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4th T20I (N), Wellington, January 31, 2020, India tour of New Zealand
(20 ov, T:166) 165/7

Match tied (India won the one-over eliminator)

Player Of The Match
20 (15) & 2/33
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Scores: Chandan Duorah
Comms: @Vishal1686
Scorecard summary
India 165/8(20 overs)
Ish Sodhi3/26 (4)
KL Rahul 39 (26)
New Zealand 165/7(20 overs)

12.30am That's it for today, we've had enough. New Zealand fans, I hope you're all sleeping already instead of reading this and maybe look forward to the next game - the last of the series - on 2nd February (no pressure). Indian fans, great start to your weekend, it can only get worse from here. It's goodbye and good luck from Vishal Dikshit and Shashank Kishore...Ciao!

Presentation now:

Kohli: There's something new I've learnt in the last couple of games: when the opposition is playing well, you stay calm till the end and try to come back. We couldn't have asked for more exciting games, we've never played Super Overs before and now we've won two. It shows the character of the team. Initially we thought of opening with Samson and KL in the Super Over, but then KL told me I should bat because of the experience and the options I'll bring. His two strikes were crucial and then you knock the ball into the gap and takes your team over the line. Sanju was fearless at the top of the order, we didn't quite read the pitch that well. He tried to take the momentum away, he should back himself. Saini was impressive with his pace again. We were very proud with the way we went about it.

Southee: It's very tough especially in the positions we put ourselves into. We have them a chance and they took them with both hands. We have a young bowling attack and, it is tough,

when you haven't won and you play against a quality opposition in India, give them a sniff and make it tough for yourselves.

Thakur is the Man of the Match: I'm feeling good, we play for such nail-biting finishes, we couldn't have asked for anything more in these two games. After the last game we learnt that we should never lose hope. The wicket on the first ball of the last over was crucial because it made them nervous. Good contribution from me with the bat, I should have carried on and hopefully I'll get more next time

12.12am Kohli celebrates with his right arm punching the air, Samson joins him and they walk off the field to be hugged by Manish Pandey first up, the man who turned the match around for India. How New Zealand have managed to fluff this up again is beyond me and everyone, I guess! 11 to win off 12, seven to win from the last over with Taylor and an in-form Seifert out there and they both manage to get out in the first three balls of the over. India kept missing their direct hits too throughout the innings but Rahul didn't miss in the last over, he ran Seifert out, did the needful on the last ball to collect the throw and took it to the Super Over to then hit a six on the first ball in the chase. India will be thrilled to snatch these wins in the last two matches, not letting NZ win first, and then chasing it down with different batsmen in both games. New Zealand, what do I say...they have lots to think about and discuss about how to fight back, how to go over the line in the last over, and, well, how not to lose Super Overs. We'll get you the presentation once things start making sense again...

Southee to Kohli, FOUR runs

pulled to deep midwicket past a diving fielder in the ring and the captain has sealed this Super Over! New Zealand lose another Super Over and India are now 4-0 up

Southee to Kohli, 2 runs

Kohli has tapped this back of length bal towards mid-on, most of the fielders are deep so Southee has to go after it. Kohli screams for two and they make it back. Kohli turns around and gives a thumb up with a smile under the helmet

Four to get off three, Kohli on strike. Southee surrounded by Taylor and Mitchell. Long on and long off deep, like midwicket, third man and fine leg are in

Southee to Rahul, OUT

finds deep midwicket with that pull he top-edges off the short ball. Kuggeleijn is waiting in the deep and takes it nicely at deep square leg

Southee to Rahul, FOUR runs

makes room, Southee follows him with a short ball, Rahul pulls and he clears short fine leg with a slightly miscued pull. Four now

Southee to Rahul, SIX runs

a length delivery from Southee and Rahul smokes it on the leg side! A big swing of the bat, it's gone pretty high, a fielder is there but it lands beyond the rope

Rahul on strike. The field: deep midwicket, long on, third man, mid off and fine leg in the circle.

Slap your cheeks, stretch your legs, feed your pet, use the loo or fill your glass with your preferred beverage. It's about to begin...

New Zealand are in a huddle, some of them are smiling. And here we have Virat Kohli and KL Rahul

SUPER OVER - END OF OVER13 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 13/1CRR: 13.00 

We're still waiting to see which Indian batsmen will come out today. Remember, Rohit was scampering for his abdomen guard the other day because he had packed his kit earlier

Midnight So India need 14 to win this time, for the second Super Over in three days. No Rohit Sharma today. Southee will bowl it today again, he wasn't quite on the mark the other day

Bumrah to Munro, 1 run

goes low and across for the expected yorker which Bumrah tries for the first time in the over and it's swept straight to Saini at short fine leg. It looks like a catch initially, but there's confusion and replays confirm the low full toss hit the ground after it went off the bat so it's not out

Bumrah to Munro, FOUR runs

short of length again, Munro cuts in the air for a bit and he slashes it wide of backward point for four crucial runs!

Bumrah to Seifert, OUT

lofted for the fourth straight time in the over from Seifert, it's gone pretty high as he can't connect to a back of length delivery properly and Washington takes it at deep point

Bumrah to Seifert, 2 runs

dropped again, another tough chance, this time by KL Rahul! Short ball, Seifert pulls for a top edge, it's gone behind and Rahul runs back with his head down, then changes direction, gets both hands and can't hold on to it. Bumrahcover his face with his hands

Bumrah to Seifert, FOUR runs

bit of width on off now, he lofts it again, this time in the gap and nicely over the covers to get four wide of long-off

Bumrah to Seifert, 2 runs

dropped on the leg side as Seifert lofts the not so short ball to leg, Shreyas Iyer runs back from midwicket and gets both hand with a dive but can't hold on

end of over 206 runs • 4 wickets
NZ: 165/7CRR: 8.25 
Scott Kuggeleijn0 (0b)
Shardul Thakur 4-0-33-2
Navdeep Saini 4-0-29-0

9.46pm The Indian players are jumping because they have clawed their way back in, yet again! Oh, New Zealand! Discussions all around, Ravi Shastri walks out to talk to his players. Looks like Guptill won't bat because he doesn't have the pads on. I'm going to lose count of New Zealand and their Super Over heartbreaks. Someone is keeping a count here. Well, Bumrah has the ball, batsmen have walked out: Seifert and Munro

Thakur to Santner, 1 run, OUT

he swipes to deep point, it's an easy one but no time for a double. They do try but Samson from the deep throws it in, Rahul takes the bails off and IT'S ANOTHER SUPER OVER. Somebody slap me or I won't believe it

Mitchell Santner run out (Samson/†Rahul) 2 (2b 0x4 0x6 8m) SR: 100

Santner and Chahal share a laugh over something. Kohli, Bumrah and Thakur are chatting but no jokes there. Three wickets in the over already. Third man and point are deep

LinoY: "Looks likeeey we all set for another superrr overr...but we do not have the services of Master Rohit this time :)"

Thakur to Mitchell, OUT

one more falls, New Zealand are crumbling! It's the knuckleball on length, Mitchell lofts it on the off side, hearts are pounding as the ball hangs in the air, and Shivam Dube comes under it easily from mid off

Daryl Mitchell c Dube b Thakur 4 (3b 1x4 0x6 6m) SR: 133.33

Two off two like the last match. Kohli talking to Thakur. Mid off in the circle, long on and fine leg are deep

Thakur to Santner, 1 run

pulls the short ball past short midwicket for a single, Santner slips at the bowler's end. There's drama on every delivery

Three off three. Two new batsmen out there, Santner on strike

Ghaffy: "what a see-saw over from Thakur...My heart is pounding.."

Thakur to Mitchell, OUT

Rahul has hit the stumps at the keeper's end as they were sneaking a bye in, replays confirm Seifert has fallen short! A slower short ball outside off, Mitchell missed completely and Seifert ran hard for the bye, dragged his bat in but it wasn't enough because someone has finally got a direct hit - KL Rahul!

Tim Seifert run out (†Rahul) 57 (39b 4x4 3x6 82m) SR: 146.15
Thakur to Mitchell, FOUR runs

lofted over mid off for four! A length delivery around of, he swings and gets enough to clear the fielder in the ring, he gets the pressure down

Seven off five. Daryl Mitchell to face his first ball of the series

Thakur to Taylor, OUT

holed out to deep midwicket, Ross Taylor has thrown it away! A fullish delivery, Taylor lofted it really, really high to his favourite area and Shreyas Iyer had enough time to come under it and get both hands to it

Ross Taylor c Iyer b Thakur 24 (18b 2x4 0x6 40m) SR: 133.33

Seven from six. Remember no Shami today, it's Shardul Thakur. Mid off and fine leg in the circle, long-on is deep

Nishank: "If Shivam Dubey bowls that Pandya-esque over..." Thakur it is

end of over 194 runs
NZ: 159/3CRR: 8.36 RRR: 7.00
Ross Taylor24 (17b 2x4)
Tim Seifert57 (39b 4x4 3x6)
Navdeep Saini 4-0-29-0
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-20-1
Saini to Taylor, 1 run

nice and quick, nearly in the block hole at 145kmh. It goes off Taylor's pad for a leg bye

Saini to Seifert, 1 run

short ball pulled away to deep square leg for one

Nine off eight, another tense finish?

Saini to Seifert, no run

short outside off, Seifert tries that upper cut like the last match and misses. Rahul was ready to throw for the bye

Saini to Seifert, no run

in the block hole again, accurate stuff. He tries to flick but takes it on the pads

Saini to Seifert, 2 runs

falls safe right in between three fielders! Seifert pulled and got a top edge behind square on the leg side, square leg ran back, two ran from the deep but it wasn't close to any of them

Saini to Seifert, no run

in the blockhole on off, he shuffles across and flicks it to midwicket

Saini for the penultimate over

end of over 187 runs
NZ: 155/3CRR: 8.61 RRR: 5.50
Tim Seifert54 (34b 4x4 3x6)
Ross Taylor23 (16b 2x4)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-20-1
Shardul Thakur 3-0-27-0
Bumrah to Seifert, 1 run

surprises him with the short ball which Seifert tucks towards short leg and takes off, Bumrah has been frustrated this over. He run across to pick the ball up and has a shy at the keeper's end and misses

Manikandan: "Another super over?" There's no Shami today

Bumrah to Seifert, no run

tight line on the off stump again, he defends it back

Bumrah to Seifert, FOUR runs

not a bad ball but Seifert makes a bit of room and carves the ball behind square on the off side, right in the gap with excellent timing to bring up a crucial fifty

Bumrah to Taylor, 1 run

another close single as Taylor taps the ball to point and they scamper, point misses the direct hit again and the batsman was well outside if he had struck

Atul : "Not happy with so many changes in the Indian side. I understand that new players should get a chance to prove but when you still have an ODI and Test series in the tour, winning all matches in one format put a lot pressure on opposition." Trying out different players also important with the World Cup coming up

Bumrah to Seifert, 1 run

quick and short outside off, he steers it to third man for one

Bumrah to Seifert, no run

right on target on off stump, good length, and he straight bats it to mid off

Run a ball, Bumrah's last over

end of over 178 runs
NZ: 148/3CRR: 8.70 RRR: 6.00
Tim Seifert48 (29b 3x4 3x6)
Ross Taylor22 (15b 2x4)
Shardul Thakur 3-0-27-0
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-13-1

Sriram: "Is anyone convinced Dube is the answer to the Hard(ik) allrounder problem?" A really long way to go for that, I feel

Thakur to Seifert, 1 run

a nice back-foot punch to deep point for one

Thakur to Seifert, no run

a slow bouncer, Seifert makes room and tries to ramp but misses

Match details
Westpac Stadium, Wellington
TossNew Zealand, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Shardul Thakur
Series resultIndia led the 5-match series 4-0
Match numberT20I no. 1036
Hours of play (local time)20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.30, Interval 21.30-21.50, Second Session 21.50-23.20
Match days31 January 2020 - night (20-over match)
New Zealand
Chris Brown
New Zealand
Shaun Haig
TV Umpire
New Zealand
Ashley Mehrotra
Reserve Umpire
New Zealand
Garth Stirrat
Match Referee
Chris Broad
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