Final (D/N), Dubai (DSC), Mar 1 2014, ICC Under-19 World Cup
(42.1/50 ov, target 132)134/4
S Africa U19 won by 6 wickets (with 47 balls remaining)
player of the match
Corbin Bosch
South Africa Under-19s
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• The Report by Kanishkaa Balachandran in Dubai

SA breeze to maiden World Cup title

South Africa finally broke their Under-19 World Cup jinx by beating crowd favourites Pakistan by six wickets in a predominantly one-sided final in Dubai

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Scorecard summary
Pakistan Under-19s131/10(44.3 overs)
Amad Butt*37 (54)
Zafar Gohar22 (44)
Corbin Bosch4/15(7.3)
South Africa Under-19s134/4(42.1 overs)
Karamat Ali2/24(10)

Great scenes here at Dubai! Markram you beauty. South Africa have beaten Pakistan by 6 wickets with 47 balls to spare to lift the Under-19 World Cup. What a glorious moment for South Africa. Aiden Markram led from front and marshaled his troops very well. Hard luck Pakistan

Corbin Bosch has been named Man of the Match for his splendid figures in the grand finals.

Aiden Markram has been adjudged as Player of the tournament.

Ali Tahir: "waka waka this time for Africa".

Saud Shakeel to Dial, FOUR runs

and its done. Length ball on off stump and clobbered it straight.

Two more

end of over 428 runs
SA19: 130/4CRR: 3.09 RRR: 0.25 • Need 2 from 48b
Aiden Markram66 (125)
Bradley Dial10 (23)
Kamran Ghulam6-0-23-0
Saud Shakeel1-0-5-0
Ghulam to Markram, 2 runs

length ball on off stump and cuts past third man for a couple more

Ghulam to Dial, 1 run

quicker delivery, in the block hole and digs it out for a single

Ghulam to Dial, FOUR runs

swing! Tossed up on off stump, in his zone and bludgeoned to wide long on

Ghulam to Markram, 1 run

fuller on off stump and driven to wide long off region

Ghulam to Markram, no run

fends to on side

Ghulam to Markram, no run

tossed up on leg stump and nudged to on side

10 more

end of over 415 runs
SA19: 122/4CRR: 2.97 RRR: 1.11 • Need 10 from 54b
Aiden Markram63 (121)
Bradley Dial5 (21)
Saud Shakeel1-0-5-0
Kamran Ghulam5-0-15-0
Saud Shakeel to Markram, 3 runs

length ball on off stump, rocks back and smothered it past cover for three more

Saud Shakeel to Markram, no run

caressed to off side

Saud Shakeel to Markram, no run

played back to the bowler

Saud Shakeel to Markram, no run

quicker delivery on off stump and fends to off side

Saud Shakeel to Markram, no run

pushed to cover

Saud Shakeel to Markram, 2 runs

touch short on off stump, punched to off side and off for a quick run. Fielder cracks at the bowlers end, but misses

15 more! and Shakeel comes on to bowl

end of over 402 runs
SA19: 117/4CRR: 2.92 RRR: 1.50 • Need 15 from 60b
Aiden Markram58 (115)
Bradley Dial5 (21)
Kamran Ghulam5-0-15-0
Zafar Gohar10-3-21-0
Ghulam to Markram, 1 run

flatter trajectory and maneuvered to long off

Ghulam to Markram, no run

loopy one on off stump and pushed to off side

Ghulam to Markram, no run

solid in defence

Ghulam to Dial, 1 run

slower through the air and punched down the ground

Ghulam to Dial, no run

opts to sweep a fuller ball, might have kissed the pad

Ghulam to Dial, no run

drifted onto the leg and rapped on the front pad

17 more!

end of over 39Maiden
SA19: 115/4CRR: 2.94 RRR: 1.55 • Need 17 from 11 overs
Aiden Markram57 (112)
Bradley Dial4 (18)
Zafar Gohar10-3-21-0
Kamran Ghulam4-0-13-0
Zafar to Markram, no run

tosses it up on off stump and shoulders arm

Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossPakistan Under-19s, elected to bat first
SeriesICC Under-19 World Cup
Player Of The Match
Corbin Bosch
Corbin Bosch
Player Of The Series
Aiden Markram
Aiden Markram
Series resultSouth Africa Under-19s won the 2013/14 ICC Under-19 World Cup
Match numberODI no. 980
Hours of play (local time)Noon start, First Session 12.00-15.30 Interval 15.30-16.00, Second Session 16.00-19.30
Match days1 March 2014 - daynight(50-over match)
Sri Lanka Image
Ranmore Martinesz
India Image
Sundaram Ravi
TV Umpire
New Zealand Image
Chris Gaffaney
Reserve Umpire
Bangladesh Image
Enamul Haque
Match Referee
Sri Lanka Image
Graeme Labrooy