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5th ODI, Port of Spain, May 28, 2006, India tour of West Indies
(48/50 ov, T:256) 236

West Indies won by 19 runs

Player Of The Match
62* (44)
Player Of The Series
273 runs • 1 wkt
West Indies Innings
India Innings
Match Details
West Indies  (50 ovs maximum)
Chris Gayle  b Sehwag5161-10083.60
Sewnarine Chattergoon  b Agarkar01-000.00
Ramnaresh Sarwan  b Sreesanth5297-1053.60
Brian Lara (c)run out (Agarkar/†Dhoni)3663-1157.14
Dwayne Bravo not out 6244-40140.90
Wavell Hinds c Sehwag b Agarkar3234-2094.11
Dwayne Smith  b Patel12-0050.00
Denesh Ramdin not out 11-00100.00
Extras(b 1, lb 3, nb 3, w 13)20
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 5.10)255/6
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Sewnarine Chattergoon, 1.1 ov), 2-90 (Chris Gayle, 19.4 ov), 3-137 (Ramnaresh Sarwan, 34.1 ov), 4-165 (Brian Lara, 38.1 ov), 5-243 (Wavell Hinds, 48.3 ov), 6-251 (Dwayne Smith, 49.3 ov)
34.1 to RR Sarwan, down the pitch comes Sarwan, just when we said he was batting well, a rush of blood, Sarwan tries to give himself a bit of room and hit over cover. He misses and the ball is dead on off stump. That's an important wicket for Sreesanth who has bowled really well in his second spell after going for 25 off his first three overs. 137/3
Ajit Agarkar1014424.40333040
1.1 to S Chattergoon, beauty to start with and Agarkar strikes first ball! good length delivery, pitched touch outside the off stump and shaping back in, Chattergoon mis-judges it and shoulders arms, ball shapes in and crashes into the stumps. 8/1
48.3 to WW Hinds, and the inevitable! fulltoss, drifting down the leg side, Hinds makes room and lofts it straight down the throat of Sehwag at wide long-on, Agarkar gets one more to his name, West Indies five down. 243/5
Munaf Patel1006416.40245023
49.3 to DR Smith, you miss I hit, full and on the stumps, Smith plays all over it and the stumps are rearranged. 251/6
Harbhajan Singh1005205.20241110
Virender Sehwag1002912.90422040
19.4 to CH Gayle, GONE! That's the big wicket. Pushed through fuller and on the off, this one does not spin as much as the last two balls, Gayle goes down on one knee and tries to smash the ball out of the ground, he misses, the off stump is flattened and Sehwag celebrates as India pick up a very vital wicket. 90/2
India  (T: 256 runs from 50 ovs)
Robin Uthappa c †Ramdin b Hinds03-000.00
Virender Sehwag c Gayle b Taylor95103-10192.23
MS Dhoni  b Hinds1419-2073.68
Rahul Dravid (c)run out (Mohammed)1825-3072.00
Yuvraj Singh  b Mohammed2630-2086.66
Mohammad Kaif c Gayle b Taylor1226-1046.15
Suresh Raina c †Ramdin b Taylor214-0014.28
Ajit Agarkar c Smith b Gayle2134-0061.76
Harbhajan Singh c sub (IDR Bradshaw) b Mohammed2633-3078.78
Munaf Patel c Chattergoon b Mohammed01-000.00
Sreesanth not out 22-00100.00
Extras(lb 4, nb 2, w 14)20
TOTAL48 Ov (RR: 4.91)236
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Robin Uthappa, 0.3 ov), 2-26 (MS Dhoni, 6.1 ov), 3-73 (Rahul Dravid, 12.5 ov), 4-130 (Yuvraj Singh, 22.6 ov), 5-170 (Mohammad Kaif, 31.2 ov), 6-180 (Suresh Raina, 35.3 ov), 7-189 (Virender Sehwag, 37.2 ov), 8-230 (Harbhajan Singh, 46.3 ov), 9-231 (Munaf Patel, 46.5 ov), 10-236 (Ajit Agarkar, 47.6 ov)
Wavell Hinds502825.60194020
0.3 to RV Uthappa, believe it or not Hinds strikes! good length delivery, pitched wide outside the off stump and moving away ever-so-slightly, Uthappa plays away from him his body, nothing more than a tentative poke, ball clips the outside edge and goes straight to Ramdin behind the stumps. 0/1
6.1 to MS Dhoni, good length delivery outside the off stump, a fairly harmless ball, Dhoni leans back and comes down hard on it, ball clips the inside edge and crashes into the stumps - it's that maan Hinds again!. 26/2
Jerome Taylor1004834.80406042
31.2 to M Kaif, goodness me! good length delivery outside the off stump, ball stopped a bit after hitting the deck, Kaif pushes forward and drives it straight to Gayle at short cover who sallows it with ease - horrible shot to say the least. 170/5
35.3 to SK Raina, Raina goes! too short and too wide outside the off stump, a harmless ball but Raina plays a mindless cut shot and the resultant edge goes straight to Ramdin behind the stumps, India continues to slump. 180/6
37.2 to V Sehwag, well disguised slower delivery outside the off stump and Sehwag is completely and utterly foxed, drives on the up and the ball goes straight to the big man Gayle at cover. 189/7
Dave Mohammed913934.33290110
22.6 to Yuvraj Singh, beautiful ball! tossed up, on the stumps, Yuvraj is tempted to go for the big hit, the ball pitches and comes in, beating the bat and clipping leg stump. That is a big wicket for Dave Mohammed. Yuvraj Singh certainly looked in good touch.. 130/4
46.3 to Harbhajan Singh, GONE! Harbhajan comes down the track and loses his cool. He goes for the big one and Mohammed has just held it back a touch, it arrives slowly on Harbhajan and the swinging blade can only mis-hit the ball towards long-off. Ian Bradshaw, fielding as a substitute, comes running in and throws himself a fair way to take a good catch. That is well done!. 230/8
46.5 to MM Patel, Munaf Patel goes for the big shot first up and comes a cropper! Dave Mohammed tosses one up and Munaf goes for the sweep, it's the googly and Munaf is playing against the turn, the ball takes the top edge and balloons up to the deep. Sewnarine Chattergoon may have been embarrassed when he picked up a first-ball duck when he batted, but he takes this catch with ease! West Indies inch closer to victory!. 231/9
Dwayne Smith502805.60174000
Dwayne Bravo904505.00285030
Chris Gayle1004414.40272020
47.6 to AB Agarkar, GONE! All over! Slighltly short, Agarkar goes for the big pull, he makes good contact but certainly not good enough to beat the fielder in the deep! West Indies come through again, four games in a row and they take the series 4-1!. 236/10
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Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
TossIndia, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
West Indies
Dwayne Bravo
Player Of The Series
West Indies
Ramnaresh Sarwan
Series resultWest Indies won the 5-match series 4-1
Match numberODI no. 2382
Hours of play (local time)first session 09.30-13.00 break 13.00-13.45. second session 13.45-17.30
Match days28 May 2006 - day (50-over match)
Simon Taufel
West Indies
Steve Bucknor
TV Umpire
West Indies
Billy Doctrove
Match Referee
Chris Broad
  • West Indies innings
  • West Indies: 50 runs in 8.5 overs (57 balls), Extras 6
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 71 balls (CH Gayle 28, RR Sarwan 15, Ex 7)
  • Drinks: West Indies - 71/1 in 16.0 overs (CH Gayle 41, RR Sarwan 21)
  • Power Play 2: Overs 16.1 - 21.0
  • CH Gayle: 50 off 60 balls (10 x 4)
  • Power Play 3: Overs 21.1 - 26.0
  • West Indies: 100 runs in 23.2 overs (149 balls), Extras 12
  • Drinks: West Indies - 132/2 in 33.0 overs (RR Sarwan 48, BC Lara 20)
  • RR Sarwan: 50 off 95 balls (1 x 4)
  • West Indies: 150 runs in 35.6 overs (228 balls), Extras 15
  • West Indies: 200 runs in 43.3 overs (277 balls), Extras 20
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 49 balls (DJ Bravo 32, WW Hinds 17, Ex 3)
  • DJ Bravo: 50 off 36 balls (3 x 4)
  • West Indies: 250 runs in 49.1 overs (311 balls), Extras 20
  • India innings
  • India: 50 runs in 9.5 overs (64 balls), Extras 6
  • Power Play 2: Overs 10.1 - 15.0
  • Drinks: India - 84/3 in 15.0 overs (V Sehwag 37, Yuvraj Singh 6)
  • Power Play 3: Overs 15.1 - 20.0
  • India: 100 runs in 17.5 overs (115 balls), Extras 9
  • V Sehwag: 50 off 53 balls (7 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 56 balls (V Sehwag 26, Yuvraj Singh 23, Ex 3)
  • India: 150 runs in 27.1 overs (175 balls), Extras 15
  • Drinks: India - 173/5 in 33.0 overs (V Sehwag 83, SK Raina 1)
  • India: 200 runs in 40.3 overs (257 balls), Extras 19
India Innings
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