1st Semi-Final (D/N), Nottingham, Jun 18 2009, ICC World Twenty20
(20 ov, target 150)142/5
Pakistan won by 7 runs
player of the match
end of over 2015 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 142/5CRR: 7.10 
Jean-Paul Duminy44 (39)
Mark Boucher0 (0)
Mohammad Amir4-0-30-1
Umar Gul3-0-19-0

Presentation ceremony

Smith: We came across a very good Pakistan side. Particularly, Shahid Afridi. We were beaten on the day. Not good enough. Afridi played a great knock, we fought back. We had a solid start but couldn't finish. We were beaten by Pakistan. We had Albie padded up from the 11th over but if we don't lose wicket, he can't come back." About handling pressure and chokers tag:" I don't think it was anything to do with that. Pakistan bowled well and defended the total. We are sad and dissappointed. I know lots of people back home will be too. We just got to keep learning and going on. Good luck to Pakistan whoever they meet. They are a quality team on their day."

Younis: We have lots of supporters in England, particularly Nottingham and Birmingham. Every body knows we are slow starters, we were underdogs and it was good. suddenly, we moved to a good position. Afridi is a match winner. That's why he batted at no 3. He is a very committed cricket and it's also about team work. We were short of 15 or 20 runs but they bowled well in the end and we couldn't get boundaries. Our bowling was very good. If we keep doing it, [batt and bowl well] we will win the World Cup.

Man of the Match is Shahid Afridi Huge roar. "I am very very happy to see my team in the final. The captain and the coach gave me confidence. I enjoyed batting, bowling and fielding. It was our last chance. This is the semi-final. I was just trying to keep wicket to wicket, there was some turn and bounce." Nasser asks Afridi, can you win the tournament? "Inshallah"

And on that note, on behalf of Raghav and Sanjay, our scorers, this is Veera signing off. It was a pleasure bringing you the semi-final. Join Will Luke and Co for tomorrow's game. Alvida!

Amir to Duminy, 2 runs

And Pakistan move to the Twenty20 World Cup final. The final ball has been hit to long-off. The fielders jump up and down. The crowd roar and roar. In the middle, Pakistan players hug each other. The South African players look shell shocked in the dug out. Afridi, Malik walk back with a laugh. Morose sad faces in the other dug out. Joy and sorrow collide. The two teams shake hands with each other.

Amir to Duminy, FOUR runs

Duminy is connecting with his big hits in this over. Too late, though. It was a dipping full toss and he swung it hard to wide long-on boundary.

Amir to Duminy, 2 runs

full and straight again, driven hard to Fawad who fires it to the bowler who doesn't collect cleanly and misses the stumps. The rest of the fielders jump in agony. 14 from 2 balls.

Amir to Duminy, 1 run, OUT

fires it full, falls short of yorker length, driven to long-off and they turn for the second run. Albie runs quickly but Fawad Alam is quicker with his throw. Direct hit and Albie is short.

Albie Morkel run out (Fawad Alam) 2 (13m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Amir to Duminy, SIX runs

Duminy swings and connects. Full toss on the leg and middle and he killed it over square leg. Kepler Wessels has hope: " difficult but not impossible"

Amir to Duminy, no run

139.2 kmph length delivery outside off stump, Duminy has a big swing and a miss. Smith looks on expressionless from the dug out. Albie gets across to have a chat with Duminy.

Arthur: "I cannot believe this! Once again the Proteas stumble at the big hurdle!

Unbelievable - this is so disappointing!"

end of over 196 runs
SA: 127/4CRR: 6.68 • RRR: 23.00 • Need 23 runs from 6b
Jean-Paul Duminy29 (33)
Albie Morkel2 (4)
Umar Gul3-0-19-0
Saeed Ajmal4-0-23-1
Umar Gul to Duminy, 1 run

just short of the blockhole but pretty much there almost, on the middle stump, driven to long-off. What a terrific spell from Gul. It was a delight to watch him bowl those yorkers under such high pressure.

Umar Gul to Morkel, 1 run

What do you when the bowler fires in yorker after yorker. Again and again. Great bowling this. Stabbed to the on side for a single

Umar Gul to Duminy, 1 run

Not quite the yorker this time, but pretty full and straight, driven hard but Malik intercepts at long-on

Jack Peavy from SA: "Chooooooookers..... I am so disappointed in my team. Year after year, heartbreaks.... a miracle can save us now."

Gul pulls out prior to the release. Twice. The wind is heavy. He pulls out again. Is it because of Albie backing up. Perhaps.

Umar Gul to Morkel, 1 leg bye

full and fast, Albie swings his bat, no wood on leather, and the ball bounds off the pad to Akmal but they rush across

Umar Gul to Duminy, 1 run

moves outside leg stump and Gul fires another yorker , the bat comes down but can't connect properly

Umar Gul to Morkel, 1 run

low full toss on the off stump, mistimes the hit to extra cover