2nd Test, Kingston, Jul 30 - Aug 3 2016, India tour of West Indies and United States of America
196 & 388/6
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
5/121 & 137*
end of over 1046 runs
WI: 388/6CRR: 3.73 
Jason Holder64 (99)
Roston Chase137 (269)
Ravichandran Ashwin 30-4-114-1
Amit Mishra 25-6-90-2

Reassured that there is still some rallying left, I, Sidharth Monga, sign off, thanking all who followed this Test here. Until next time, goodbye

"Great feeling," says Roston Chase, Man of the Match. "That I could help draw a match for my team after having fallen behind by a long way. My aim is to be equally good in both batting and bowling, but I prefer batting more. The captain asked the players to show some fight. We just went with the mindset that we were at war, and we can't die today. Last night myself and Dowrich had a conversation if one of us gets a hundred, we will be safe."

"Testing day," says Virat Kohli. "That's what Test cricket is all about. Pity we lost most of yesterday. That's no excuse, credit to the way West Indies played today. When you lose a Test and behind in the second, it takes something special to save the match. Our bowlers tried our best, we created some chances, but they didn't go to hand. The first four days the wicket was very active. The hardness of the ball was a factor. On these pitches when the ball is not hard enough, play goes dead for 25-30 overs. Pretty pleased with the effort the boys put in. After tea as well. Everybody put in a last push. We don't want to walk away from the field wishing we had the fifth bowler. If five bowlers have given their best, and the opposition have done well, you just doff your hat to them."

"Improvement from the last Test," says Jason Holder. "Fully enjoyed this. We asked the guys to show fight. We got a really good partnership between Blackwood and Roston. After that Dowrich came in and showed the character we asked for. It was about taking it ball by ball. It was just about showing character. Putting my hands up. Wickets were hard to come by. We had to show a lot of patience. Last Test we didn't do that and leaked boundaries. This Test - hot and humid - must have been really hard for all the bowlers. Just outstanding batting today. Just asked them to show fight. Show some character. The crowd support - albeit a small one - meant a lot. Just want the guys to keep stressing on patience. Work harder for what we want. Show a bit more fight every time."

4.25pm Finally Kohli concedes. They can't force a result here. West Indies have forced a spirited draw. Rolston Chase (remember the name?) walks back with a stump in hand followed by captain Jason Holder who is applauding him back. A great show of spirit from the beleaguered host team that was down for the count this time yesterday. Chase shakes hands with the opposition, and then with the few supporters in the ground who have made their way to beside the players passage

Always good to eat your own hat. This is how I ended the day's play yesterday: "We will start early again, at 9.30am, and have a scheduled 98.1 overs lined up for you. If we see 98.1 overs, there will be some sensational stonewalling involved."

There was no stonewalling. The day began with some counterattack. Jermaine Blackwood rattled India a little with his attack although he doesn't really have a great defensive game yet. Roston Chase, though, showed a more complete game - the best technical game in this WI side, according to Jeff Dujon - and batted through the day to become the first West Indian since Garry Sobers to score a hundred and take five wickets in the same Test. Shane Dowrich and Jason Holder provided him wholesome support and saw the side to safety. Holder, limited of bowling talent he might be, must be commended for his spirit. With Miguel Cummins injured, he bowled with unerring discipline to delay India's declaration, which, combined with rain on day four, gave them hope of saving this Test

India, well they will be frustrated. Knowing Kohli and Kumble, they will be not happy with this. Umesh Yadav and Amit Mishra were big disappointments on the final day, and there were some curious captaincy calls. Mostly around now using Ashwin at the right times. They began the day with Mishra ahead of Ashwin, whose first over was the 28th of the innings, after everyone else had had a bowl. The other big question: no surprise bounders or yorkers or slower ones. Not even a single slower one. Quote robotic from the quicks, which is good on day one, but not when you are racing the clock

Apologies if I am rumbling along a little as we await the presentation

Ashwin to Holder, 2 runs

short of a length, goes right back to punch it past cover for two more

Ashwin to Chase, 1 run

full, on the pads, driven past the diving short midwicket

Ashwin to Chase, 2 runs

full, on the pads, driven wide of long-on for two. The second hundred partnership of the innings

Ashwin to Chase, no run

flat length ball, stays back to defend

Ashwin to Holder, 1 run

short of a length, outside off, punched down to long-off

Ashwin to Holder, no run

flighted outside off, Holder reaches right forward, is almost on the floor in order to keep this down

end of over 103Maiden
WI: 382/6CRR: 3.70 
Roston Chase134 (266)
Jason Holder61 (96)
Amit Mishra 25-6-90-2
Ravichandran Ashwin 29-4-108-1
Mishra to Chase, no run

wrong'un, starts on middle and leg, turns down the leg side and gets lodged between his legs

Mishra to Chase, no run

nice dip, but Chase is right forward in defence

Mishra to Chase, no run

pushes this through, into the pads, defended without incident

Mishra to Chase, no run

wide on the crease again, gets sharp turn, but Chase deliberately plays inside the line

Mishra to Chase, no run

wide on the crease, gets it to dip, turns away from just outside off to beat the edge

Mishra to Chase, no run

flat legbreak, into the pads, misses his punch, hits him on the pad

If West Indies declare now, India will need to score at 7.9 an over. Think about time Kohli extended his hand