16th Match, Taunton, Jul 6 2017, ICC Women's World Cup
NZ Women won by 8 wickets (with 190 balls remaining)
player of the match
Leigh Kasperek
New Zealand Women

3.21 pm New Zealand dominated proceedings at Taunton today to move to fourth place. Their bowlers set up the match by bowling the opposition out for 150. If you thought the bowlers would steal the game's thunder, opener Rachel Priest put that thought to rest. She smacked 90 off 55 balls to set up the chase. They razed the target down in 18.2 overs and won with over 190 balls to spare. West Indies are all but out and they're now mostly playing for pride. Here's how the points table looks after 16 games. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the match. From Sreshth and Deiva, it's goodbye.

3.17 pm West Indies captain Stafanie Taylor: "I guess when we play at home, we have that advantage (about their positive record against New Zealand in the past). They have more things going their way at the moment. We haven't really been playing much 50-over cricket. Couple of New Zealand girls managed to get acclimatised. If you look at 50-over games, it's been a while since we last played. In the past few games, the openers set up a platform but the middle-order could not capitalize. It's all about mindset (about the next game against Sri Lanka). We just have to look to play some positive cricket. We just have to play for some pride.

3.14 pm Winning captain Suzie Bates says: "We didn't plan the fast-paced chase. Priest was hitting it out of the park and that's how she plays so we let her do that. Having a small total let us do that. We started outstanding with the ball, we have some really experienced players and they put their hands up today and set the game's tone for us. Still a big area of improvement for us, fielders were a little fumbly and we edged a lot of balls. It's important to get those really big partnerships. Kasperek showed us she deserves to be in there. Exciting to see her and Amelia Kerr bowling well."

3.11pm Leigh Kasperek is the Player of the Match for her three wickets. She says: "Playing the World Cup was the dream. Once I got to New Zealand (from Australia), there was no going back. Amelia, only 16, was outstanding. I thought overall we were pretty good. We were a little astray but we are looking forward to the next game (against Pakistan). Hopefully, I get to play that next game."

3.05pm The teams shake hands and the New Zealand camp have smiles plastered all over. Player-of-the-match announcements and word from the two captains soon. Stick around.

Anisa Mohammed to Martin, 3 runs

full outside off stump, and the batsman walks across the stumps, hits her bat-pad outside the stumps' line and the ball trickles away to a very fine fine leg. The batsmen run three and that's game over. New Zealand win by eight wickets and move to fourth place. West Indies are all but out.

Anisa Mohammed to Bates, 1 run

outside off and heaved away on the leg side once again, she has been eyeing that cow corner spot for a while now.

New Zealand are making a statement here. The pace at which they've scored has almost certainly ensured they climb over South Africa into fourth place

end of over 187 runs
NZ-W: 147/2CRR: 8.16 RRR: 0.12
Katey Martin8 (9)
Suzie Bates39 (42)
Stafanie Taylor 5-0-27-1
Anisa Mohammed 3-0-26-1
Taylor to Martin, no run

full and wide outside off, driven to cover

Taylor to Bates, 1 run

short on off stump, she rocks back and cuts it to the sweeper on the off side

five more to win

Taylor to Martin, 1 run

played to the leg side, clips the ball from middle stump

Taylor to Martin, FOUR runs

full on middle and she gives it a charge, converts it into a full toss and hits the most perfect inside-out cover drive. Bisects mid off and cover. New Zealand doing it easily

Taylor to Bates, 1 run

full outside off, driven through the line to long on, drilled back actually

Taylor to Bates, no run

full toss on middle stump and she looks to slog it, mistimes it to mid off. The bowler gets away with it

end of over 1710 runs
NZ-W: 140/2CRR: 8.23 RRR: 0.33
Suzie Bates37 (39)
Katey Martin3 (6)
Anisa Mohammed 3-0-26-1
Stafanie Taylor 4-0-20-1
Anisa Mohammed to Bates, 1 run

Dropped! full and on middle, powerfully struck back at the bowler. Little reaction time for her but she gets a hand to it, that was travelling fast and was head high. Tough chance but definitely one that could be taken

Anisa Mohammed to Bates, no run
Anisa Mohammed to Bates, FOUR runs

oh that's horrid, she tries to repeat that shot to cow corner, deep mid wicket does well to cover the area but she misfields while trying to pick it up, four more. Shoddy work at the deep

Anisa Mohammed to Bates, FOUR runs

full and wide outside off stump, she picks it way outside off and sweeps it (if you can call it that!) towards cow corner. Pierces long on and deep midwicket

Anisa Mohammed to Martin, 1 run

pitched up and the batsman charges at it, clips it off her feet to the leg side

Anisa Mohammed to Martin, no run

looped up wide outside off stump, defended with soft hands