2nd ODI (D/N), Southampton, Sep 6 2011, India tour of England
(22.1/23 ov)188/3
England won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
80* (63)

England go 1-0 up with a cruising, seven-wicket win. India's batsmen, particularly the admirable Ajinkya Rahane and a transformed Suresh Raina, helped to set a stiff target, but India's bowlers were found wanting as Craig Kieswetter launched the chase in spectacular fashion, and Alistair Cook saw his side home with a practically chanceless 63-ball 80. England's successful summer continues, and you can read all about today's game in Abhishek Purohit's report. Stick with us for the match presentations.

"It was a tough day," says a somewhat downcast MS Dhoni. "I think we batted well to put almost 190 on the board. The powerplay overs were really crucial when we were trying to defend. Nothing really went our way. A bit of improvement is needed in the bowling department. We only have our specialist bowlers left, and we're not really comfortable playing without the extra batsman and five bowlers. We're not just going through the motions, but nothing has really worked for us."

England captain Alastair Cook is man of the match, and has this to say: "A really good day. I think we've got to thank the groundstaff for their effort, and the crowd for sticking around. This was one of the best pitches I've played on in a while. Everything suggested it would do a bit, but it skidded onto the bat nicely, especially under the lights. It was very hard fielding in these conditions, but all in all we had a good day in the field."

And that is just about all from your trans-continental commentary team. Thanks for joining us, and do return for the next match of the series, at The Oval on Friday. Before you go, have a look at our gallery, and feel free to have your say on our Facebook page. Goodbye!

Vinay to Patel, 1 run

a full toss is whipped to leg, the fielder gets a hand to it but can't stop the single, and that's the game for England

Just one needed. Vinay to deliver the last rites.

end of over 224 runs
ENG: 187/3CRR: 8.50 RRR: 1.00
Samit Patel8 (8)
Alastair Cook80 (63)
Munaf Patel 5-0-35-0
Praveen Kumar 4-0-41-0
Patel to Patel, 1 run

Samit tries to end the match with another big shot into the off side, but he can only bring England level as the cover sweeper cleans up

Patel to Cook, 1 run

full and straight, Cook works him off the pads for a single to deep midwicket

Patel to Patel, 1 run

full, Samit slams a drive wide of mid-off but Kohli sprints across to keep them to one

Patel to Patel, no run

Samit jumps out of his crease but the ball slips beneath the bat and through to Dhoni

Patel to Cook, 1 run

this time he does find the gap, but there's a sweeper out to stop the shot

Patel to Cook, no run

driven to cover, but Cook finds the fielder

There we go, the Powerplay is now taken.

end of over 217 runs
ENG: 183/3CRR: 8.71 RRR: 2.50
Samit Patel6 (5)
Alastair Cook78 (60)
Praveen Kumar 4-0-41-0
Munaf Patel 4-0-31-0
Praveen to Patel, 2 runs

driven down the ground, the batsmen push hard for the second

Ah, a correction. England have not taken the Powerplay. My bad. They'll have to after this over though.

Praveen to Cook, 1 run

another blockhole full toss, and this time it's pushed to square leg

Praveen to Patel, 1 run

squeezed out behind square on the off side for one more

Praveen to Cook, 1 run

nicely full from Praveen, and the best Cook can do is dig this out for a single. This would be great bowling if England were chasing a few more runs, but the target is down to single figures now

Praveen to Patel, 1 run

driven on the up through cover

Praveen to Cook, 1 run

Praveen spears down a low, dipping full toss which Cook turns into the leg side

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