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Ireland vs India, 1st T20I at Dublin, IRE v IND, Jun 26 2022 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st T20I, Dublin (Malahide), June 26, 2022, India tour of Ireland
(12/12 ov) 108/4
(9.2/12 ov, T:109) 111/3

India won by 7 wickets (with 16 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
Full commentary

After a long wait, a good display of cricket entertained us to bid adieu to the weekend. Hope you enjoyed it and that you'll join us again for the second game in a couple of days. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, my fellow commentator, Deivarayan Muthu, and our scorer, Ranjith P.

Hardik Pandya, India Captain: Great to start the series with a win, fortunate we got a game. Important for our team to start with a win. Umran was kept back after I had a chat with him, he's more comfortable with the older ball and they batted fantastically. So hope he gets an opportunity. Some of the shots Harry played had me in awe. Look forward to him developing and taking Irish cricket again.

Andy Balbirnie, Ireland Captain: When you do your warm-up after getting in, you want to play. Credit to the groundstaff for readying things up and allowing a game to go on. It was high-class bowlers bowling with assisting conditions in the first innings. We weren't as good early on. There is belief in the batting line-up. Harry has been excellent in ODIs and was great here too.

Yuzvendra Chahal is the POTM for his 1 for 11 off 3 overs: It's very difficult to bowl in the cold, I felt like a fingerspinner. But I had to adapt. The atmosphere under Hardik is chill, he gave me freedom to execute my plans. I'm wearing three sweaters so am not comfortable. laughs

Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1 for 16 off 3 overs:. There was swing with the new ball, it got better after 5-6 overs. Thought it would get harder with the moisture but didn't. It's good to bowl Test match line and length, glad it worked out. Umran and other youngsters from around the world have made their debut because of the IPL which is great. We get good support wherever we go.

84% of India's bowlers hit a 6-8 metre length, with a majority in the fuller-half, which indicates their accuracy.

amitav: "How is the swing in these conditions ? Still remember in 2007, SRT caught DeVilliers at 1st slip and the umpire thought it swung that much" Swing and seam are high. Yep, a sad reminder of the pre-DRS days.

8: 48 pm: The batters are in smiles, shake hands with the opponents and the umpire. Subdued celebrations among the members in the stands. India's innings started with a blaze from Kishan, but a couple of wickets off consecutive balls from Young looked like it could spice up the 12-over encounter. But Pandya took control when spin came on, Hooda who started circumspectly managed to shift gears successfully. The bowlers were able to hit lengths but gave away the odd-boundary ball, the small boundaries did not help. Props to the pitch that played well, offering bounce and noteworthy seam movement in both the innings.

Little to Hooda, FOUR runs

Wide of the crease, it's full and is met with a blazing square drive into the gap in front of point.

Little to Hooda, FOUR runs

Creams a cover drive off a length ball on middle, he stood still and punched it through the gap at cover.

6 to get, one hit? Around the wicket.

end of over 99 runs
IND: 103/3CRR: 11.44 RRR: 2.33 • Need 7 runs from 18b
Dinesh Karthik5 (4b 1x4)
Deepak Hooda39 (27b 4x4 2x6)
Conor Olphert 2-0-18-0
Josh Little 2-0-31-1
Olphert to Karthik, FOUR runs

Chops a length ball on fifth stump well past the right of diving point fielder to send it blazing to the fence.

Olphert to Karthik, 1 wide

Cutter into the pitch is down leg, Karthik misses the flick. The keeper gets it on a bad bounce, ricochets to his right but there is a fielder there.

Olphert to Karthik, no run

Well left, great ball too. Length ball seamed away just shy of the tramline outside off.

nj: "Didn't India lose their review on Hardik's dismissal?" No, umpire's call.

Olphert to Hooda, 1 run

Hard length over the stumps, tapped on to the boot, dribbles in front. The bowler comes in but the batters manage to sneak a single.

Olphert to Karthik, 1 run

Clips a fullish ball on the stumps to deep square leg.

Olphert to Karthik, 1 wide

Wide bouncer goes a bit too high, DK looked to reach for the pull and let go after realizing it was going away and above.

Pranali: "With 12overs a side Hooda opening is just like India was 1or2 down after 8 overs. Also it looks like he needed a bit of practice against the bouncing moving ball" This pitch would make for a cracking test.

Olphert to Karthik, no run

Full around off, driven back to the bowler.

Wide slip in.

Olphert to Hooda, 1 run

Back of length outside off, open-faced push to deep point.

DK comes in to chants of, you guessed it, "DK, DK!"

end of over 816 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 94/3CRR: 11.75 RRR: 4.00 • Need 16 runs from 24b
Deepak Hooda37 (25b 4x4 2x6)
Josh Little 2-0-31-1
Conor Olphert 1-0-9-0
Little to Hardik, OUT

LBW given after Pandya tried to flick it aerially across the line! India review. It was a good length ball that came in after pitching around middle, the back leg is bent and the ball hit over the knee-roll. It's missing the bat, pitched on middle and clipped leg stump. So Pandya has to go. The movement off the pitch has been incredible on this track. It earns Little his first scalp.

Hardik Pandya lbw b Little 24 (12b 1x4 3x6 26m) SR: 200

Jay: "Thinking of all the NRIs I've met in Ireland during my multiple trips there. I can only imagine what it must mean to them to see the Indian Cricket team come to Ireland."

Little to Hardik, 1 wide

Back of length beats the clip but it's down leg.

Little to Hardik, SIX runs

Slapped high, straight, and far! It was a back of length ball outside off, the front leg was out the way to allow room and easy access.

Little to Hooda, 1 run

Length outside off, driven off the outside-half of the full-faced bat to the left of cover point.

Over the wicket.

Little to Hooda, FOUR runs

Wide of the crease, Hooda sways away and ramps the short ball. Channels it behind the keeper and gets it to the fence. He watched the ball till the end.

Little to Hooda, FOUR runs

50 partnership brought up by a cut off a length ball coming in with the angle over fourth stump. It was hit into the ground and went to the gap at the right of the diving short third man fielder.

Little to Hooda, no run

Full outside off, the slower one is driven with limited timing to mid-off.

31 off 30 needed and it's Little from around the wicket

end of over 79 runs
IND: 78/2CRR: 11.14 RRR: 6.40 • Need 32 runs from 30b
Hardik Pandya18 (10b 1x4 2x6)
Deepak Hooda28 (21b 2x4 2x6)
Conor Olphert 1-0-9-0
Andy McBrine 1-0-21-0
Olphert to Hardik, no run

Slaps the shortish wide ball off the bottom to mid-off. The throw was off into the ground to the bowler, who was three-fourth of the way down the pitch.

Olphert to Hardik, no run

Outside edge beaten by a length ball that shoots over the channel outside off. Pandya tried to block it with a straight, angled bat.

Olphert to Hooda, 1 run

Lack of pace but extra bounce off a back of length ball outside off has the baater shoulder the cut to the keeper on the bounce.

Win Probability
IND 100%
100%50%100%IRE InningsIND Innings

Over 10 • IND 111/3

India won by 7 wickets (with 16 balls remaining)
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