63rd match (D/N), Bengaluru, May 14, 2013, Indian Premier League
(18.1/20 ov, T:175) 176/3

Kings XI won by 7 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)

Royal Challengers Bangalore INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Cheteshwar Pujara c Miller b Awana1920203095.00
Chris Gayle  b Awana77539346145.28
Virat Kohli (c)lbw b Azhar Mahmood57437462132.55
AB de Villiers  b Awana62201300.00
Moises Henriques not out 015000.00
KL Rahul c Mandeep Singh b Azhar Mahmood84220200.00
Extras(lb 1, nb 3, w 3)7
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.70)174/5
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 4.1 ov), 2-158 (Chris Gayle, 18.3 ov), 3-164 (AB de Villiers, 18.5 ov), 4-166 (Virat Kohli, 19.2 ov), 5-174 (KL Rahul, 19.6 ov)
Azhar Mahmood402426.00113001
19.2 to V Kohli, lbw! The umpire is quick to send Kohli on his way. Kohli played a strange shot. He kept his back leg planted right in front of the stumps, cleared his front foot and then tried to play a reverse paddle past short third man. He was struck plumb in front by a yorker. 166/4
19.6 to KL Rahul, Mahmood bounces the batsman, Rahul hooks, Mandeep is on the square leg boundary and runs to his right to hold the catch. 174/5
Sandeep Sharma403609.00115101
Parvinder Awana403939.75123301
4.1 to CA Pujara, caught at point! Miller dives forward to take the catch inches from the ground as it dipped on him. The delivery was on a good length and seamed away from the right-hander a little. Pujara tried to drive on the up through cover but got a thick outside edge. 22/1
18.3 to CH Gayle, Awana's broken off stump a third up from the base! Gayle made room but Awana's yorker beat the bat and crashed into off stump. The umpire checks to see if Awana's front foot is okay, it is, just about. 158/2
18.5 to AB de Villiers, bowled him! AB moved across his stumps to try and paddle past short fine leg. Awana had bowled the yorker and it demolished middle and leg stump. Six and out.. 164/3
Piyush Chawla402706.7592100
Manpreet Gony4047011.7572430
Kings XI Punjab INNINGS (Target: 175 runs from 20 overs)
Adam Gilchrist (c)†not out 855488103157.40
Shaun Marsh  b Khan841220200.00
Azhar Mahmood c de Villiers b Unadkat61415981148.78
David Miller  b Muralidaran2480050.00
Rajagopal Sathish not out 126611200.00
Extras(lb 4, w 4)8
TOTAL18.1 Ov (RR: 9.68)176/3
Fall of wickets: 1-24 (Shaun Marsh, 2.3 ov), 2-142 (Azhar Mahmood, 15.2 ov), 3-162 (David Miller, 16.5 ov)
Zaheer Khan403017.50113120
2.3 to SE Marsh, that is some reply from Zaheer! He pulled the length back, pitched outside off, and nipped the ball into the left-hander. Marsh drove off the front foot, leaving a gap between bat and pad, and Zaheer found it. The ball uprooted off stump.. 24/1
Moises Henriques2.1029013.3846010
Jaydev Unadkat403418.5095000
15.2 to Azhar Mahmood, caught at long off! He lofted a full ball down the ground but connected with the bottom of the bat. AB ran in and caught it easily. But is it too late for the RCB? Mahmood goes after a superb half-century. 142/2
Muthiah Muralidaran4044111.0074300
16.5 to DA Miller, ah, Miller did not know too much about that. He played all around one that went on with the arm and is bowled between bat and pad. 162/3
Vinay Kumar403508.7553110
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M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore
TossKings XI Punjab, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Punjab Kings
Adam Gilchrist
Hours of play (local time)16.00 start, First Session 16.00-17.25, Interval 17.25-17.45, Second Session 17.45-19.10
Match days14 May 2013 - daynight (20-over match)
Sri Lanka
Kumar Dharmasena
Sundaram Ravi
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
KN Ananthapadmanabhan
Match Referee
Sri Lanka
Roshan Mahanama
PointsKings XI Punjab 2, Royal Challengers Bangalore 0
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 31 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: 50 runs in 9.1 overs (55 balls), Extras 0
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 49 balls (CH Gayle 25, V Kohli 28, Ex 0)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: 100 runs in 14.3 overs (87 balls), Extras 2
  • CH Gayle: 50 off 40 balls (3 x 4, 4 x 6)
  • 2nd Wicket: 100 runs in 68 balls (CH Gayle 53, V Kohli 44, Ex 3)
  • V Kohli: 50 off 39 balls (6 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: 150 runs in 17.6 overs (110 balls), Extras 6
  • Innings Break: Royal Challengers Bangalore - 174/5 in 20.0 overs (MC Henriques 0)
  • Kings XI Punjab innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 46 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Kings XI Punjab: 50 runs in 6.5 overs (41 balls), Extras 4
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 38 balls (AC Gilchrist 23, Azhar Mahmood 25, Ex 3)
  • Kings XI Punjab: 100 runs in 12.1 overs (73 balls), Extras 8
  • AC Gilchrist: 50 off 41 balls (7 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • Azhar Mahmood: 50 off 36 balls (7 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • 2nd Wicket: 100 runs in 70 balls (AC Gilchrist 47, Azhar Mahmood 53, Ex 5)
  • Kings XI Punjab: 150 runs in 16.2 overs (98 balls), Extras 8
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