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8.55pm The match has been abandoned I'm afraid, so it's one point for each team which leaves it 7-5 heading into the last two matches. The forecast for the weekend is better, by the way! India made a terrific start tonight and were well set for 170-180. A frustrating evening the end, but thanks for joining us. We'll be back on Saturday but for now, from Gnasher and Hemant, it's goodbye

8.50pm The band of rain has almost moved out to sea, but whether it can do it quickly enough is doubtful.

8.40pm The wait goes on, I'm afraid, and clock ticks. DaWolf: "The timing confuses me. Off at 7:50. Time to start with 5 overs left: 9:06. That means they assume 19.4 overs would be bowled and a changeover all in 1:16. That's crazy fast, basically impossible." Yes, it does seem pretty tight to me as well. Will check when I get the chance.

8.25pm Here's an official update: "Due to rain, India's innings has been completed. Australia will commence their innings when play can be restarted and available overs is confirmed. Play will need to recommence by 9:06pm local time for Australia to complete the minimum 5 overs." - So we have just over half an hour to get back on. Could be touch and go.In a five-over chase, we think Australia's target would be 63

Arvi: "Jemimah's innings ends at 49*. What a shame ! She would have liked a 50 coming back into the team .."

Jack: "What happens when this match is called of with regards to series points? I forgot.." - Would be one point each

8.20pm The good thing is we know how well this outfield pulls up after rain so there won't be any issue there. Even after that huge storm on the second day of the Test, the groundsman said play would probably have resumed if it wasn't for the lightning warnings.

While we wait, why not have a listen to the latest edition of Stump Mic where myself, Alex Malcolm and Annesha Ghosh look back at the Test.

The rain has got a bit heavier. Reckon we are losing overs, although that isn't confirmed

8.15pm Afraid I don't have a definitive weather update at the moment, but it's still raining.

Bimal: "The best thing about India's innings today is that they didn't slow down even when wickets kept falling. "

8.00pm Nilesh k: "Impressive running between wickets by Jemimah…something was missing in ODI and Test.."

Jack: "This isn't fair... Monday to Wednesday were clear and sunny..." Saturday and Sunday look fine. Bit of (more) bad luck

A stat from Sampath: Jemimah Rodrigues (21y 32d) is now the youngest player to reach 1000 runs in T20Is. Previous youngest was Stafanie Taylor (21y 111d).

Saksham: "And young Shafali has more than 2 years to get there and eclipse Jemimah's record! Stunning stuff from her really."

Bakhtiar : "What is the highest score in T20I chased by Aus W team?" - 163 v New Zealand in 2018

7.50pm And the rain is too heavy, off they go. It won't be as heavy as the storms during the Test. Hopefully it moves through quickly. The radar behind this rain isn't too bad.

Simon: "Have to question Lanning's captaincy here. Wareham has a phenomenal record in T20Is and rain was looming. She's been wasted. Perry also has 1 over for 3 - equally wasted."

Aryann: "Blows my mind that Jemimah didn't play a single ODI after the form she was in, in the Hundred. Quite possibly the difference between a 1-2 loss and a 2-1 win." - To be fair, the no-ball was probably the difference

Wareham to Ghosh, no run

tapped square into the off side

Wareham to Rodrigues, 1 run

full at off stump, driven out to the cover sweeper

Can India reach 180?

end of over 158 runs
IND-W: 130/4CRR: 8.66 
Jemimah Rodrigues48 (35b 7x4)
Richa Ghosh17 (12b 3x4)
Tayla Vlaeminck 4-0-32-0
Tahlia McGrath 1-0-14-0
Vlaeminck to Rodrigues, 1 run

full and straight, flicked firmly into midwicket and well fielded by Perry

Vlaeminck to Rodrigues, 1 wide

full, fast but down the leg side...122kph

Vlaeminck to Rodrigues, 2 runs

short at the hip, tucked down to fine leg

Vlaeminck to Ghosh, 1 run

short and at the body, pulls it backward of square

Vlaeminck to Ghosh, no run

what a beauty! Back of a length, straight, nips off the seam and beats the edge. Healy thinks there's an edge

Vlaeminck to Ghosh, 2 runs

short of a length, pulled just over mid-on! Gets away with it as she splices the ball. Done for pace

Vlaeminck to Rodrigues, 1 run

full and straight, 120kph, gets squared up and thick edge goes to third

Kritesh Modi: "Does everyone in the Australian team bowl? 8th bowler in 14 overs!!!" Almost, not quite

end of over 1414 runs
IND-W: 122/4CRR: 8.71 
Richa Ghosh14 (9b 3x4)
Jemimah Rodrigues44 (32b 7x4)
Tahlia McGrath 1-0-14-0
Georgia Wareham 1-0-2-1
McGrath to Ghosh, FOUR runs

another outside edge! It's going Ghosh's way. Full at the stumps, she has a swing and it flies away fine of short third

McGrath to Rodrigues, 1 run

back of a length outside off, she's right across the stumps and angles down to third

McGrath to Ghosh, 1 run

short of a length on the pads, whipped down to long leg

McGrath to Ghosh, FOUR runs

sliced over short third! Gave herself a touch of room against a length delivery, swings it off a thick outside edge

McGrath to Ghosh, no run

driven firmly to mid-off

McGrath to Ghosh, FOUR runs

full and straight, flicked in the air and just short of deep midwicket who then can't stop it cleanly

McGrath into the attack

end of over 132 runs • 1 wicket
IND-W: 108/4CRR: 8.30 
Richa Ghosh1 (4b)
Jemimah Rodrigues43 (31b 7x4)
Georgia Wareham 1-0-2-1
Nicola Carey 2-0-17-0
Wareham to Ghosh, 1 run

strongly square drives through point and the sweeper does the work

Wareham to Ghosh, no run

pushes through a googly outside off, was there an edge? Healy couldn't gather it

Wareham to Ghosh, no run

this holds in the pitch and takes a thick edge to the leg side

PeterWarrington: "Anyone who watched the Hundred was speechless when India didn't pick Jemimah in the ODI games. She is a deadset jet!"

Wareham to Ghosh, no run

pushed in at middle and leg, defended

Wareham to Rodrigues, 1 run

tapped into midwicket

Richa Ghosh at No. 6

Wareham to Bhatia, OUT

straight to long-on! Strikes first ball. Full at off stump, Yastika goes in the air down the ground and clear the fielder

Yastika Bhatia c Vlaeminck b Wareham 15 (15b 2x4 0x6 28m) SR: 100

Georgia Wareham into the attack

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