8th Match, Bristol, Jun 29 2017, ICC Women's World Cup
(43.5/50 ov, target 258)262/2
AUS Women won by 8 wickets (with 37 balls remaining)
player of the match
Chamari Athapaththu
Sri Lanka Women

5.20pm Well, there you go. A game that looked one sided on paper, did not turn out that way at all. (Well, atleast for the first innings). Chamara Atapattu smashed her way to the record books, but Australia led by Meg Lanning, and supported by Nicole Bolton & Elysse Perry perfectly summarised how the game of cricket is played. Partnerships through their innings ensured a hiccup-free chase of 258. Australia go to the top of the table while Sri Lanka are now seventh. In case you're curious about the records Atapattu broke, head here. Hope you enjoyed the coverage today. From Sreshth and Shashank, it's goodbye.

5.15pm Chamari Atapattu is the Player of the Match. A rare honour to a player of the losing team. She says :"Happy with my performance. Played my normal game. My coach helped me a lot. Thank you very much to my team for the support. This one's for you. Actually, first 10-20 overs, I looked to take singles. After 35 overs I looked to hit the fours and sixers. I played my normal game. My hero is Sanath Jayasuriya. From a young age, I have tried to play like him. But now I have found my normal game. He helped me a lot to play my game and has supported me in my career."

5.12pm Sri Lanka captain Ranaweera: "I think we need to build partnerships and play in the middle. So I am disappointed. I am proud of Chamari, I am very happy. For our next game against England, we look to make less mistakes.

Winning captain Lanning: "Oh, look once she got going, it was hard to stop her. We couldn't stop her in the end, anyway. We know she likes to hit the ball hard and straight. We tried a whole lot of plans but none of that worked - a very special innings.

I do enjoy this ground. The square being so big, the ball runs away easily. In the innings break, I said we need someone to get a big score. Good that I managed to do that. Our bowlers were pushed today, in a good way, and worked well as the lead up to the New Zealand game."

Agrim Singh best describes Australia's chase: "The Australians were always in control, even after Chamari's heroics that gave the Lankans a decent score to defend. Lanning is a phenomena, an absolute gem of a player. Cool, calm and collected while using every bit of experience to keep the chase simple."

Kumarihami to Lanning, SIX runs

And what a way to finish the game! Lanning smashes a straight six down the ground and reaches her 150 too. She finishes on 152*, her highest ODI score. The ball, by the way, was full and straight on middle, Lanning simply looked at the arriving delivery, made the slightest of adjustments and pummeled the ball back over the bowler's head. That's game over.

Kumarihami to Lanning, no run

good length outside off, but her cut fails to find the gap. Finds the cover fielder

Kumarihami to Perry, 1 run

straight on middle and played on mid on with a straight bat. They scamper through for a single.

Kumarihami to Perry, no run

full outside off and she looks to cut the ball, finds the fielder

Kumarihami to Perry, no run

full and on middle, hit straight back down the ground to the bowler. She may have hurt herself while trying to field it but looks like shes ok

Reckon this may be the last over of the match

end of over 434 runs
AUS-W: 255/2CRR: 5.93 RRR: 0.43 • Need 3 runs from 42b
Ellyse Perry38 (50)
Meg Lanning146 (133)
Inoka Ranaweera9-0-51-0
Shashikala Siriwardene10-0-62-1
Ranaweera to Perry, 1 run

good length on middle, moves onto her backfoot and plays it easily towards long on

Ranaweera to Perry, no run

full on leg stump, hits the batsman's pad outside the stumps

Ranaweera to Lanning, 1 run
Ranaweera to Lanning, 2 runs

another full-toss and she sees the lollipop coming from far away. Smacked to sweeper on the leg side, the fielder tries hard to stop the boundary...but, it goes past her

Ranaweera to Lanning, no run

full and on middle and leg, hurries the batsman, who plays it towards cover with an open face

Ranaweera to Lanning, no run

full and outside leg, defended towards cover