South Africa vs England, 2nd Test at Cape Town, WTC, Jan 03 2020 - Match Result

2nd Test, Cape Town, January 03 - 07, 2020, ICC World Test Championship
269 & 391/8d
(T:438) 223 & 248

England won by 189 runs

Player Of The Match
47, 72, 3/35 & 6 catches
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Scorecard summary
England 269/10(91.5 overs)
61* (144)
3/68 (19.5)
47 (77)
South Africa 223/10(89 overs)
88 (180)
5/40 (19)
England 391/8(111 overs)
133* (311)
3/61 (18)
72 (47)
2/69 (20)
South Africa 248/10(137.4 overs)
84 (288)
3/35 (23.4)

5.45pm: Ay caramba! We've had a Cape Town special, and no mistake. Thanks for keeping us company right up until the end. Matt's report will do the day full justice, I'm sure, and we'll have plenty to come from George and Firdose. The third Test starts down in Port Elizabeth next Thursday, so stick that in your diary (all five days). Until then, it's goodbye from myself, Miller, Valkerie and Thilak. Cheerio!

5.25pm: Bottle that feeling, keep it for a rainy day. Test cricket, man's greatest invention. (For those wishing to keep surfing the wave of adrenalin, there's a T20I going on over in Indore.) Right, shall we get on with the presentations? South Africa captain Faf du Plessis: "What an advertisement for Test cricket, sad we were on the losing side. All I asked was that we fought, unfortunately there had to be a winner and credit to England, they had a bit more in the tank. Variety in the wicket, it got a bit more flat, but big series you want two teams to bash it out for five days and the next Test should be very exciting. [Positives?] What pleases me is that we've found someone at the top of the order in Pieter Malan, knows his game and he's stepped in and played one of the great innings. We've shown that we've got another opener who can play Test cricket. Not where we need to be from a batting point of view. [Character] Most teams would come when the chips are down and fall after lunch, for me this was a huge step in the right direction, showing character and fight. Today we lost in the right way, we fought to the end, and I'm proud of that. [Third Test] That's the great thing, everywhere you go the conditions are different and we have to adapt. We know what the challenges are at PE, luckily there's a bit of a break, two tough matches in a row. Regroup, train harder and make sure we improve. That's what we're trying to do as a young unit and I think that's what you see."

England captain Joe Root: "Fantastic, brilliant performance by the whole group, showed great amount of character and patience and a lot of belief. Credit to SA, they threw a lot back at us and made it hard for us. We had an unbelievable 12th man, the crowd's support, and we're proud with the win. Lot of young players, to come in at the start of their career, opportunity to learn and keep improving going into the next game. [Most pleasing?] The way we handled some difficult situations, under pressure, but some individual stood up and put in performances. The way Jimmy bowled, Sam Curran changed the game, Bessy controlled the rate, and then you've got guys like Ben Stokes who can turn the game for you, along with a brilliant hundred from Dom. [Leg gully catch?] Credit to Stuart, put a guy in the right place and, thankfully, safe hands Jimmy Anderson. [Stokes?] You can put him in every situation, plays 100% for the team and he's brilliant role model. Brilliant senior player, keeps running in and he can change a game with the bat. He's world class and deserves all the plaudits."

Ben Stokes is Man of the Match (and tries to drag Dom Sibley up with him): "Yeah, I think I came in in a do-or-die situation and I thought Dom put in the hard yards to get us in the position to win. He's the Man of the Match, full credit to him, first Test match hundred at the most beautiful ground in the world. Credit to everyone, we've got three guys who are 21 and had to step up, Sam, Zak and Ollie, the future looks great and hopefully this is a stepping stone. We've shown a huge amount of character. [Series 1-1] Brilliant, when you have series the first two games are results it makes things interesting. [Final session] It's why five-day cricket should always be around. Game's like these are unforgettable, we'll remember it for a long time, so will SA and it will go down as one of the greats."

5.10pm: What a Test match... A five-day Test match, no less. In the end, South Africa were left stranded with a puncture a few hundred yards from the heartbreak hotel, dismissed inside the final hour after battling for more than 130 overs in the fourth innings. Ben Stokes, as so often, was the firestarter for England, who managed to round up five wickets after tea and level the series at 1-1 with two to play. England's players are going on a lap of the ground, taking it all in - the last time they won on this ground was 1957, remember. Huge English support in the stands, and in the end they were given plenty to cheer about, though spare a thought for the likes of Pieter Malan, Quinton de Kock and Rassie van der Dussen, who combined to keep the tourists at bay for most of the day. Vernon Philander, too, is out on the field with his wife and child, taking a tour of his home ground as a Test player for the last time. Not how he would have wanted it to finish, but there's time to script a better farewell yet, in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

"Very special," says Stuart Broad, who claimed the key wicket of van der Dussen in the final session, "the crowd were exceptional. An incredible day's play and a great Test match. Incredibly discipline from SA but we kept saying one bit of magic and we can apply some pressure."

Here's Zain Munawari: "Benjamin Stokes. What a player!!!! Whenever his team needs him, he rises and delivers.... Once a legend always a legend....."

"Well done, Stokes - but I was wearing my lucky cricket cufflinks at work today, so I have to take some of the credit." It was a team effort, Enjay

This is from Simon: "select company - 6 catches, 100 runs and 3 wickets in a match...."

Stokes to Philander, OUT

fenced to gully! STOKES DOES IT!! Fierce length, rising like the kraken, smashes the upraised glove and the catch is gleefully accepted! Philander's last stand is in a losing cause, England succeed in sacking Fortress Newlands, and it is their man of 2019 who brings them a first victory of 2020

Vernon Philander c Pope b Stokes 8 (51b 2x4 0x6 71m) SR: 15.68
Stokes to Philander, no run

hits a good length in the channel, 136kph and this one comes back with the arm, again he's able to leave

Stokes to Philander, no run

length outside off, 142kph/88mph and holding its line, no need to follow this one

Stokes to Philander, no run

short of a length around off stump and Big Vern shows it a stoic straight bat in defence

Stokes continues, nine overs to go...

end of over 1372 runs
SA: 248/9CRR: 1.81 
Kagiso Rabada3 (11b)
Vernon Philander8 (47b 2x4)
Dom Bess 33-14-57-1
Ben Stokes 23-8-35-2

"Will they extend another 20 minutes of play, if these 2 battle it out for next 10 overs?" Nope, Naveen. That'll be it

Bess to Rabada, no run

length ball, spinning through past the bat as Rabada drops back on off stump... safely negotiated

Bess to Rabada, 2 runs

floated up full a touch wide and this is stabbed away through point, they won't take one

Bess to Rabada, no run

full on off stump, lines it up to solidly block once again

Bess to Rabada, no run

flighted, again Rabada taps it away coolly into the off side

Bess to Rabada, no run

lobbed up full and tapped away as he pushes half forward

Six men around the bat

Bess to Rabada, no run

round the wicket, tossed up and blocked on off stump

Ten overs to go, KG on strike to the spinner

end of over 1361 run
SA: 246/9CRR: 1.80 
Vernon Philander8 (47b 2x4)
Kagiso Rabada1 (5b)
Ben Stokes 23-8-35-2
Dom Bess 32-14-55-1

"Funny how a day 5 battle can inch along for most of the day, then suddenly explode in a few balls." Delayed gratification is the best, Peter. But it's still being delayed, as far as England are concerned...

Stokes to Philander, no run

pitched up on off stump, 143kph/89mph and Philander blocks it to the man in the covers

Five slips, short leg, short extra cover

Stokes to Philander, no run

digs in the bouncer, wide of the off stump and Philander sways out of the way

Stokes to Philander, no run

short ball over middle and off, 138kph/86mph and he defends calmly

Stokes to Rabada, 1 run

good length and squirted away through midwicket with a close bat face, they take one

"Six catches and two dismissals as bowler," yelps Marcus Streets. "Where does that put Stokes?" Plus that blistering 70-odd in the second innings...

Stokes to Rabada, no run

bangs down the bumper, 132kph/82mph and sailing through above the ducking Rabada

Stokes to Rabada, no run

round the wicket, back of a length and seaming in to hit the thigh pad

Down to 11 overs, Stokes looking for the one wicket England require...

end of over 1354 runs
SA: 245/9CRR: 1.81 
Vernon Philander8 (44b 2x4)
Kagiso Rabada0 (2b)
Dom Bess 32-14-55-1
Ben Stokes 22-8-34-2

Here's Rob: "Hi Alan. Re' Stokes. As Gooch said to Botham all those years ago - 'Who writes your scripts?'" It was a Beef-tastic intervention

Bess to Philander, FOUR runs

tossed up, bit of width and Philander crunches it through the covers for four... England not too bothered about that, Philander ran the one hoping that it wouldn't go

Bess to Philander, no run

flighted, spinning in and defended

"Let's see if he wants a single, lads," chirps Buttler

Bess to Philander, no run

pushed through outside off, Philander steers it into the turf wide of slip

Bess to Philander, no run

flighted, spinning in and Philander is well forward to smother it

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
DP Sibley
133 runs (311)
19 fours1 six
Productive shot
30 runs
3 fours0 six
D Elgar
88 runs (180)
10 fours0 six
Productive shot
on drive
19 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
JM Anderson
BA Stokes
Match details
Newlands, Cape Town
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series result4-match series level 1-1
Match numberTest no. 2379
Hours of play (local time)10:30 start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days3,4,5,6,7 January 2020 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsEngland 30, South Africa 0
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