5th Match, First Round Group B, Al Amerat, Oct 19 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(19.3/20 ov, target 166)148
Scotland won by 17 runs
Player Of The Match
70 (49)

That's it from Peter and me, guys. Thanks so much for joining, and hang around for Oman against Bangladesh, please!

"We know PNG with their attack can really squeeze second half if they've got a score on the board. So we tried to put a score on the board and put them under pressure. "Kyle Coetzer says."PNG put us in the pressure second half. The way Norman came out and struck the ball, it's so very dangerous.

"Getting exposure, playing more games and testing ourselves against quality opposition would be good. If we can get more exposure we might be able to express ourselves better," PNG skipper Assad Vala says. "Scotland are a really good bowling team and they put us under pressure and we crumbled. The lower order brought us back into it."

Richie Berrington is the Player of the Match. "We got just over par on that wicket," he says. "At first we didn't have a target in mind, and just wanted to get used to the wicket. Thankfully we managed to get that big partnership which was quite key in the end."

Davey to Soper, OUT

slower bouncer, but has he nicked this through to the keeper? Dharmasena doesn't think so, but Scotland have reviewed. Yep, there's a feather on that, and that, finally, seals the game, and PNG's fate. Scotland win by 17 runs, and go top in this group. PNG's hopes of qualifying for the second round are almost over.

Chad Soper c †Cross b Davey 16 (18m 11b 1x4 1x6) SR: 145.45
Davey to Soper, SIX runs

made good connection with that, though. Again in the slot, but even so, it required some absolutely exquisite timing to send it flying over cow corner for an 86m six! Scotland just can't kill PNG off

Davey to Soper, no run

swing and a miss from Soper. It was in the slot, but Soper couldn't get any connection on that attempted carve over cover

end of over 1914 runs • 1 wicket
PNG: 142/9CRR: 7.47 RRR: 24.00 • Need 24 runs from 6b
Kabua Morea6 (1)
Chad Soper10 (8)
Brad Wheal 4-0-41-1
Josh Davey 3-0-12-3
Wheal to Morea, SIX runs

oh wow! The number 11 has just beautifully timed his first ball, sending it sailing over long-on for a huge six!. 24 to get off the final six balls now - it's somehow still flickering, this PNG side

Wheal to Soper, 1 run

full and straight from Wheal, Soper gets off strike to cover

Wheal to Soper, 1 run, OUT

crisply struck to long-off, but Soper was desperate to come back on strike. In the process, he sent Pokana on a suicide mission to the non-striker's end, and Wheal knocks the bails off

Nosaina Pokana run out (Evans/Wheal) 1 (4m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Wheal to Pokana, 1 run

guided to the offside to get Soper back on strike

Wheal to Soper, 1 run

gets off strike through the onside

Wheal to Soper, FOUR runs

hits him back over his head, and Chad's smashed Brad for four! Scotland aren't doing their NRR any favours with this late sloppiness

end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
PNG: 128/8CRR: 7.11 RRR: 19.00 • Need 38 runs from 12b
Chad Soper3 (4)
Josh Davey 3-0-12-3
Mark Watt 4-0-23-1
Davey to Vanua, OUT

and that's the end for Vanua, and probably curtains for PNG. A nothing ball, slow and tailing down leg. Sat up for Vanua to smash for four and bring up his half-century. It hits Vanua on the glove, though, and Cross has the easiest of catches. Vanua smashes the ground with his bat in frustration

Norman Vanua c †Cross b Davey 47 (50m 37b 2x4 2x6) SR: 127.02
Davey to Vanua, no run

brilliant. Vanua looked to make room and the bowler sends that inches away from the wide off stump line

Davey to Soper, 1 run

another slower ball plugged into the pitch. Spooned out to midwicket

Davey to Vanua, 1 run

full delivery, squeezed out to fine leg for one

Davey to Soper, 1 leg bye

should have been a run-out, Vanua was three quarters of the way down the pitch. Davey had all three stumps to aim at and plenty of time to take stock, but he misses and they come through

Davey to Vanua, 1 run

pace off, bangs it into the pitch. Steers it to square leg, but they only manage a single

end of over 174 runs • 1 wicket
PNG: 124/7CRR: 7.29 RRR: 14.00 • Need 42 runs from 18b
Norman Vanua45 (33)
Chad Soper2 (2)
Mark Watt 4-0-23-1
Chris Greaves 3-0-31-1
Watt to Vanua, 1 run

guides it to long-off and keeps the strike

Watt to Soper, 1 run

tucked into the onside. Got away with that - had Vanua been on strike for that, it likely would have travelled

Anand Asokan: "As an Oman supporter, this couldnt get better. PNG giving Scotland a solid game reducing chances of our NRR being breached. Now, we just need to get one of the next two and we get to play with the big boys...."

Watt to Vanua, 1 run

belted back down to long-on

Watt to Soper, 1 run

yorker darted in at the right hander, Soper gets off strike with one down o long-on

Watt to Doriga, OUT

clever bowling, and Doriga's done for! That was smart because Doriga showed his hand early. Was down the ground before Watt was through his delivery stride, so he sent it down the offside, leaving Cross to effect a nimble stumping

Kiplin Doriga st †Cross b Watt 18 (18m 11b 1x4 1x6) SR: 163.63
Watt to Doriga, no run

lucky to get away with that. Low full toss sliding down leg, hits him on the pads

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