(42.5/50 ov, target 307)215
Leinster won by 91 runs

Once the Lightning managed to break the partnership between Getkate and Pretorius, they knew that they were into the tail and the Knights innings just fell away.

Shane Getkate played excellently for his 73, although as the bottom 4 could only score 5 between them, the Knights really didn't have a chance of chasing down that total.

The Lightnings bowlers were excellent with Captain Dockrell the only one not to pick up a wicket.

Simi Singh finished with 4, although the truth is that they really didn't seem to be able to cope with Little's left arm and it showed.

Lightning win by a massive 91 runs and they also pick up a bonus point. Which puts them a point clear of the others in the table. Not bad after only playing one game.

Three games left in the season, so hopefully the weather will be just as good next Tuesday as the Lightning travel up to Bready for their game against the Warriors.

Thanks for following my commentary today, this is Justin saying goodbye from a very sunny Comber.

Simi Singh to Getkate, OUT

Getkate was looking to keep the strike and looks to push the ball back past the bowler, Simi dives to his right and takes the return catch on the second grab. Lightning win!

Shane Getkate c & b Simi Singh 73 (110m 73b 6x4 2x6) SR: 100
Simi Singh to Getkate, no run

hits the ball out to deep point and doesn't take the run

Simi Singh to Getkate, SIX runs

Getkate is still going to keep attacking! Hits the ball over the long-on boundary and hits the Pavilion roof above us. Looks like the ball is stuck in the gutter

Simi Singh to Getkate, FOUR runs

gets down on one knee and sweeps the ball past the fielder at short fine leg

Simi Singh to Getkate, no run

flicks the ball out towards deep mid-wicket, doesn't take the run

end of over 423 runs
NK: 205/9CRR: 4.88 RRR: 12.75
Shane Getkate63 (68)
Matthew Foster1 (2)
Josh Little 9-0-32-3
Simi Singh 8-0-32-3
Little to Getkate, 1 run

slower ball bouncer, Getkate deals with it well and pulls it out towards cow corner to keep the strike

Little to Getkate, no run

looks to scoop the ball and misses, Getkate looks up into the blus sky after missing that

Little to Foster, 1 run

inside edge onto the pad and Getkate calls him through for the run, Little appeals for the LBW, although it was defintely bat first

Little to Getkate, 1 run

pulls the ball down to long leg to bring Foster onto strike

Little to Getkate, no run

Getkate swings hard at the ball, Little's angle of attack is still causing the Knights batsmen trouble

Little to Getkate, no run

Little gets the ball to come into Getkate, chops the bat down and the ball runs into the covers

end of over 411 run • 2 wickets
NK: 202/9CRR: 4.92 RRR: 11.66
Matthew Foster0 (1)
Shane Getkate61 (63)
Simi Singh 8-0-32-3
Josh Little 8-0-29-3
Simi Singh to Foster, no run

goes back in the crease and defends the hattrick ball down the pitch

Hattrick ball coming up for Simi.

Simi Singh to McCarter, OUT

Simi gets two in two! McCarter reached out to a ball outside off-stump, McCarter edges the ball and Tucker takes the catch.

Graeme McCarter c †Tucker b Simi Singh 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Simi Singh to Delany, OUT

Delany comes down the wicket again, Simi pushes it a little wider and he can't get any bat on the ball. Doesn't even look back as Tucker takes off the bails.

David Delany st †Tucker b Simi Singh 0 (6m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Simi Singh to Delany, no run

Delanny comes down the pitch and meets the ball on the full, can only hit the ball to point

Simi Singh to Getkate, 1 run

hits the ball down the ground, "catch it" is the call, although it lands well in front of Chase at long-on

Simi Singh to Getkate, no run

Getkate looks for the reverse sweep again, can't get any bat on this onw