5th ODI, Leeds, Sep 5 2014, India tour of England
(48.4/50 ov, target 295)253
England won by 41 runs
Player Of The Match
113 (108)
Player Of The Series
160 runs • 4 wkts

6.25pm: India have sprayed the bubbly around, celebrating with the series trophy. And in the melee, Virat Kohli has gone tumbling over the sponsor's hoarding - been a tough tour for him, no doubt. There's still a T20 left to play, with the winner taking the spoils after a 3-1 and a 1-3 in the Tests and ODIs; join us again on Sunday for the last number of the set, the final curtain on England's international summer. From Dev and myself, thanks for your comments, cheerio for now.

6.10pm: Right, Nasser is on the dais, time for the presentations... Joe Root is named Man of the Match: "Great to play at your home ground, the crowd have been exceptional and good to get a win. Tough to start with, then the conditions got a bit easier, good to take it on. I tried not to think too much and play on instinct. We knew it would spin, spoke to the guys who'd played county one-day cricket here, nice to see what we worked on go well, that's a positive. I enjoy playing with Jos and the way he played kickstarted the back end of our innings."

Suresh Raina is named Man of the Series: "It was good, I've worked hard on my batting, watching the Tests on TV. We got the belief in the one-dayers. I worked hard on the mental side and my fitness. Looking to bat positive, the circumstances and who you are batting with. The World Cup is around the corner, we need to stay positive. We've worked hard on our game and this group has won us the series. The fielding creates a positive environment in the circle and that has been important."

England captain Alastair Cook: "That's a far better performance, and that's what we can play like. It's frustrating not to play like that before. Joe showed what he can do and that's what we've been missing in our batting. We've got a lot of 20s and 30s, the first time a guy goes on and gets a hundred we have a better chance. You saw how hard it was to chase down 300. We just played better, we didn't want to lose 4-0. It's frustrating... In the first game, we were 50 for 0 off nine overs, but we needed to build more big partnerships. They were two down by the first ten and we were ahead of the game. This is the first time we've got a massive chunk of one-day cricket and we can focus on that. We've got a bit of a break, then Sri Lanka, batting against spin, then the tri-series in Australia. So preparation will be perfect and hopefully we can improve and show it at the World Cup."

India captain MS Dhoni: "Should be fine, bit of precaution with some icing [on his hand]. We gave away too many wickets, quite a lot of soft dismissals, and because of that we were not able to chase the runs. Shikhar, Ambati, myself, we should not have lost those wickets, in the last ten overs we can get those runs but we lost soft dismissals. I think 300 was a par score on that pitch. It may have been [a case of foot off the gas], it's something that's happened in the past, in four-, five-game series. We need to improve our slog, the last ten overs with the bowling, Shami has done a good job but other fast bowlers need to step up. We don't want to concede so many we can't chase them down. The most difficult thing [is keeping everyone fit], this England tour has been 77 days, then we go to Australia before the World Cup, so it will be important to stay fresh."

6pm: England pop their cherry in the final ODI of the series, then, meaning India have to make do with a 3-1 win, a reverse of the Test result. You sense India were a little less fussed about this one, a slightly slack display with both ball and bat - Jadeja belting an extra 40-odd runs for the last wicket on his own altered the margin of what was a pretty comfortable victory. Not sure it changes much about either team's chances at the World Cup but Joe Root and the Yorkshire crowd can at least remember this one fondly. It also ends a run of five consecutive ODI defeats for England, so some small comfort for Alastair Cook too.

Finn to Jadeja, OUT

bowled him, Jadeja chops on! A strange dismissal, in keeping with the last few overs, really... Jadeja got well outside leg, the ball was fired in full and he effectively defended the ball on to his stumps. Finn bellows in celebration, a second wicket for him wraps up a 41-run win for England

Ravindra Jadeja b Finn 87 (87m 68b 9x4 2x6) SR: 127.94
Finn to Jadeja, 1 wide

steps away to leg, Finn follows him, Jadeja weaves his hips out of the way and takes the wide

Reminds me of that Misbah innings in the World Cup semi-final, this. Match lost then he starts swinging like a barn door

Finn to Jadeja, FOUR runs

more clean striking, short and slightly wide, clubbed over point by the free-swinging Jaddu

Finn to Jadeja, FOUR runs

length ball outside off, steps away and flays the ball wide of mid-off for another boundary

Finn to Jadeja, no run

short ball, on leg stump, pulls through square and turns down the single again

Steven Finn returns for the penultimate over. Jadeja is just playing for his average now...

end of over 485 runs
INDIA: 244/9CRR: 5.08 RRR: 25.50
Ravindra Jadeja79 (64)
Umesh Yadav0 (2)
James Anderson 10-0-39-2
Ben Stokes 7-0-47-3

"When ants fly, most of them drop dead, those that survive start their own colony." On this evidence, Jadeja can start afresh after this, Sukhbir R

Anderson to Jadeja, 1 run

full on leg stump, swats one down to fine leg - new career best in ODIs for Jadeja

Anderson to Jadeja, FOUR runs

picks the slower ball this time, carts it over midwicket, bounces in front of the rope and beats deep square leg running around

Anderson to Jadeja, no run

steps away and slogs a slower ball to midwicket, again turns down a single

Anderson to Jadeja, no run

banged in short, pulled down to fine leg - dot ball. Curious approach, this

Anderson to Jadeja, no run

short ball, rising up around the ears, pulled down to fine leg and there's again no run

Anderson to Jadeja, no run

full and slightly wide, Jadeja makes room and cracks a drive to mid-off, could have been one but Sir Jaddu wants more

James Anderson returns, the required rate has risen still, despite that over

end of over 4715 runs
INDIA: 239/9CRR: 5.08 RRR: 18.66
Ravindra Jadeja74 (58)
Umesh Yadav0 (2)
Ben Stokes 7-0-47-3
Chris Woakes 10-1-61-0

"Jadeja is trying to ape Dhoni! He has been as successful as an ant trying to fly!" Well, he's going okay at the minute, Sahil... And anyway, can't some ants fly?

Stokes to Jadeja, 1 run

short ball, outside leg, paddled behind square to the man on the fence, who fields it this time

Stokes to Jadeja, FOUR runs

another boundary, third in the over! This is a terrific shot, backed away and laced a drive through extra cover, another punch to the solar plexus

Stokes to Jadeja, 2 runs

full length, clubbed away between deep midwicket and long-on... They get back for two

Stokes to Jadeja, no run

good yorker in response, right up in the blockhole

Stokes to Jadeja, FOUR runs

another four, full toss swung towards fine leg, where the ball bobbles slightly and throws Woakes a dummy, skips past him to the boundary

Stokes to Jadeja, FOUR runs

full and wide, Jadeja spears a drive through the covers, gets it into a gap and that will be four more

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