50th match (D/N), Bloemfontein, May 17 2009, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 151)136/9
Daredevils won by 14 runs
player of the match
AB de Villiers
Delhi Capitals
end of over 2013 runs
RR: 136/9CRR: 6.80 
Siddharth Trivedi6 (10)
Munaf Patel23 (10)
Dirk Nannes4-0-33-1
Ashish Nehra3-0-8-1

So a professional performance from Delhi keeps them in line for the top spot. It also was the first one-sided after a long while. Good to have you read this. Okay bye.



Warne: Probably they got 15 too many. We dropped our catches, but that's the way it goes. Had we got a good start, it still could have been a par score. [On Munaf's last over that went for 25] Well Munaf has been pretty special, he was sensational in that last over against Mumbai, and this can happen to anyone in twenty20

Sehwag: Pretty happy with the performance. The batting didn't click, still AB and Dilshan carried on from their good form. I knew 150 is a good total here because we almost won against Punjab after scoring just 120. I haven't got any runs, so I can use the next two games. It is important for my team.

de Villiers, Man of the Match: My game plan was to get myself in the first 20 balls or so, and I scored freely after that. That's how I have played throughout this tournament.


Finally --- finally --- finally we get a one-sided game. Thanks to the last few overs of Delhi's innings and the first few of Rajasthan's. More seriously, Rajasthan are now on the brink. They will back themselves to beat the whipping boys of this tournament, Kolkata, but that might not be enough. Good thing is, their last game is three days down the line. And by the time they play that in Durban, they will have a fair idea of whether a win will do them any good. But they haven't been knocked out yet. Not mathematically at any rate.

Nannes to Trivedi, no run

wicked Nannes ends with a bouncer, Trivedi sways out of the way without incident. Easy win for Delhi

Nannes to Patel, 1 run

that's the end of Munaf's fun, bouncer, backs away, looking to sway out, but the ball finds the bat and rolls along to third man

Nannes to Patel, no run

oh almost another boundary, short of a length, on the off stump, Munaf makes room, and slashes, looking to go over pint, but misses

Nannes to Patel, FOUR runs

tries a yorker, but it's a bit short, and Munaf makes room, and drives through extra. Three boundaries in a row for Munaf. Has he ever done that before?

Not long ago, though, Munaf gave away 25 in the 19th over

Nannes to Patel, FOUR runs

and Munaf gets four more, full and straight, same shot, Munaf makes room again, and it goes over point again. Munaf is having good fun

Nannes to Patel, FOUR runs

shot Munaf, round the wicket, short, and Munaf makes room and slashes it over point

Last over, Nannes will bowl, 28 to get. Not happening

end of over 194 runs
RR: 123/9CRR: 6.47 RRR: 28.00 • Need 28 runs from 6b
Siddharth Trivedi6 (9)
Munaf Patel10 (5)
Ashish Nehra3-0-8-1
Dirk Nannes3-0-20-1
Nehra to Trivedi, no run

slower ball, almighty slog from Trivedi, and needless to say he misses

Nehra to Trivedi, no run

back of a length again, Trivedi makes room, and is beaten by the extra bounce as he looks to run it down to third man

Nehra to Patel, 1 run

full, outside off, and Munaf crashes it through the off side, straight to Gambhir again, at sweeper-cover

Nehra to Trivedi, 1 run

makes room, and chips this over the infield on the off side, falls short of sweeper-cover

Nehra to Trivedi, 2 runs

back of a length, Trivedi makes room, and hits to right of sweeper-cover for two

Nehra to Trivedi, no run

on the stumps, back of a length, chopped towards point

Nehra is back