Windhoek, Nov 25 2007, ICC World Cricket League Division Two
(42.1/50 ov)224/6
U.A.E. won by 4 wickets (with 47 balls remaining)
player of the match
Arshad Ali
United Arab Emirates
Denmark INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Freddie Klokker (c)†not out 991311908075.57
Mickey Lund c Khurram Khan b Saqib Ali4271955059.15
Morten Hedegaard st †Abdul Rehman b Arshad Ali1334233038.23
Carsten Pedersen  b Arshad Ali18151530120.00
Johan Malcolm lbw b Arshad Ali021000.00
Lars Hedegaard lbw b Arshad Ali022000.00
Michael Pedersen  b Arshad Ali1114141078.57
Thomas Hansen st †Abdul Rehman b Khurram Khan1319191068.42
David Borchersen  b Arshad Ali881010100.00
Henrik Hansen lbw b Arshad Ali011000.00
Bashir Shah  b EHSN Silva021000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 2, w 13)19
TOTAL(49.2 Ov, RR: 4.52)223
Fall of wickets: 1-102 (Mickey Lund), 2-134 (Morten Hedegaard), 4-164 (Johan Malcolm), 5-164 (Lars Hedegaard), 6-182 (Michael Pedersen), 7-207 (Thomas Hansen), 8-221 (David Borchersen), 9-221 (Henrik Hansen), 10-223 (Bashir Shah, 49.2 ov)
Javed Ismail802302.87---20
Irfan Ahmed402406.00---00
Amjad Javed302307.66---10
Khurram Khan1004414.40---10
Shadeep Silva8.212913.48---10
Saqib Ali613315.50---10
Arshad Ali1004174.09---30
United Arab Emirates INNINGS (target: 224 runs from 50 overs)
Mohammad Iqbal  b Borchersen34212433161.90
Arshad Ali lbw b Bashir Shah2543614058.13
Gayan Silva run out 4548716293.75
Saqib Ali (c)not out 66851038277.64
Khurram Khan c †Klokker b Malcolm-Hansen69130066.66
Qais Farooq run out (Lund)2790028.57
Amjad Javed c Bashir Shah b HS Hansen2532352178.12
Abdul Rehman not out 2880025.00
Extras(lb 3, w 16)19
TOTAL(42.1 Ov, RR: 5.31)224/6
Fall of wickets: 1-39 (Mohammad Iqbal), 2-85 (Arshad Ali), 3-151 (Gayan Silva), 4-171 (Khurram Khan), 5-180 (Qais Farooq), 6-214 (Amjad Javed)
Thomas Hansen512104.20---20
David Borchersen512915.80---10
Henrik Hansen8.114815.87---30
Morten Hedegaard302107.00---00
Johan Malcolm1004714.70---00
Michael Pedersen201407.00---00
Bashir Shah914114.55---20
Trans Namib Ground, Windhoek
TossUnited Arab Emirates, elected to field first
SeriesICC World Cricket League Division Two
Player Of The Match
Arshad Ali
Arshad Ali
Match days25 November 2007 - day(50-over match)
South Africa Image
Clifford Isaacs
South Africa Image
Karl Hurter
PointsUnited Arab Emirates 2, Denmark 0