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Group A, St Clement, May 29 2008, ICC World Cricket League Division Five
(22/50 ov)88/4
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Mozambique INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Imtiyaz Lili lbw b Chilia1846552039.13
Giovanni Florentino c Chilia b Haines2044662045.45
Aasif Koliya c †Langa b Haines054000.00
Kaleem Shah c Nimoho b Chilia1633271048.48
Imran Ismail not out 11425007.14
Jayesh Khorava not out 11300100.00
Extras(b 12, nb 1, w 19)32
TOTAL(22 Ov, RR: 4.00)88/4
Fall of wickets: 1-54 (Imtiyaz Lili), 2-57 (Aasif Koliya), 3-62 (Giovanni Florentino), 4-83 (Kaleem Shah)
Manu Nimoho511503.00---50
Ken Natapei401804.50---21
Patrick Matautaava201005.00---40
Patrick Haines621722.83---10
Pierre Chilia501623.20---10
Vanuatu Team
Patrick Haines -
Andrew Mansale (c)-
Pierre Chilia -
Ken Natapei -
Richard Tatwin -
Simpson Obed -
Selwyn Garae -
Manu Nimoho -
Lenica Natapei Opening batter
Trevor Langa Wicketkeeper
Patrick Matautaava -
FB Fields, St Clement
TossVanuatu, elected to field first
SeriesICC World Cricket League Division Five
Match days29 May 2008 - day(50-over match)
Scotland XI Image
Brian Papworth
Netherlands Image
Erno Ruchtie
PointsMozambique 1, Vanuatu 1