51st match (N), Mohali, May 6 2013, Indian Premier League
(18/20 ov, target 191)194/4
Kings XI won by 6 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
101* (38)
end of over 1822 runs
PBKS: 194/4CRR: 10.77 
David Miller101 (38)
Rajagopal Sathish27 (18)
Chris Gayle 1-0-22-0
Vinay Kumar 4-0-48-1

Okay that's all people. Just as we started, let's finish it Danny M style. "Khush raho. Chadhdi kala-ch raho. Dhanvaad."

Quotes from the presentation

"One of the best innings anyone has ever seen in the IPL," says Virat Kohli. "But a few good efforts in the field could have changed it for us. 190 was a par total. We should have taken the chances in the field. One of those days. You concentrate hard when you go for catches, but sometimes they don't stick. Credit to David too. It was an incredible innings."

"Very pleased," says David Hussey. "What an innings. We bowled really well. And about an innings like that, what can you say? We never lose hope. We have been fighting till the bitter end. The total was a bit over-par, but when you have batters like David Miller and Sathish at the end, anything is possible. It seems unreal when you sit down and watch it. He is a Kings XI Punjab player for life."

"It was a big total to get," says David Miller, the Man of the Match. "Sathish and I decided to get in and then explode. Sathish is experienced. He did a great job in the end. 'If it's in the V, in the tree; if it's in the arc, it's out of the park.'"

The bit about V and tree is what David Miller's father used to tell him when he was a kid


Okay. Back to where it began. They were 95 for 4 after 13 overs, and going nowhere. Miller, though, flicked a switch on in the 14th. Kohli did drop him when he was 41 off 22. After that, RP Singh came on to bowl, and showed why India don't think of him any more. Miller launched into every bowler after that. And they have won this with two overs to spare. Ninety-nine came off the last five


Phew. What crazy hitting. Helped by poor fielding, but Miller has left RCB shell-shocked. This chase was not going anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Hang on. Let's listen to Miller first: "It sort of came off for me tonight. I have been working very hard, and thanks to Jesus Christ for giving me the talent. I have been working hard on getting myself in and then explode from there. I got lucky with the catch, but I will take that. Just trying to see the ball and play accordingly."

Miller hasn't quite recovered form the high yet. He is a bit dazed still. We will hear more from him later

Gayle to Miller, SIX runs

that's a hundred. It was in Miller's arc. And it is out of the park. They are all swarming Miller. That's length, into the pads, and has been smashed over the sight screen for the match-winning six. That's Miller's Crossing of the line

Can Miller get a hundred? Finish it off with a six, Dave

Gayle to Sathish, 1 run

slow through the air, he has blocked it for one

Round the wicket

Gayle to Sathish, FOUR runs

Four more. What a turnaround. Tossed up outside off, slogged past midwicket. Miller's hundred going away?

Gayle to Sathish, FOUR runs

full toss. This could finish in this over. Driven over midwicket for four

Gayle to Sathish, no run

full and wide, beats his dab

Gayle to Sathish, SIX runs

tossed up outside off, Sathish says I will have some of the cake too. Lofted flat over long-on for six

Gayle to Sathish, 1 wide

darted wide down the leg side

It's Punjab's game to lose now. A run a ball gets them a tie. Too late in the night to introduce Gayle?

end of over 1718 runs
PBKS: 172/4CRR: 10.11 RRR: 6.33
Rajagopal Sathish12 (13)
David Miller95 (37)
Vinay Kumar 4-0-48-1
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-27-1
Vinay to Sathish, 1 run

Vinay recovers well with a yorker outside off. Dug out for one

Vinay to Miller, (no ball) 1 run

now Vinay has crumbled under pressure. Bowl the full and fast one, but he has overstepped. Sorry, it is Nigel Llong who has crumbled. Vinay was fine. Unfairly no-balled

Vinay to Miller, SIX runs

that's a parallel six. Short again, but again without much behind it. Miller stands tall and sends it over deep midwicket. Hundred for the partnership. Sathish has scored only 11

Vinay to Miller, 2 runs

AB misfields. The pressure is telling. Pulled to deep midwicket, and AB converts this into two

Vinay to Miller, FOUR runs

short, into the body, but no sting in it. Miller backs away, upper-cuts the pants off this ball. Nearly a six

Round the wicket

Vinay to Sathish, 1 run

wide length ball, driven on the up to sweeper-cover. Miller is back on strike

Vinay to Sathish, 2 runs

short of a length, outside off, he moves across to place this to the right of deep square leg for two

Fifty-nine have come in the last three overs. Manic Manic Monday. Can Vinay pull it back for RCB?

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