3rd Match, Bloemfontein, Feb 10 2003, ICC World Cup
(45.3/50 ov, target 273)225
Sri Lanka won by 47 runs
player of the match

Styris' valiant resistance comes to an end, a great knock, remarkably with twice as many sixes as fours in it, the highest innings by a New Zealander in over 20 years, and the highest by a New Zealander against Sri Lanka (beating Glenn Turner's 140 at Auckland in 1982/83, but with no support whatsoever, it's nowhere near enough to cement victory for the New Zealanders, Sri Lanka running out convincing 47-run victors

Arnold picks up the last 3 wickets of the innings at a bit of a cost, but it was all really quite academic with a skyrocketing run rate required

Styris' 141 is in fact the 7th highest individual score in a losing effort, and the highest such instance for New Zealand (beating Chris Harris' 130 in the World Cup 1996 quater-final loss to Australia)

It'll be a case of what might've been for the New Zealanders, with the second highest scorer a remarkable 109 runs behind Styris, his innings taking up 63% of the team score, and over 67% of the runs made off the bat

It was a good even bowling effort from the Sri Lankans, with pretty much everyone contributing to the effort, Vaas put on the early pressure which resulted in the crazy run out of Astle, and then Gunaratne sent Fleming and McMillan on their way quickly thereafter, meaning New Zealand were always going to be playing catch-up cricket from that point onwards

There were glimmers of hope when Styris and Cairns rebuilt, then latter when Harris hung around for a while, but the spin attack kept persisting and eventually broke through and the lower order didn't resist much further

Sanath Jayasuriya is named man of the match for his swashbuckling knock of 120

Sri Lanka take the four points, and a big step towards the Super Six stage, even after just one match, with New Zealand under extreme pressure to topple first-up winners the West Indies, and home side South Africa in their next two matches to keep their hopes alive, thanks to their like forfeiture of points to Kenya over their refusal to play in Nairobi

That concludes our coverage of this match from Goodyear Park in Bloemfontein, please join us again tomorrow for two further matches in this ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, when Australia meet Pakistan, in a repeat of the 1999 final, and Bangladesh take on Canada in a day/night affair at Durban, but until then it's goodbye from CricInfo

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Arnold to Styris, OUT

but it's one too many this time around, shorter ball, pulls it hard and high, but lofts it straight down to Vaas running in from deep backward square leg, completing a comfortable catch

Scott Styris c Vaas b Arnold 141 (177m 125b 3x4 6x6) SR: 112.8
Arnold to Styris, 2 runs

he goes for another one, this time miscuing it high over midwicket, landing short of the outfielders running in, pitches in the deep and they hurry back for a second, moves into 2nd position on the all-time New Zealand ODI innings list, and is the highest individual score on this ground

Arnold to Styris, SIX runs

great shot! down the track to a flighted ball, gets it on the half volley, smashes it hard, high and handsome a long, long way over long on!

end of over 4515 runs
NZ: 217/9CRR: 4.82 • RRR: 11.20 • Need 56 runs from 30b
Shane Bond2 (5)
Scott Styris133 (122)
Muttiah Muralitharan9-1-42-2
Russel Arnold8-0-39-2
Murali to Bond, no run

gives it plenty of air, tossing it up very full and straight, watchfully pushes it towards wide midwicket in defence

Murali to Bond, no run

flighted up outside off stump, leans out to defend it with bat/pad

Murali to Styris, 1 run

shortish ball turning in from outside off stump, pokes it away through towards deep cover point

Murali to Styris, 2 runs

and now on his own in that position, flatter ball outside off stump, chipped away down towards wide long on, Bond hurries back to grab a second run as the throw is fired back to the bowler's end

Murali to Styris, SIX runs

and he goes again and hits it even further, great clean sweep shot over deep square leg, moves into 3rd equal place for highest ODI innings for New Zealand

Murali to Styris, SIX runs

shot! Styris is keen to enjoy himself to the very end, picking up his 4th six of the innings, flighted up full outside off stump, slog/sweeps it high over midwicket, just clearing the fielder on the rope

end of over 445 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 202/9CRR: 4.59 • RRR: 11.83 • Need 71 runs from 36b
Shane Bond2 (3)
Scott Styris118 (118)
Russel Arnold8-0-39-2
Muttiah Muralitharan8-1-27-2
Arnold to Bond, no run

shapes to come forward to a flatter, slower ball outside off stump, hangs back, watchfully defending it down in close on the leg side

Arnold to Bond, 2 runs

advances to a flighted ball outside off stump, lofting it over wide midwicket, chips it into wide open space in the deep, long on around to field

Arnold to Bond, no run

flighted up nicely outside off stump, leans forward, watchfully pushing it back to the bowler in defence

Shane Bond the last man to the crease

Arnold to Tuffey, OUT

one to go, well flighted outside off stump, held it right back, Tuffey reaches forward at it, gets a faint edge through to Sangakarra who juggles it, breaking the stumps as he grabs it on the second go

Daryl Tuffey c †Sangakkara b Arnold 4 (6m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 133.33
Arnold to Styris, 1 run

flighted up on the legs, goes down on one knee to sweep out to deep backward square leg, brings up the New Zealand 200

Arnold to Styris, 2 runs

oooh! quicker, flat ball on the legs, flicks it straight to short fine leg, tight quick single taken, a shy at the bowler's end just misses with Styris looking short of his ground, goes down to long off to concede an overthrow

end of over 4311 runs
NZ: 197/8CRR: 4.58 • RRR: 10.86 • Need 76 runs from 42b
Scott Styris115 (116)
Daryl Tuffey4 (2)
Muttiah Muralitharan8-1-27-2
Russel Arnold7-0-34-1
Murali to Styris, 1 run

flatter ball sliding straight on outside off stump, whips it away out to deep midwicket to retain the strike

Murali to Styris, no run

tries to sweep a flighted ball from outside off stump but misses, into the pad and balloons away in from of him

Murali to Tuffey, 1 run

flighted up outside off stump, turns in sharply, looks to force it through point but ends up chopping a bottom edge just past off stump and the keeper, down to fine leg

Murali to Styris, 1 run

and again goes for a similar shot to a similar delivery, plays it along the ground out to deep backward square leg, dragging it around

Murali to Styris, 2 leg byes

tries the exact same shot a similar delivery, just held back ever so slightly, misses, deflects fine off the pad and past the keeper for a couple of leg byes

Murali to Styris, SIX runs

shot! flighted up full and straight, Styris plays a very effective slog/sweep, picking it up from just outside off stump, swinging it a long way over square leg