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1st Test, Lord's, July 21 - 25, 2011, India tour of England
474/8d & 269/6d
(T:458) 286 & 261

England won by 196 runs

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Difficult to see any attack in the world performing better than England's did today. The home side look absolutely fit and prepared for this series whereas India have not. They are notoriously slow starters, though, but they need to a lot better at Trent Bridge.

Michael Atherton leads the presentation ceremony. Starts with medallions for the match officials. Rauf has been outstanding this game and Bowden, but for a couple of late decisions, was also very good.

"Outstanding," smiles Strauss, whose voice is very hoarse. "KP's innings was one of the best I've seen by an England batsmen in a long time. Broad came back well. The wicket was flat, we had to build pressure and stick to it. It's always tough to bowl sides out here on the 5th day, if you're going to do it you have to be very disciplined and I can't praise the bowlers highly enough.

"It was very tough batting conditions on the first morning, as tough as I've encountered here. We back ourselves to bowl teams out, we back ourselves to get 20 wickets. It's hard work on flat wickets but we expect to do that. India are a very very good side, they showed glimpses of that this game and they'll improve as the series continues."

"Considering we missed Zaheer early and that it wasn't spinning much for Harbhajan I was pleased with how the bowlers stuck to it," says Dhoni. "After that it was hard, we missed Sachin who was out with a viral infection and Gambhir got injured so we were in unfamiliar order in the second innings but overall I'm happy with how we played over the five days."

"A few more days [of preparation] would have been really effective because it rained when we got here. But we can't make excuses. Zaheer might bowl at Trent Bridge," he says with a smile, "but we don't know as yet." "I hope not to be bowling, it's a tough job, my whole body hurts from my toe-nail to my head."

Kevin Pietersen is named man of the match "Brilliant for the team," starts Pietersen. "But we know that it is just 1 out of 4. It will be a tough job to dominate this Indian team. It reminded me of 2005 at Old Trafford, it was a special occasion. All bases seem to be covered in this team but we know not to relax."

Right. That's about all from here. I'm drained, that one match has felt like an entire series. What a barmy, brilliant sport Test cricket is. Join us on Friday to do it all again but from me, Sahil Dutta, and from Liam Brickhill, Nitin Sunder, Abhishek Purohit, Dustin Silgardo and George Binoy, that's all for now. Thanks for the emails.

England win by 196 runs Hugely impressive performance from England this game. What a statement to start with on their quest for the No. 1 spot. But for a short spell from Ishant yesterday, England have dominated from start to finish. It's a pithy cliche but this really was a team performance. Man of the match will be a tricky choice. Pietersen? Prior? Broad? Anderson to finish it on the last day? Couldn't begrudge any of them. What about Rahul Dravid, this game might well have been toast a long time ago if it wasn't for his first-innings century. The 2000th Test was vintage, and a model of how the next 2000 should be. The pitch had enough for the best bowlers and compelling cricket followed.

Broad to Sharma, OUT

that is it! Broad is the man that finishes it and fittingly, it's a full straight ball that earns him, and England, the Test. The home side have been incredible today, bowled and fielded with crackling intensity and on a flat deck just kept hammering their way through what's often described as the best batting line-up in the world. Bowden gets the chance to give the final decision, much as he likes it you suspect, as the delivery kept a bit low and struck Ishant bang in front.

Ishant Sharma lbw b Broad 1 (4b 0x4 0x6 3m) SR: 25
Broad to Sharma, no run

good follow up to the short ball, very full and straight. Sharma puts a bat in front, just about

Broad to Sharma, no run

Broad shoves down a short ball that spears up towards Ishant's armpit. The batsman calmly steers behind square on the leg side

There is barely a man in front of the wicket. No need for Strauss to hold back.

end of over 965 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 261/9CRR: 2.71 
Zaheer Khan0 (1b)
Ishant Sharma1 (1b)
James Anderson 28-7-65-5
Stuart Broad 20-4-57-2
Anderson to Khan, no run

huge appeal from Anderson, and the crowd, who seem to be England fans again. Inswinger caught Zaheer on the crease but it was probably heading down

Anderson to Sharma, 1 run

...ah. Slight anticlimax as Anderson gets his length and line a touch wrong and allows Ishant to nudge him to fine leg

Ishant Sharma is the last man in. He's on a pair and has two balls from Anderson to see out. And about 29 more overs. Strauss not holding back with the field now. Silly point, short leg, and about 16 slips....

Anderson to Raina, OUT

gone this time! Raina falls and India are all but gone. Great bowling from Anderson and he's on the honours board now. England celebrate wildly. Good defiance from Raina but in the end an away swinger had him forward and it flicked the edge leaving Prior to do the rest

Suresh Raina c †Prior b Anderson 78 (136b 10x4 0x6 207m) SR: 57.35
Anderson to Raina, 2 runs

this is another really sweetly-struck shot, punched past mid-on with the fullest of faces

Anderson to Raina, 2 runs

again Raina drives sweetly through cover. The runs don't matter but he's kept another out

Anderson to Raina, no run

Is this the end of Raina? Is this five for Anderson? Rauf doesn't think so but England review anyway. Rauf has had a brilliant game. It nipped back and in between bat and pad, flicking the top of the pad perhaps. No bat though, through to Prior

So Zaheer Khan waddles his way to the crease. He has Mukund running for him after the hamstring strain he picked up. Probably owes India some grit after turning up to the tour at less than full fitness.

end of over 956 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 256/8CRR: 2.69 
Suresh Raina74 (132b 10x4)
Stuart Broad 20-4-57-2
James Anderson 27-7-60-4
Broad to Praveen, OUT

Broad strikes! England nearly there now! Praveen rooted to the crease and a full ball nipped back a long way, through the gate and onto the middle of middle

Praveen Kumar b Broad 2 (9b 0x4 0x6 18m) SR: 22.22
Broad to Praveen, no run

cracker from Broad. He has transformed himself this game. This hits a length and decks away past the outside edge

Broad to Praveen, no run

bouncer to Praveen, predictably. Didn't look too clever against the short ball in the first innings

Broad to Raina, 1 run

hmm. That's unexpected. Raina has popped this to leg and given Praveen back the strike. Broad will be delighted, when he gets over his surprise

Broad to Raina, FOUR runs

gorgeous shot. When it's in his half Raina looks a serious player. Leans into a drive that pings off his spring-loaded bat

Broad to Praveen, 1 run

perfect for Praveen. That's exactly what India needed. Praveen clips to midwicket and gets himself off strike

Thanks Nitin. How are the nerves? If this goes the full way we'll be reduced to incomprehensible wittering. I'm almost there; it has been an intense day. 31 overs to go. Still much too early to start the count down. What was Harbhajan doing? Any clues? Broad has Praveen, the slips a gully and short leg in his sights.

end of over 943 runs
IND: 250/7CRR: 2.65 
Suresh Raina69 (130b 9x4)
Praveen Kumar1 (5b)
James Anderson 27-7-60-4
Stuart Broad 19-4-51-1

Time for drinks then, and I shall hand over to Sahil Dutta who will take you through to the end of the match.

NP: "These two play for the same state. But how many times have they ever batted let alone played the same match? My guess - zero." Don't think so, Raina's played a lot more domestic cricket than you would imagine since his ODI debut.

Anderson to Raina, no run

predictable bouncer to finish the over, they want to keep Raina away from the strike. He ducks under this one easily.

Anderson to Raina, 2 runs

over-pitched outside off, and Raina drives well though he is again late coming forward. Half stop at short extra cover, doesn't prevent them from taking two.

Anderson to Praveen, 1 run

PK opens his account, nudges a length ball on the pads through square leg for one.

Anderson to Praveen, no run

a needless flirt there outside off. Short ball, well away from off stump and he offers it the angled face. Played towards gully.

Anderson to Praveen, no run

PK is stuck on the back foot, he is expecting bumpers all the time. Short of a length, he jumps onto the heels and defends to the off side.

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