42b
Jatinder Singh66 (40)
Aqib Ilyas48 (41)
Lega Siaka 2-0-17-0
Damien Ravu 3-0-28-0
Siaka to Jatinder, no run

short of a length, looks to cut it, doesn't time it well. A rare dot

Siaka to Aqib, 1 run

short again and he is lucky Ilyas has found short fine leg

Siaka to Jatinder, 1 run

full, just outside off, driven to long-off for one

Siaka to Aqib, 1 run

on a length, closer to off, punched to deep cover for one

Siaka to Aqib, 1 wide

wide outside off as he looks to hide this away from his wingspan

Siaka to Jatinder, 1 run

cut away for a single this time

Siaka to Jatinder, FOUR runs

long hop, and pulled away nicely between deep square and deep midwicket for four more